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Peta – Movie tralier

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Top 10 Tamil movies of 2018

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Adangamaru – Movie review

Subhash (Jayam Ravi) is young Sub inspector who truly believes in honesty and true justice being served to the public. But he is let down by the way his seniors in the dept are corrupt and how powerful people rule the real world. On one such case when a teenage girl is found dead under suspicious circumstances, the case is closed immediately as suicide. But when Subhash investigates he finds out that four kids of influential families is behind the death of the girl. He puts them behind bars, but within minutes they are released and the case is closed. Subhash is not only suspended , but his family is targeted and his whole world is turned upside down. How he gets back on his feet and takes revenge on the people who are behind this is the rest of the story.
Though this seems like the usual good vs evil movie, Director Karthik Thangavel still manages to keep us engaged till the end with interesting scenes and twists in each scene in the second half. Jayam Ravi carries the whole film in his shoulders and performs brilliantly . Raashi Khanna doesn’t have much screen time, just hangs around. Rest of the cast was just right for the film. Sathyan sooriyan’s cinematography was just right for the film. Sam CS’s Bgm was fine but he did not have scope in songs in this film. I give the film 5/10

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NTR – official trailer

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Kanna – Movie review


As a kid when Kousalya sees her father Murugesan cry when India loses the World Cup in cricket, she decides to play just to bring a the smile back in her father face. But for a girl from a village and from a farmer’s family she goes goes tough odds just to learn the game. The struggles of Kousalya and her family to reach the dream is the rest of the story.

Debut director Arunaraja Kamaraj not just gives us a film on sports , he also gives a strong message on the farmers plight in our state. He also balances it with light comedy and doesn’t make it preachy . Aishwarya Rajesh and Sathyaraj are the pillars of the film and give great performances. Siva Karthikeyan’s cameo gives a well needed boost in the second half. Dialogues are well written and executed well in scenes. The only drawback is that the second half moves sluggish and becomes predictable. The team deserves an applause for delivering a family pleasing sports drama. I give the film 5/10

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Seethakathi – Movie review

The film portrays the veteran Stage actor Ayya Aadhimoolam, who has huge respect in the tamil drama society. Though given opportunities in film, he prefers acting in front of the audience. Now as the theatre art form is dwindling, Aadhimoolam and his troop struggles to survive. In a surprising twist he starts to act in films, which makes him a superstar. But nature of today’s filmmaking and commercializing of the art form makes ‘Ayya’ disappointed and he disappears leaving his producers in a tight spot. This creates a frenzy between the fans and the filmmakers. How it ends is the rest of the story.

First Seethakaathi needs patience as it only picks up after the first hour, the director takes his time to build the character and his phenomenon which takes over the film till the end. Balaji Tharaneetharan carefully blends drama to dark comedy which may not appeal to most of the audience, but kept me engaged. Vijay Sethupathy has actor has made a mark, though his fans might be disappointed of his short screen presence. Mouli and rest of the caste has done a fabulous job. Duration and repetitive scenes makes the film dull, though some may argue on the duration. I still feel in 30mins extra and could have been trimmed. The hero of the film for me where the cinematographer and the production design team as they have supported the theme very well. I give the film 4/10

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Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi | Official Trailer

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