Veeram – Movie review

12 Jan


After a mediocre success of Aarambam, Ajit’s Veeram  produced by Vijaya Productions released this pongal . Set in a village backdrop, Vinayagam (Ajit) with his four brothers who runs a vegetable wholesale business in the village market.A very straight forward person who doesn’t hesitate to use violence to settle even a small dispute.A life without parents ,Vinayagam has brought up his brothers sacrificing his life for theirs . He also stays unmarried fearing a woman would bring rift between brothers and disrupt the family. But when the brothers themselves fall in love, they try to match him with Kopperundevi(Tamanna) an architect student comes to the village temple . After initial hiccups they both fall in love , but when Kopperundevi comes to know about the violent side of Vinayagam she leaves him. Does Vinayagam change his character for love forms the rest of the story.
The director as kept it simple in the story and built sequences specifically for the hero to command right from the intro scene to the climax. And with Ajit’s screen persona it has lifted the film so high that you barely see any mistakes or get bored in the film.Ajit eases himself in his role and commands every moment.Even though the main plot happens in the second half, the audience are kept busy throughout . DSP provides enough background score but fails to shine in the songs .Santhanam provides clean comedy and his utilized properly.the mismatch in the whole film was Tamanna who fails to match with Ajit’s larger the screen presence.Veeram even though with some flaws stand tall in the pongal release . i give it 6/10


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