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Vishwaroopam 2 – Movie review

Sequel to the espionage thriller released this week without any drama like its predecessor in 2013. The film starts as Wisam (Kamal Hasan) his wife Nirupama ( Pooja Kumar)and his compatriots land in Britain to deliver their dead friend’s body, and to debrief the superiors. The movie’s goes back and forth in time explaining how Wisam and Ashmitha(Andrea) were sent undercover . Back In Britain they go thru a series of attacks on them, they even manage to thwart a major nuclear incident and find out Omar’s(Rahul Bose) is heading to India. Does Wisam finally capture Omar is the rest of the story.

There is no doubt Kamal Hasan’s espionage thriller is single handedly carried till the end by none other than Ullaga Nayakan Kamal Hasan. At his age he has managed to pull of stunt scenes which dominates the film. Story continues to fill gaps which were left unanswered , but u can still find some chapters missing. Andrea has some allocated screen time specially for her and she does it effortlessly. Pooja Kumar still is a odd character in the film, which leaves the audience irritating in one corner. Story though is simple is clumsily put together and rushed towards the end. If u liked the first part you might get disappointed. I give Vishwaroopam 2 – 5/10 .

PS: do not worry if you are 5 mins late in getting into the theatre,  the first five minutes is an political promo of Kamal Hasan which is an unnecessary inclusion.

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Junga – movie review

Story starts when a police inspector is instructed to encounter a Don called Junga( Vijay Sethupathy) who is in custody . As the Inspector takes Junga to a undisclosed location, on the way the Don narrates his story how he became a Don and how he got arrested. In the flashback Junga who is a calm Bus conductor, gets violent when his girlfriend (Madonna Sebastian) is harassed. Only then he comes to know thru his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) that she has kept protected all these years from the bad influence of his Ancestors who were gangsters. Though his father and grandfather were Dons they squandered money all over the place for cheap publicity and glamour. They even lost their wealth whihc included a movie hall named Cinema Paradise. Now Junga who is brought up by his mother as a stingy and conserving person, becomes a miserly don, offering discounts for taking up jobs and tries to buy back the theatre. How he does this and what problems he faces is the rest of the story.

The only thing which tries to keep you till the end of the film is you hope that Vijay Sethupathy and Yogi Babu will at least have a good scene. But the audience groan and leave the theater anguishing why they bought tickets . The first half tries to make you laugh but the whole second half is wasted by elaborate and mindless scenes shot across Europe. Please save your money, you can definitely skip this film . I give 1/10


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Tamil Padam 2.0 – Movie review

Presented as a spoof film, part 2 or 2.0 of Tamil Padam released with a grand opening, thanks to a well-coordinated promotion which created much hype which lead to a sold out crowd for the first few days. Story is simple as Shiva who left his police job is drawn back to duty by the vicious villain “P” (Sathish) who kills his wife.  How shiva manages to take revenge for his wife is the story. Simple as just two lines, the director brings in material not only from kollywood but also adds international movies to his list. Shiva introduced as Agila Ulaga Superstar steals the show with his straight face and smart one-liners. It’s his only presence which takes the film to the end. The director and his team don’t leave anyone, they are ruthless staring from ajit to james bond.  But the film is too long and the second half fails to make an impact. Songs are huge draw back, just the film without the songs would have been better. Tamil padam 2.0 stills manages to make you laugh. I give it 3/10

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Kadaikutty Singam – Movie review

Kadaikutty Singam

Film begins with an intro of Perunazhi Ranasingam ( Sathyaraj) the village bigwig who takes care of his village as his family and who is respected among other villages too. Though fortunate to have five daughters thru two wives Vanavan Maadevi (Viji Chandrashekar) and Panjavan Maadevi (Bhanupriya), he still wanted a son to take over his legacy. Finally at his age of 50 , his first wife delivers a baby boy Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi). Gunasingam raised by his sisters, is the binding force of the family. His family wants him to marry one of his grownup nieces Chellama (Priya Bhavani Shankar) or Andal (Arthana Binu). And the girls are also fond of their ‘murai maaman’ and dream of their marriage with him. When all is well, till Gunasingam falls in love with Kannukiniyaal (Sayyeshaa) and asks for approval from his sisters. Hell breaks loose between the family and Gunasingam is heartbroke as the family splits. How Gunasingam brings the family back together is the rest of the story.

Pandiaraj id known for clean story and neat presentation, this movie too has the same. From the beginning he concentrates on the importance of farming and the farmers. The cast though huge, doesn’t over power story. Karthi and Sathyaraj perform with ease and others compliment the story well. Sayyeshaa who doesn’t fit in the village girl role does a decent job. For once Soori gives us a simplified comedy track which gels with the genre.  With all the above said, the second half drags you with over melodramatic scenes and resemble TV serials. The preachy dialogues becomes very repetitive and bores the audience . the so called villain character goes baseless. The climax which grows with an big emotional sequence abruptly switches to a fight sequence and ends abruptly. But still Kadaikutty Singam is still watchable and satisfies its target audience. I give it 5/10

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Sanju – Movie review

Sanjay Duttt’s controversial life is brought to screen by Rajkumar Hirani with Ranbir playing the lead role of Sanjay Dutt. The film starts with the Supreme Court’s judgement in the Arms Act against Sanjay Dutt, giving him 5 years of prison and a month’s time to surrender himself. He turns to an established writer Winnie Diaz ( Anushka Sharma) to pen his biography. Though reluctant at first Winnie goes through Sanju’s life as a son of a veteran Actor, a friend, a drug addict and finally as an Actor who survives highs and low in his career.

Hirani in his exceptional style brings us an extreme insight of Sanjay Dutt’s Life; Ranbir Kapoor shows how talented he is in this character which he owns throughout the film. Two other actors along with Ranbir shine in the film, one is Vicky Kaushal who plays Sanjay Dutt’s friend Kamlesh and Paresh Rawal who plays as Sunil Dutt. Both these character play an important role in the film and their relationship will bring some emotional moments in the film which will stay in your heart for some time. Manisha koirala as Nargis Dutt has a brief role but played well in the character. Cameos of Anushka and Sonam were also well done. Movie might feel a bit long, but the narration keeps you alert. Sometimes Ranbir’s imitation does look overdone, but for most of time you just see Sanjay Dutt in him.Though the film doesn’t tell us some crucial life moments of Sanjay dutt, Sanju shows how he manages to take control of his roller coaster life and survives. I still give it 8/10

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Goli soda 2 -Movie review

Goli soda 2 starts similar to previous venture. Siva ( Vinod ) a hard working auto driver, Maaran (Bharath seeni) a loyal driver for a local don and finally Oli( Esaki Bharath) an orphan who wants escalate himself in life. When all three of them have a chance to bring an identity to themselves , they are crushed to the floor in various circumstances . How they fight to regain their identity is the rest of the story.
Though the director Vijay Milton takes his own time the form the story line and foundation for the three main characters, the movie picks up pace towards the end of then first half, but looses its form in the second half and finishes in a hurry . All three main actors have performed well and they are matched perfectly charming counter parts and supported well with Samuthirai Kani’s character . Music was a disaster , only the one song stood out , but that too was visually weak. Golisoda 2 though predictable had its moments but failed to creates its identity. I give it 5/10

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Kaala – Movie review


From the first frame to the end Kaala show the importance of land, and how the power hungry are greedy and try to dominate by controlling it. Films starts at Dharavi in Mumbai where politicians try to seize land in the name of a pure drive. While the migrants from all around the state had settled there and built the place. Karikaalan alias Kaala (Rajini kanth) from Tirunelveli, who with his father has built Dharavi, fights for keeping the land safe from a mighty king maker and politician Hari Dada (Nana Patekar). For Kaala its his right to defend his land and for Hari Dada it prestige issue to acquire it.  Who wins this battle is the rest of the story.

Its purely PA Ranjith’s film though Rajini dominates the screen from word go. The director keeps it casual and balances the power in the role of Kaala. For me this is the best performance of Rajini in the last two decades. Rest of cast was at its best, mainly the female actors were at there best, especially Easwari rao was fabulous as kaala’s wife and play a very important role. For Nan Patekar this is just a walk in the park, though his presence is seen only the second half, he does best. The BGM and songs were als at its best by Santosh Narayanan. Visuals where also done well. Though story was very predictable screeplay and presentation made it a good package. Running time was the only flaw as the second half was slow and hurried towards the end. Kaala a pure PA Ranjith’s film. I give it 7/10

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