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Rangoon – Movie review

The stage is set in 1943, world is at war. British using Indian soldiers in the Burmese border to fight the Japanese. When the war goes tough, A British army general asks Famous filmmaker Rusi Bilamoria( Saif Ali Khan) to send his prized actress Julia( Kangana Ranaut) to entertain the soldiers in the border. Julia though reluctant at first agrees to please Rusi. Julia even gets a personal body guard soldier Nawab Malik (Shahid). As they cross the border they are attacked by Japanese bombers and they are separated from the troop and move into the jungle. That’s when love blossoms between them. Rusi on the other hand wants to divorce his wife and marry Julia, and Nawab has his own wars to fight.How this love triangle revolves within the war is the rest of the story.
Vishal baradwaj manages to tight knit story of forbidden love in the time of war. With a talented cast he manages to achieve it too. Kangana Ranaut stars over all and takes centre stage . Shahid and Saif contribute with heart to the story. The only problem was the movie was predictable and had too many moments which we had repeatedly seen in so many war movies. The production design though extravagant didn’t stick to the scenarios. There was always a missing element in all sequences. First half was cautiously directed, but the second half was dragging and predictable. Rangoon manages a 6/10 .


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Yaman – Movie review

Story starts 30 years back in a village in Tirunelveli ,local elections are due and a leading party chooses Nambi who belongs to a backward community class to stand in favour of them. Since he is married to a forward community girl , the party believes he has the chances of winning. But a former candidate from the same party ThangaPandi (Aroul Djody) kills Nambi in the name of honour killing and takes his place in the elections. Nambi’s wife too commits suicide leaving behind their only son Tamilarasu with his grandfather. 30 years forward Tamilarasu (VijayAntony)who runs a liquor bar is in need of money for an operation for his grandfather. He agrees to go into prison for a accident he didn’t commit for getting the money. But once he gets into prison, he realises he is framed for murder attempt thru this accident between two gangs led by either political sides. Tamilarasu who’s has nothing to loose plays both sides cleverly and comes above them. At that point of he meets ThangaPandi now a minister of state,who is linked to all of this . slowly Tamilarasu is drawn into the cat and mouse game played by the politicians giants, how he manages to survive is the rest of the story.
Once again Vijay Antony manages to find a story which suits his acting skills, and he has improved a bit from his earlier films. Yaman with very well made first half keeps you alert. The whole cast is well chosen , except for Mia George who doesn’t have scope as her character doesn’t fit in the film. Thyagarajan who plays an ex minister makes a good comeback, may we see him in much better roles. Songs are only a waste of screen time as they are dull and not executed well. Vijay Antony must refrain from dancing as it doesn’t suit him nor does he do it well. Second half is dull and makes you wait for the climax, trimming the songs and a few scenes might help. On the whole Yaman does have a decent story line and is moderatly executed. It gets 5/10

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Vikram Vedha – Official Teaser

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Singam 3 – movie review


Singam 3 Duraisingam (Surya) is assigned to new case in which he has to help the Andhra government to solve a police commissioner’s murder. This involves Duraisingam to be transferred under special terms and work with the state police. Once Duraisingam starts to investigate he steps into a bigger conspiracy which makes him a target to people in high places. Duraisingam is threatened and defamed but he doesn’t loose is patience . How Duraisingam stands tall and brings people to justice in the end is the rest of the story.

Singam 3 offers nothing new comparing its previous chapters, other than having a lot of more villains and more loader than ever. The camera work brings you headaches before the intermission and if you survive that you are in for more in the second half. Songs are dull and meaning less. Surya still manages to pull it off as the honest cop running behind goons and fighting an army of baddies in the film. But a long and looping screenplay brings the actual film only in the second half. Shruthi Hasan is just a glamour doll attached to fill up screen time. The film is loader than ever and tries to boss you over with huge action scenes whenever you fall asleep. I give S3 only 4/10



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Bogan – Movie review


Adithya (Arvind Swamy) is a con man who swindles money from whoever he wants. Though coming from a Royal family, he became a pauper after his father lost all riches and the Government took over their kingdom after the countries’ independence. Once he stumbles upon a mystical scripture of a Sage “Bogar” with which one can swap body with another. Adithya uses this and makes huge heists and becomes filthy rich. But Vikram (Jayam Ravi), an assistant commissioner, is on to him after Aditya uses his trick on his father (Aadukalam Naren) who is a Bank manager. Vikram manages to capture Adithya but while interrogating him Adithya switches body with Vikram and escapes leaving Vikram behind in his body as the culprit in Jail. What happens next and what havoc does Adithya creates is rest of the story.

The film belongs to Arvind swamy as he charms his way onscreen in the role of the charismatic villain. Jayam ravi’s role though very much underplayed, the combination works and shines in the movie. Hansika role steal too much screen time in which delays the story in the beginning, but performs moderately. Lag in the second half delays the story and the climax is pushed hurriedly. Songs provide little entertainment to the story, but doesn’t support much. First half gets into a good form, but second half is half cooked and tastes bad. Bogan is still worth a watch for the leading Duo. I give it 5/10

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