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Vivegam – movie review

Vivegam which releases with a huge expectation this Ganesh Chaturthi , which also marks Ajith’s presence in this movie industry for 25 years. Once again directed by Siva and with an international cast Vivegam is expected to do wonders. The movie starts with AK an highly trained operative (Ajith) spoils a terrorist deal involving a device which activates nuclear weapons. This comes under the radar of the counter terrorism group lead by Aryan ( Vivek Oberoi). Since AK was assumed dead a few months ago during an operation led by Aryan , the counter terrorism group send their agents to capture AK . What happened to Ak on his previous mission and does he get captured is the rest of the story.
Without any doubt Vivegam was purely designed for Ajith and he rules and carries the film from the first frame. His pure presence is enough to bring down the roof by his fans. Filmed in Bulgaria with an international cast the film gives a Hollywood flavour. Songs and music by Anirudh catches the beat only after you hear it a couple of times so give it some loops. But the story fails miserably with pot holes in the screenplay. Mindless violence sequences and a stretched second half makes it dull after the intermission. Kajal and Akshara have important roles and manage with a decent performance. Vivek Oberoi manages to pull it off opposite Ajith’s Himalayan presence. With an overall balance , Vivegam scores 5/10

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Taramani – Movie review

Taramani is a story two individuals Althea Johnson (Andrea Jeremiah) and Prabhu (Vasanth Ravi) who have different lifestyles in the so called developed corporate world. Story set in the corporate hub of Chennai – Taramani , takes thru the large number of issues which are affecting the common man’s life. Althea a single mother working in a male dominant IT industry meets Prabhu who is affected from love failure and is a wandering loner. Rest of the story is how they fall in love and how their relationship gets complicated.

Director Ram neatly inserts sharp truth as needles throughout the film. He speaks about various issues which is affecting the world around you apart from the love story which forms the base. Andrea Jeremiah is the right choice for the role and she performs brilliantly, new face Vasanth ravi too pulls it off and gives a decent performance. The second half is slow as the movie which deviates from the main story which could have been trimmed or totally taken off. Yuvan’s music is a big plus and adds strength to the strong writing of Ram. Taramani is a must watch.. I give it 6/10

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Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 – Movie review

After the success of Velai Illa Pattadhari (VIP) follows VIP 2 directed by  Soundarya Rajnikanth and story by Dhanush . In the story we follow Raghuvaran (Dhanush) our hero , is now married to Shalini ( Amala Paul) and getting used to married life. We are also introduced to another character Vasundara played by Kajol who is returning to tamil cinema after two decades. Vasundara who runs the top architectural firm in South India, wants Raghuvaran in her firm after he wins the prestigious Engineer of the year award. But Raghuvaran’s who wants to start his own firm says no to the offer. This triggers a chain of reactions and adds fuel to the ego war between Vasundara and Raghuvaran. How Raghuvaran manages to tackle Vasundara’s rage is the rest of the story.

Though the films starts with a fresh face of Kajol , the movie doesn’t offer anything new. We find traces of Padaiyappa in Dhanush and Kajol encounters. The first half is faster than the second half which drags to a clumsy finish. Though Kajol dominates the screen along with Dhanush , weak storyline and lifeless screenplay makes the second half unbearable. Addition of characters from the previous part makes the first half enjoyable but the same flow is not maintained in the second half. Dialogues written by Dhanush manages to create his fans roar in the theatres but nothing stays in the mind after you come out of the theaters. Music was a big letdown from Anirudh  as well. Overall the movie gets 4/10

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