Jilla – movie review

10 Jan



Pongal starts today for Vijay’s fans as Jilla released as early as 3.30 am all over Tamilnadu today. Sivan (Mohanlal) a Don who rules Madurai along with his adopted son Sakthi (Vijay). Even though he is an adopted son, he is treated as the eldest son in the family and enforces all the criminal activities his father desires. When a new police commissioner humiliates Sivan, he realizes that he needs to have his own man in the police hierarchy. He convinces Sakthi to become a police officer.Initially refusing to his father’s request, Sakthi however obeys Sivan and becomes the Asst.Police commissioner and gets appointed in their own City. When one of Sivan’s Criminal activities transforms into huge calamity, Sakthi realizes the pain they had caused to the people so far and tries to convince Sivan to quit the life of crime. This breaks their relationship and movie breaks for intermission.

Initially returning from the theater I thought Jilla was better than Thalaiva, but as I was writing this review, both where equally bad in screenplay, direction and story. Except Mohanlal had a better screen presence the Sathyaraj compared to both the movies. Mohan lal just eases away in his scenes and easily takes center stage in most of the scenes. Poornima Bhagyaraj makes a comeback in the film as Vijay’s mother. Kajal Agarwal collectively comes for around 12 min in the film 10 min of them are in the songs, and in the other 2 min she gets embarrassed and humiliated. No idea why Parotta Suri was in the cast ,because there was no comedy track in the film.With nothing for the fans to cheer, the film has only massive action sequences one after the other. First half builds a story but the second half slows down and irritates you with unnecessary songs and scenes. The film clearly needs to be reduced by 20mins.  I give it 4/10.


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