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Mr Local – Movie review

Manohar (Siva karthikeyan) is a youngster from middle class family working in a car showroom . His life is simple with his widowed mother , teenage sister and his close friends . In a minor road accident he comes in Keethana Vasudevan ( Nayanthaara ) . As ego clashes between them the minor tussle becomes a huge feud. Keerthana being a big shot muscles her way , but Manohar with his wits manages get out of trouble. How this battle ends is the rest of the story.
If you are fine with a repeat of 80’s Tamil movie plot, zero screenplay, a hero who delivers one liners at every alternative dialogue, unnecessary foreign locations used for twisting plots, an upbeat BGM wasted across mediocre scenes, though the movie has two leading comedians the hero overtakes them. If you are able to digest all of the above for 150mins, you can go for the movie. As for me, am still pondering over the money I wasted over the movie ticket. I give this movie 1/10

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K-13 Movie review

The Story starts with a bang, as you see our Hero Madhiyalagan (Arulnithi) is tied to a chair unconscious and a mysterious lady dead beside him. From there Madhiyalagan recollects what happened the night earlier to where he’s now. How he gets out of this predicament is the rest of the story.

The plus point of this film is the way the director takes us into the story, which keeps us occupied in the first half. Arulnidhi once more give a subtle but a strong performance and does justice to his character. Shraddha Srinath too gives a decent performance. Sam CS as a music director plays a huge role in the movie as he creates the right mood for the film which immerses the audience in to the film. Though the movie shows running time of 102 mins it’s still slow  and drags in the second half. The audience are forcibly pulled in the last 15 mins into a twist which doesn’t work and makes the audience disappointed. With a possibility of becoming a good thriller K-13 fails miserably in the second of becomes a mediocre thriller. I give it only 3/10

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Jersey – movie review

Arjun ( Nani) is talented cricketer but with an attitude, this attitude is his advantage and disadvantage. His coach is the only person who understands him. Sarah (Shraddha Srinath)his lover loves him for his game and supports him whatever. When he is not selected for the national team Arjun stops playing cricket at the age of 26 and settles down on a government job. Things are happy for the couple as they are blessed with a boy. Then tragedy hits as Arjun is suspended from is job and Sarah begins to work and becomes sole bread winner of the family. The family struggles to make ends meet and Arjun feels distraught of his condition.When his 7-year-old son asks for an Indian cricket team’s jersey as his birthday gift, Circumstances make Arjun play again for a charity match to make some money, but his skill is seen and he gets noted by the organisers. His coach suggests he joins as a asst coach. But Arjun feels different and feels that he has a chance and makes a decision of a comeback into the team at a the age of 36. What happens next is the rest of the story .

Jersey is the brilliant sports drama by director Gowtham Tinnanuri. The movie is well balanced with emotions and sport sequences and is a clear winner. Nani does a brilliant job as a cricketer and as a loving father. Shraddha Srinath has also done a decent job. the cast has been well chosen and story as been executed well as the movie travels from the year 1986 to 2019. Screen play plays a important role and in this film has been to its strength . The music by Anirudh was well supportive to the film. The length of the movie though could have been less. I give the film 7/10


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Kanchana 3 movie review

Following the success of Kanchana 1 & 2, Raghava Lawrence comes with the third addition of the movie. In the beginning we are introduced to Kaali ( Raghava Lawrence) who eliminates a ruthless gang who support a corrupt politician and his brother. We are then taken to different story where Raghava( Raghava Lawrence) still the same scared young man who is still pampered by his kind mother ( Kovai sarala) . This time Raghava is leaves to his home town to his grandparents 60th marriage puja. There the family is tormented my two ghosts and eventually Raghava gets possessed by the ghosts. What becomes of Raghava and what’s the connection between Kaali and the ghosts is the rest of the story.
With the same pattern and same old cast Kanchana 3 still manages entertains you . Lawrence , with Kovai sarala and gang give u some hilarious moments which bring the audience roll with laughter. But other than those funny sequences the movie has nothing new, story is predictable , songs are a total waste of time. The extra cast of three female actress casted opposite Lawrence fail to impress and end up only as glamour dolls. Kanchana 3 can be skipped. I give it 2/10

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Uriyadi 2 – Movie review

Lenin vijay (Vijay Kumar) is an easy going young man who is unworried of his future. He along with his two friends are in lookout for a job. Finally with a recommendation from a family friend three of them get jobs at the local chemical factory which produces pesticides. Incidentally this factory was banned in several other foreign countries, but illegally formed with the help of corrupt politicians. Life goes carefree for the three young men, until one of worker dies in a fatal accident which on post-mortem shows involvement of poisonous substance, a few days after one of the friends comes in contact with chemical leakage and dies. Lenin Vijay realises that poor maintenance is the cause behind them and tries to alert the authorities, the local leaders and his people. The owner of the factory bribes all the officials and the political parties and shuts the situation. But the factory in its weary condition looses control and leaks gas which ends in a great disaster to villages nearby. How Lenin Vijay and the villagers fight for their rights and get over this disaster is the rest of the story.

Uriyadi 2 which only has traces of the earlier film is more of a disaster movie than a action thriller. Though the movie has 90% of unknown cast, still this film gives the right tone for the movie without unnecessary over acting. The first half slow and forms the base for the film with friendship, love & political aspects. While the second half is hard hitting with melodrama. Though Vijay kumar’s acting is not on the stronger side, but dialogues gives command in the second half. The climax too is not convincing and ends very weak. I give the film 5/10

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Super Deluxe – Movie review

Super deluxe starts consists of four stories each deviating the moral code which the society follows. A couple caught in a bizarre murder situation. A father returning home as a transgender after seven years to meet his family. Four Adolescent boys who bunk school to watch porn, only to find out that one of their friends mother is in that film. A suicidal man who escapes death in the tsunami, who believes God as saved him to save mankind. Each of These stories tells you about moral and ethics which the society allows to evolve according to their ease which in turn forget about humanity.
Thiagarajan Kumaraja who comes after a long break from his first film, meticulously Chooses lead actors to play extreme characters which elevates the film to a different level. Samantha and Fahad Fazil compete with each other in their episode, while Vijay Sethupathy’s reactions gives us goosebumps. Bhagavathi Perumal steals the shows in couple of scenes , but might be a little artificial towards the end. Ramya Krishnan might have be given the least screen space but is in top of her performance in which she appears. Mysskin’s acting was the only one on the downside. The best comes from Ashwanth Ashokumar the youngest actor of the cast who plays Rasukutty. While cinematography by P S Vinod and Nirav Shah takes us inside each story, music by Yuvan and sound design by Tapas Nayak completes the film in the narration. Kudos for the whole team. The film gets 8/10

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Airaa – Movie review

Yamuna (Nayanthaara) an young journalist is waiting for chance to prove herself but is wasted by her editor by writing a boring domestic columns. Her idea to move the content to the digital medium is also is encouraged. Added to this her parents are constantly pushing her to get married. All this suffocates her , and she decides to take a break and visit her grandmother in her native place. Their she gets an idea to start a YouTube channel based on paranormal and ghost stories which becomes a hit. But she also feels a haunting presence in the house. Meanwhile a parallel story follows Amuthan( Kalaiarasan) who is has lost someone in an accident. When he tries to meet or find people who are involved in the accident , he finds them dead under mysterious circumstances. How these deaths are connect to Yamuna forms the the rest of the story.
Nayanthaara in the recent time has experimented with new directors and different genre. this is also one of them. Though the story follows the horror pattern, sentiment overtakes and works. Nayanthaara carries both the dual roles with ease and dominates the screen.There are moments where admire The lady super star, this movie would not worked without her.KalaiArasan has also done a decent job in his character. The first half needlessly wanders around but the second half has the best content of the film. Horror scenes too doesn’t have much of impact as we see nothing new.The core of the film which is based on the butterfly effect was not exploited in the screenplay.The director could have just elaborated the second part of the story which could have worked better. It give the film 4/10

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