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Kuttram Kadithal – Movie review


Kuttram Kadithal’s  story in a single line is how it changes  lives of two induviduals one of the teacher’s life who hits a naughty child in the classroom and the life of the child who goes into coma after being struck by the teacher . Its is an emotional tale which constitutes various attributes of our society , staring from religion, love ,poverty , our education system to death. It shows how a single event can affect all these and yet have a simple answer which everyone evades .

This is completely a director’s film,Director Bramma skillfully executes each and every scene which has been thought without any commercial angle.The actors perform to perfection though some scenes might be a little exaggerated and lengthy. Each character has been well thought and presented and has a value in the story .cinematography and sound design are the key elements for the movie which narrates most of the scenes which has no dialogues.The only drawback is the again the length of each shot in the movie with takes its own time to materialize , not all shots need it. Presentation of each scene dominates the scene and story in some areas. i give it 6/10



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Kirumi – Movie review


Kathir (Kathir) is a careless but a energetic youngster. He is unemployed and lives in his sister & wife’s earnings. Looking to make fast money he often gets into trouble in local bars and card games.
Prabhakaran (Charlie) his neighbor gets him a job as a informer in the local police station. Kathir is influenced by his new status and company ,he takes is job too seriously and soon becomes a close aid to the
inspector Soundarapandian (David). Kathir slowly gets drawn towards the unknown crime world and enmity among police officers. He gets tangled into huge mess when he informs about an illegal gambling racket and during the raid a huge amount money goes missing. This starts off a series of events which makes Kathir’s life miserable.Whether he survives this, forms the rest of the story.

A common man’s story with a realistic ending forms the core of the film Kirumi. Written by Manikandan and Anu Charan this story takes us into an unexplored crime world. Kathir who gave a good performance in
his earlier film has chosen a good film and worked hard for it. Reshmi Menon though left with very less screen space has acted well for her character. The best performance  came from the veteran actor Charlie,
why don’t they cast him in more films? Yogi Babu’s  inclusion gave a good comedy relief. Cinematography by Arul Vincent portrays the story naturally to the audience which is big plus to the film. K’s BGM added flavour the the film. Predictability and a slow second half makes the film dull. The climax may not be accepted by many but remains realistic, but leaves many questions unanswered. Thus gets 4/10



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The Making of Baahubali’s Epic War Sequences

The Making of Baahubali’s Epic War Sequences

Interview with VFX Supervisor Sanath PC and VFX Producer Junaid Ullah at Firefly Creative Studio

Still from Baahubali: The Beginning

It takes an army (pun intended) of highly skilled artists and technicians to create the movie magic that we experienced with S.S. Rajamouli’s massive blockbuster Baahubali: The Beginning. Thanks to its world-class visual effects, created almost entirely on home soil, the movie has captured the imagination of audiences and critics alike. From wondrous waterfalls with dancing nymphs to the spellbinding war between the Kalakeyas and Mahishmatis, there’s acres of beauty and splendor to behold. Some of that magic, including a significant portion of the war, was created by the talented team at Firefly Creative Studio in Hyderabad.

We caught up with visual effects supervisor and founder at Firefly, Sanath PC and visual effects producer Junaid Ullah to get a peek into the making of the spectacular scenes.

PC Sanath and Junaid Ullah
VFX Supervisor Sanath PC (L) & VFX Producer Junaid Ullah, Firefly Creative Studio

[TRM]: Bahubali’s VFX is unlike anything we have seen in an Indian film to date. The war scenes have been compared to the likes of300 and Game of Thrones. What were your references?
[Sanath]: Doing a war sequence is something that always creates excitement because of the kind of grandeur that you can bring in. Baahubali’s story provided a lot of scope for that. In the story, there’s that stake in the war that whoever kills the Kalakeya warlord, is going to be the next king of Mahishmati. The challenge was to build the action and scenes such that it makes you feel that the victor has indeed done something very heroic.

We saw a lot of films for reference, to understand the scale and help visualize the grandeur. Today, in India too, people have seen all these movies. And we didn’t want them to say that it all looks borrowed from western films. We were really particular about that. Thankfully, Rajamouli is very good with action –both with the choreography and with driving people to make it happen. He really has that command.

“Today, in India too, people have seen all these movies. And we didn’t want them to say that it all looks borrowed from western films.”


Still from Baahubali: The Beginning


Still from Baahubali: The Beginning

After a successful stint creating effects for mythological Tamil TV serials and as supervisor for ad films, Sanath’s big break came with the song ‘Roja Roja’ from ‘Kadhalar Dhinam’ (1999, Hindi – Dil Hi Dil Mein). His team worked with renowned cinematographer PC Sreeram to create the rose garden and other effects around the Taj Mahal. Following its success, he went on to start Firefly with his classmates from National Institute of Design in 2000. Firefly Creative Studio has contributed to S.S. Rajamouli’s earlier flims like ‘Chatrapati’, ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Eega’ (Makkhi) as well as Disney’s ‘Anaganaga O Dheerudu’ (Once Upon A Warrior) and Rajnikanth starrer Enthiran (Robot). Their work on the Telugu film ‘Anji’ (2004) won them the National Film Award for Best Special Effects.

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Trisha Illana Nayanthara – Movie review



The story follows the life of Jeeva (GV Prakash) who grows up along with two girls, Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav). Apparently all the three are born on the same day in the same hospital, same time.At the young age Jeeva falls in love with Ramya , but they break over a misunderstanding and Ramya leaves town . In this period Adithi comes into his life. After loving Jeeva for 3 years they break up when Jeeva finds out that Adithi is a habitual drinker. Distressed with his life he leaves to Kumbakkonam to live with his Uncle (VTV Ganesh). There he sees Ramya again and tries to mend his relationship. Whether he succeeds is the rest of the story.

From the word go this film is evident that this film falls in a Sex comedy genre filled with  ‘A’ jokes and double meaning dialogues. There is no reason for audience to look for a story or a worthy screenplay to go with. GV Prakash though apt for the role, is worthless as an actor. He is mostly shown drunk and spurting foul language .Anandhi who showed signs of a natural actor in her previous film, is wasted in this role. She will regret doing this film. VTV Ganesh gives some comedy relief but doesn’t impress. Too many scenes with anti- women dialogues spoil the show, but were cheered across the theatre among the teenagers. One thing I agree with the director is it’s a ‘ Kevalamana Love Story ‘ . Certainly not for the family viewing. I give this movie 1/10


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Maya – movie review


Maya The long awaited Horror flick starring Nayanthara and Aari released today. The movie starts with two parallel stories, one with Arjun (Aari) as an artist working in a publishing firm . He is intrigued by mysterious story of Maya who was forced into an asylum situated inside a forest called Mayavanam. Since this story is based on true events he and his friend is pulled deep in the mystery. Parallel to this Apsaras (Nayanthara) who just come out of a broken marriage is an actress who is trying to make ends meet along with her year old daughter. She is staying with her friend where she is experiencing paranormal activity around her daughter. How are both these stories linked forms the rest of the movie.

Even though directed buy a debut director Saravanan , the story has a matured presentation and supported by a good technical team. The story though predictable at times has its moments which make the audience on the edge of the seat. Aari who made a impression in his first film ( Nedunchalai) is very natural in his performance . Nayanthara underplayed her performance but still manages to get highlighted thru the character. Cinematography by Sathyan stands out and BGM by Ron Yohan matches the genre perfectly. The only flaw is the duration of the film and the extended ending which should have been trimmed. Few portions are still left unexplained which defies logic, but still differs from a normal horror movie. I give it 5/10.

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Thoonga vanam – trailer

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The Jungle Book – Official Trailer

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Yatchan – Movie Review


Is about lives of two men which change thru an event of mistaken identity. Chinna(Arya) who is a street thug who is on the run and Karthik (Kreshna) who is trying to get into the movies as an actor . Both of them land in Chennai to decide their fate. Chinna desperate to get of the country accepts to commit murder and Karthik is chosen to act in a block buster film. Both their lives takes a twist when their pick up vehicle changes and they land up in alternate destination. How they get out from this predicament is the rest of the story.

As a story Yatchan is strong, but failure in executing it makes it a loser. With too many characters and lousy screenplay makes it hard to digest. Performance wise Arya and Swathi do a decent job, but Kreshna and Deepa Sannadhi looks artificial. Thambi ramaiya deserves a mention though. There is disturbing performance by RJ Balaji which could have been avoided. Songs by Yuvan doesn’t register but BGM is notable. Altogether doesn’t look or feel like Vishnuvaradhan’s film which always has an offbeat touch. I give it 3/10


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Introducing Apple Pencil

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Paayum Puli – Movie review


When a ruthless gang targets business men around Madurai and Trichy district and extort money, the police manage form a plan and suppress their attack. But the gang kills the lead Inspector and proves their dominance. In comes ACP Jayaseelan (Vishal) who with his point blank approach manages to wipe out the gang, when the story takes a new twist which will test his wits against the evil mastermind.

While everyone may think that it will be usual Vishal police story, Suseenthiran manages to break that and bring in the offbeat touch. Vishal of all his police stories manages to be clear headed and performs well. We can also find traces of Pandiya nadu – their previous venture in this film. Finally the director manages to complete the film with family sentiments, pride and honor in the second half which is entertaining and faster .The problems in this film are the Romantic scenes with Kaajal Agarwal and the comedy scenes by Soori which doesn’t connect nor entertain in any way. They prove to be a distraction from the begging and make the 2hr 15 min film look like 3 hrs. . Songs doesn’t impress but the BGM is better. Velraj does a fabulous job; his drone top angles create a new field of vision to the audience. In all Paayum puli manages to cross half the distance. I give 5/10

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