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Comali – Movie review

Film begins in 1989 with Ravi (Jayam Ravi) brought up well nurtured by his parents in a close-knit family. As Ravi moves into the 1999 as a happy-go-lucky school going 12th standard student he meets Nikitha (Samyuktha) and instantly falls in love. When finally he decides to tell his love to her he gets into an accident and goes into a coma. Sixteen years later Ravi wakes up to the new world. Ravi finds it difficult to adjust to the needs of the 21st century. How he copes up with the changes and how he deals with the challenges which come with it is the rest of the story.

Debutant writer and director Pradeep Ranganathan and his team has given a clean entertainer for the whole family. He finds just the right points of the current issues and places them perfectly inside the script. This was perfect for Jayam Ravi and he has done fabulous job, Yogi babu who actually shares equal screen space shines in this film. Kajal has very little to do but survives. KS Ravikumar too, does well. Music by HIP HOP Aadhi works and two songs were well picturized. Second half becomes a little slow and script becomes preachy, but picks up speed and ends decent .All together Comali is a fun filled ride which can be seen and enjoyed by all. I give it 7/10


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Kolaiyuthir kaalam – Movie review

When multi millionaire Aabha Lawson leaves all her wealth and legacy to the adopted deaf and mute Shruthi (Nayanthaara) , she is brought to London to take over as the legal heir. the relatives of Aabha are not happy and try to convince her of writing off the wealth to their name. But Shruthi is adamant and wants to continue her mother’s legacy. But trouble starts on the night she arrives as her home is invaded by an intruder who starts killing the household one by one. How Shruthi survives the night is the rest of the story.

After the film was postponed for couple of times it finally released this Friday. Directed by Chakri toleti, remake of an American film Hush the film starts slow but becomes even more dragging and gets dull by as the minute rolls. Every element in the film fails to impress and Nayanthaara too delivers one of her weakest performances of her career. Best to avoid this film, which was a waste of money, energy and time. I give it 1/10

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Nerkonda Paarvai – Movie Review

Meera Krishnan (Shraddha Srinath), Famitha Banu (Abirami) and Andrea (Andrea Triang) are three independent working women staying together. After a dance show Meera and her freinds meet up with an old friend accompanied with couple of his mates and hang around for dinner. After dinner they go a resort and start drinking, when the women find that they are in danger, they fight back leaving Adhik a son of a an influential person seriously injured and escape out of the place. But trouble continues as the boys want to teach the girls a lesson. As the harassment gets out of hand, Meera lodges a complaint on the boys, but with Adhik’s influence the case is turned against the girls and they are charged with attempt murder and extortion of money. With no one to support them inside and outside the court, in comes Barath (Ajith) an upright lawyer who takes up the case on behalf of the girls. But will Bharath who is suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder help the girls get justice? That makes the rest of the story.

From the date when the remake was announced, the one thing which was going thru mu mind was how Ajith and Shraddha are going the pull of the characters which was played effortlessly by Tapsee and Amitabh bachchan and how a sensitive issue would be remade to the Tamil culture. But Director H.Vinodh carefully handled this remake, making small changes to Ajith’s role which worked and also made the dialogues powerful and executed this as a worthwhile remake. Ajith owns the whole movie from the pre interval scene to the end of the movie. Shraddha Srinath too as performed well with a well-directed supporting cast. Vidhya balan’s role was overworked but still supported to a level. Rangaraj pandey’s too does a decent job.It would impossible to compare Amitabh’s performance to Ajith’s as both the characters were manipulated to their mode of acting and presence, and that’s what make this film unique and works even for a remake. I give it 7/10

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A1 – Movie review


Anantharaman (Yatin Karyekar) is an upright, honest government servant, who stands as an example of a perfect citizen among the society. His daughter Divya, who dreams of sharing her life with abold and fearless guy, but is quite choosy when it comes to her partner’s caste. In a comedy of errors she mistakes Saravanan (Santhanam) as a Brahmin and express her love to him. But when she finds out he is from another caste. Saravanan tries to convince her Dad, but Anatharaman who is orthodox, doesn’t approve of Saravanan and his family. Divya too breaks up with Saravanan as she cannot go against her father’s will. But challenges Saravanan to spot at least one bad quality in her dad and if he finds one, she is ready to sacrifice her family and marry him. One night when Saravanan and his friends drink too much they plot against Anathraman which turns everyone’s life upside down. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Director Johnson makes it clear that he not here to make something different, he sticks to a specific storyline and fills it with gags and makes it fun throughout. Santhanam too hasn’t tried to overdo anything, even the romance is kept to bare minimum he just concentrates on comedy and delivers it neatly. Santosh Narayan’s music is fine, the Gana songs were entertaining. The cast which involves MS Bhaskar, Thangadurai, Manohar, Maran, Kingsly, Sai Kumar and Motta Rajendran keeps us entertained till the end. I give the movie 4/10

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Kadaram Kondan – movie review

Vasu and his wife Aathira( Akshara Hasan) recently moved to Malaysia , and Aathira who is pregnant is specially taken care by her doctor husband. Their lives are turned upside down when a criminal is admitted in vasu’s hospital, and Aathira is kidnapped and the kidnapper needs Vasu to gets the criminal out of the hospital in return of Aathira. How the couple lives are put to danger in this ordeal and will they come out alive is the rest of the story.

Apart from the stylish making,looks of Vikram and good choreographed actions sequences the film lacks the story which was needed to back up the amount of money spent on the film. Flawed screenplay didn’t help the film either. On the whole the film is a complete failure even for vikram’s fans. I give it 3/10


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Aadai – Movie review

Film starts with a freedom movement in the early years of the 19th century in the the kingdom of Travancore. Where a tribal woman named Nangeli who claimed to having to cut off her breasts in an effort to protest the caste based tax system on breasts. Following the death of Nangeli and series of movements the tax was taken off. Cut to present day we follow Sudhanthira kodi alias Kamini (Amala Paul) a bold and daring TV show producer who hosts a reality prank show. Though Kamini is fearless, she is also very self-centred and doesn’t bother about the outcome of her actions. On her birthday night she and her friends get drunk and party in their vacant office space. All of them get high and start to hallucinate when one of her friends feeds them magic mushrooms. In the morning Kamini finds herself naked and left alone in the vacant building. How she gets out of this predicament is the rest of the story.

Rajesh selva who directed Mayadha Maan takes a huge step in this film , which talks about freedom and how it is misused by the current generation in the name of new age culture. What starts as a women centric movie,  makes a hard hitting points on various current situations and questions our morality.  Amala paul who took a bold move by taking the lead role carries the whole film on her shoulders, and fits perfectly into the character. She has made a mark on her career by doing this film. Cinematography is neat and BGM was ok. The problem was the duration of the whole film; it could have been 15 mins less and could have been without the songs. I give 6/10

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Oh Baby – Movie Review

Oh baby

Savitri alias Baby ( Lakshmi) is a 70 year old grandmother , who lives with his Son’s family and She runs a canteen along with her cousin Chanti ( Rajendra Prasad)  Baby is a tough woman and has gone through a tough life raising her son alone after her husband’s early demise. This has made Baby a nagging old woman who snaps at almost everyone, including her daughter in law who finally gets a heart attack after the stress she goes through at home. This creates tension at home and Baby finally decides to leave home. Leaving home as a last thing she goes to a carnival and see her grandson perform on stage, at the carnival she stumbles upon a holy man who gives a lucky charm of a Ganesha idol and asks her to make a wish which would transform her life. As a turn of events Baby takes a photograph of herself in a magical photo studio and gets transformed into a 25 year old girl. How Baby lives her new life is the rest of the story.

Though the foundation of the character is laid by the veteran actress Lakshmi, the whole film is carried by Samantha and her terrific performance. She has performed to her best and fitted the character to the best. Rajendra Prasad too has given a good performance. Other actors have also given the best. Though the film is based on a second chance in life, it speaks about the roots of our culture which our past generation have left which we have no time for. The first half is fast and crisp, but the second half proves to be lengthy and filled with repeated melodramatic scenes. This makes the overall time of the film lengthy and boring in the second half. Oh Baby doesn’t have too many  surprises in the script, but makes it an enjoyable one. I give it 6/10

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