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Lunchbox at the Sundance 2014


Amanda Lippert interviews Ritesh Batra and Irrfan Khan of The Lunchbox. The film follows the developing relationship of two accidental pen pals in Mumbai. Batra discusses the writing process, the effect of color on storytelling, and how it felt to premiere at Cannes.

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Producer: Elan O’Connor
DP: Denny Kukahiko
Editor: Christopher Frederick


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Golisoda – Movie review


Return of the Pasanga boys makes this film as big as any returning big stars in the film industry. The film is about four boys Pulli (Kishore), Settu (Sreeram), Sithappa (Pandi) and Murugesh (Murugesh), who work as vegetable porters in the Koyambedu Market. Orphaned since birth, their only adult presence is their employer Aachi (Sujatha) . Working early morning and sleeping in the daytime and living a carefree life is their routine. One day when they go for a jolly ride with one of their adult friend they get arrested and spend the night at the police station with other drunk accused . When others get identified and get bailed out by their friends and family, they realise that an identity is important in everyone’s life. They reach out and with he help of NKB alias Naidu (madhusudan)who controls the market , start a small restaurant inside the market And create an identity for themselves.But things turn ugly when one of naidu’s men misuses the restaurant and the boys lose their business and when threatened they turn against NkB. How they regain their identity form the rest of film.
A brilliant story of friendship and heroism marks the comeback of Vijay Milton as a director. A well selected cast and a equally good performance from each and every one of them makes it a treat to watch. The character ATM played by newcomer shalini was brilliant . The story by pandiyaraj well written , but good have been edited in the second half.The music even though there were no item numbers or duets supported the film throughout ( but could have avoided the song with power star) . Goli soda has given a new identity to heroism . 7/10


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Malini 22 Palayamkottai – movie review


Malini, played by Nithya Menen is a 22 year old nurse who’s ambition is to work in canada . Varun (Krish J Sathaar) is a manager at a consultancy agency who helps Malini with her visa papers. Varun slowly charms Malini and make her fall in love, only to be fed to his boss Prakash’s (Naresh) sexual appetite .when Malini tries to go the police she is framed of drug trafficking and sent to prison.How Malini recovers from this and takes revenge forms the rest of the story.
A very predictable story which needed to be strong in screenplay and acting ended up being sloppy in all departments in the film.the acting was mediocre , dialogues were poorly written, zero screenplay and edited to make everyone sleep in the cinemas. We know Nithya Menen can act but her performance wasn’t good enough. Kovai sarala who had to carry the so called comedy track was an irritating through out the film . The innocent who changes overnight into a avenging angel doesn’t convince the audience. I give it 2/10


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Minugurulu – Telugu Movie To Be Released On Airtel Digital TV Along With Theatrical Release


Airtel Digital TV is releasing a Telugu feature film, Minukumanna Minugurulu on digital TV through its Pay Per View platform on the same day of its theatrical release.

Releasing on January 24, 2014 on Airtel Digital TV at 00.30 hours, the movie will be available to customers for 5 days until January 28, 2014 on channel number 157 on Airtel’s Digital network. Customers can book to watch the movie by sending a SMS <BOOK 157> to 54325 from their registered mobile number for Rs. 100/- per day. This payment will allow the customers to watch any or all of the 8 shows of the movie aired on that particular day.

Releasing non-mainstream films on DTH (Direct To Home): Mainstream, commercial film like Vishwaroopam saw opposition from theatre owners for its release on DTH owing to the loss of revenue that theatre owners may face. On the contrary, the director of Minukumanna Minugurulu which portrays the lives of 40 visually impaired & orphaned children, has been looking for avenues to release the film.

Speaking at the  Children’s Film Festival of India (CFFI), Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty, Director of the film was hoping that the film’s screening at the film festival would fetch them a distributor for its national release. Unlike the proposed price for Vishwaroopam which was at Rs 1000, this film is being priced at one-tenth of that price, at Rs 100 per day on DTH with facility to view all 8 shows of the film throughout the day. While Kamal Hassan was looking to counter piracy through the digital release of his film, film like Minukumanna Minugurulu could receive visibility through this release.

Digital release of such non-mainstream films could create a good opportunity for independent film-makers to release and monetize their films. Indie film makers could and should look into this model especially if their movie release clashes with a big budget movies which are likely to have bigger marketing budgets and brand presence. This model could help them generate revenue even if the film does not manage to procure sufficient screen in multiplexes.


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Best picture nominees for the Oscars 2014


Click on the titles below to see their official trailer videos

12years wolf philomena nebraska her gravity dallas captainamerican

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Was is a Thala or Thalapathy Pongal ?

thala thalapathy for site

Click below on the title to read their respective reviews

jilla title Veeram title

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Veeram – Movie review


After a mediocre success of Aarambam, Ajit’s Veeram  produced by Vijaya Productions released this pongal . Set in a village backdrop, Vinayagam (Ajit) with his four brothers who runs a vegetable wholesale business in the village market.A very straight forward person who doesn’t hesitate to use violence to settle even a small dispute.A life without parents ,Vinayagam has brought up his brothers sacrificing his life for theirs . He also stays unmarried fearing a woman would bring rift between brothers and disrupt the family. But when the brothers themselves fall in love, they try to match him with Kopperundevi(Tamanna) an architect student comes to the village temple . After initial hiccups they both fall in love , but when Kopperundevi comes to know about the violent side of Vinayagam she leaves him. Does Vinayagam change his character for love forms the rest of the story.
The director as kept it simple in the story and built sequences specifically for the hero to command right from the intro scene to the climax. And with Ajit’s screen persona it has lifted the film so high that you barely see any mistakes or get bored in the film.Ajit eases himself in his role and commands every moment.Even though the main plot happens in the second half, the audience are kept busy throughout . DSP provides enough background score but fails to shine in the songs .Santhanam provides clean comedy and his utilized properly.the mismatch in the whole film was Tamanna who fails to match with Ajit’s larger the screen presence.Veeram even though with some flaws stand tall in the pongal release . i give it 6/10


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