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V1 – Movie review

A murder of a young woman, brings in an experienced forensic expert Agni (Ram Arun Castro) into the investigation as clues and motive are not evident. Agni though hesitant in the beginning because of his nyctophobic condition, takes up the case after constant perusal of his colleague and investigating Officer Luna ((Vishnupriya Pillai). The rest of film involves how Agni solves the case .

V1 is directed by Pavel Navageethan , who is famous for his role as an actor in Madras and Vada Chennai. With a complete new face for the cast, Pavel manages to keep us engaged in this murder thriller. But a weak Screenplay and execution spoils the whole rhythm. Dialogues are too amateur, and language slangs looks forced. Ram looks decent in his role, we can expect a better performance in his coming films. V1 loses its way in execution. I give it 2/10

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Thambi – Movie review

Director Jeethu Joseph of Drishyam & Papanasam fame, is back with Thambi, a family drama with a touch of a thriller. Gnanamoorthy (Sathyaraj) is long term MLA in Mettupalayam is hustled by business men who want to vacate local tribesman and construct a resort, which will turn the eco system upside down of the whole area. The business men with the support of the opposition party try to push the tribal community by buying them out. Gnanamoorthy and his family also misses their son Saravanan who left them 15 years ago due to a family feud. His daughter Paravathy (Jyothika) leads a very dormant life and still awaits her brother’s return. One day Gnanamoorthy receives a call from the Goan Police that they have found his son. In Goa they find Vicky (Karthi) in hospital in an amnesia state, Gnanamoorthy identifies Vicky as his son and takes him back to his hometown. The Goan police warns Gnanamoorthy as Vicky is a fraud and trickster and might be playing a con on them, but Gnanamoorthy is convinced. But little does Vicky know that there is even more danger which awaits him in Mettupalayam.

The movie though starts very predictable, catches up intensity of a thriller by the first hour. Jeethu joseph has script the movie with good drama and nice twists which keeps us steady in our seats, but duration taken in the first half for the premise is long. Karthi is does well to the character and along with Jyothika who effortlessly performs in her role. Sathyaraj too gets his scenes where he dominates. Nikhila Vimal’s character in the film is underplayed and doesn’t prove valuable to the story. Though the title relates to brother sister bonding, we have very few moments to relate to that. Movie winds up with the good finish towards the end. I give it 4/10

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Hero – Movie review

PS Mithran who gave us Irumbu Thirai in 2018, comes back with yet another engaging film on the education system in India. The story relates to system where the kids are overburdened in school and by the pressure the parents give them. The movie starts with young Shakti who wants to become like Shaktimaan the TV super hero, his dreams are shattered when he realizes the concept of a super hero dwell only as entertainment and not in real life.  Years later we see Shakti as a scammer who makes his living by selling duplicate certificates and mediates college seats to public. While Shakti at the lower end in hierarchy, at the top is Mahadev (Abhay Deol) who keeps the education system under control with the help of corporate giants. He manipulates the education system and runs it as a huge money making business. Parallel to this Sathymoorthy (Arjun) an entrepreneur runs a school for students who think out of the box and grooms them. One of whom is Mathi (Ivana) who Shakti considers as his sister, who wants to study aeronautics. Trouble starts when Shakti tries to gets Mathi through scholarship into college using her invention.  Mahadev sees this as threat and eliminates Mathi and Destroy Sathyamoorthy’s school. How Shakti along with the students sheds light on the corrupt education system to public is the rest of the story.

PS mithran once again stars as the hero with his story backed by some solid research on the present education system. Though we can sense repeated preaching of the same content, he does make public, especially the parents rethink of their child’s future. Among the cast Arjun stays clearly on the top and steals the show.  For Siva karthikeyan who still finds it difficult in emotion scenes, falls short in his performance. Kalyani Priyadarshan makes a decent debut, but has less screen space. Music and camera enhance the story and play an integral part. Duration could have been less. Movie loses its nature by promoting it as a super hero film, as the film has none regarding that. The innovations that the students make for the Hero also sadly, it wasn’t put to good use. Hero still manages to raise a voice to the public towards the educational system. I give it 4/10

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Kaalidas – Movie review

A Series of deaths of women who have fallen of the roof of their respected homes, creates a huge challenge to the local law enforcement. Tagged as suicide initially, the plot thickens as the police find a common link between these deaths. Case headed by Kaalidas (Bharath) finds it difficult as he has his own demons to handle with his unstable marriage. Kaalidas’s senior officer (played by Suresh Menon), too, joins him when the case becomes complicated day after day. How the case is solved is the rest of the story.

Kaalidas as story has a different approach as a crime thriller and at stages keep you guessing after each twist is reveled in the movie. For Bharath though it might not be a comeback film, but clearly brings him up under the radar once again. Suresh menon shares equal amount of screen space in the film and gives a decent performance. Ann Seethal makes a notable debut as a dejected wife of Bharath .Though the movie in around the 2hour duration, feels dragged of some repeated and over exaggerated scenes which proves nothing and disconnected in the film. Music plays an important role as music by Vishal Chandrasekhar helps the film maintain the mood throughout. Kaalidas doesn’t disappoint you, but at the same time doesn’t give a fulfillment of a complete thriller. I give it 4/10

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