Jackson Durai – Movie review

03 Jul


Satyaraj and Sibiraj get together in a movie after 10 years for this horror comedy. The story takes us to a fantasy village called Ayanpuram, where the villagers are tormented by a ghost called Jackson Durai. When the crime branch is pushed to a corner to investigate this , they choose Sub inspector Sathya ( Sibiraj) a good for nothing cop to conduct a namesake investigation. Upon reaching the village he finds that the root of the paranormal activity is a palace in the village which was under control of the British in the pre independence period. He also falls in love with the headman’s daughter Viji (Bindu Madhavi ) who incidentally is engaged to her relative (Karunakaran)as well. The headman challenges both of them to stay in the haunted palace for a week in order to win his daughter hand. Will Sathya win the challenge and also find the cause of paranormal activity is the rest of the story.

With big names in the cast , this horror comedy balances with good acting and good comedy. Sathyaraj and Motta Rajendran form a unique combo as ghosts , Sibiraj and Karunakaran pair up equally good too. Yogi Babu adds a nice touch in the film.The missing piece is the screenplay which is wayward and lazy. Editing too could have been crispier . The set design and art where the key elements which supports the story well. Music and songs was not up to the mark . With bumpy storyline and lazy screenplay this film doesn’t keep the audience engaged. I give it 4/10


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