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Hara hara Mahadevaki – Movie Review

Young lovers Hari ( Gautham Karthik) and Ramya( Nikki Gilrani) are breaking up and they decide to return gifts they got in this relationship. Hari mad upon this decision packs all the gifts given by Ramya in bag which was given as election gift by one of the political party. This bag forms the center the story as at the same time similar bags with fake notes , a bomb and ransom money cross paths in the story . In a series of comedy of errors these bags exchange places and hands and cause chaos as they all land up in the hara hara Mahadevaki resort causing total chaos. How this ends is the rest of the story

Hara hara Mahadevaki stands true to its “A” certificate and delivers a movie filled with adult comedy which lacks a continuous storyline. It’s divided into different segments which barely come together at the end. Based on the adult comedy by whatsapp Swamiji it does attract youngsters who enjoy the most. Gautham and Nikki don’t add any additional flavour to their characters but just deliver what the director asked for. Other cast members join this lazy storyline and run clueless without any direction. Hara hara Mahadevaki fails to exploit the main theme to max and ends embarrassing itself. The movie gets 3 for the attempt on adult comedy.


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SPYDER – Movie review

Shiva ( Mahesh Babu) is a junior level officer at the intelligence Bureau who is one of few people working under a special division which taps people phone calls and avoid threats. Shiva who is over qualified for this job goes a step above and plays savior to people who need help. He also creates software which alerts him whenever someone cries for help or feeling scared. On one such occasion he hears to a phone conversation between two young girls, of which one is home alone and feeling scared. He alerts one his close friend and lady constable to go have a look. Next day he finds out that both are brutally murdered and their bodies scattered in public. This incident makes Shiva furious and he begins to hunt the killer. Going deep into the case he begins to uncover a sadistic serial killer who is on the prowl . Who is this Killer? and how Shiva finds him is the rest of the story.

Though Spyder doesn’t start of like any other Murugadoss films, we clearly see how he manages to script the raise of protagonist and the way he handles each situation in the story which is translated on screen to perfection. In this film he adds an equally evil mastermind played to perfection by SJ Surya who dominates the whole film. Mahesh Babu makes a decent debut to kollywood with his near perfect Tamil pronunciation but still has to go a long way to get into the Tamil audiences heart. His weak body language is no match for SJ Surya’s performance which keeps the audience mesmerized. Rakul preet Singh and songs come under the distraction zone and slow down the movie. Second half drags towards the end and the climax is somewhat abrupt. Overall SJ Surya’s performance stands out but that too fades off in the second half. The movie still gets 5/10


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Magalir Mattum – Movie review

Starts of in the year 1978, where three close friends Gomathi, Rani and Subbhu Lakshmi who study in a missionary boarding school who are dismissed and separated for their unruly behaviour. Now in 2016 Gomathi ( Oorvasi) a widow who just sends her son abroad on work is left alone in her house. She brings in her liberal,feminist and soon to become daughter in law Prabhavathi (Jyothika) to live with her. Prabhavathi who is broadminded shows Gomathi that’s it’s time for start a new life for herselfand starts to explore Gomathi’s past. When Prabhavathi hears about Gomathi ‘s close friends Rani and Subbhu, she finds them and takes them on a road trip to free them briefly from their confined world. How the trip changes the lives of the close friends is the rest of the story

Bramma who created a matured Kuttram Kadithal, comes back with film on women empowerment with a mix of experienced and debut actresses who give performances fit to the characters. Oorvasi who dominates and clearly the best of the actresses in the film bring down the roof in the theatres. Banupriya and Saranya to perform decently. Jyothika’s character maybe too far-fetched for a real life character but she performs faithfully to the role. Young actress who played main characters younger self gave a good performance. Nasar and Livingston do their role perfectly in their brief sequences. But dragging second half with lots of flashback scenes with melodrama makes it a bit stretched and becomes an over dose. Music is just subtle and doesn’t make a big impact.  Magalir Mattum is still watchable and gets 5/10


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Thupparivaalan – Movie Review

Thupparivaalan a detective action thriller written and directed by Mysskin and produced by Vishal , who also stars in the lead role released this week with great expectation from the director – actor duo who join for the first time. The film starts with some gruesome deaths of two key people in the society. We are introduced to Kaniyan Poongundran ( Vishal) an eccentric detective who takes weird and unsolved cases. When he is looking for an intriguing case, a kid walks into his home with is saved pocket money to find his pet dog’s killer. This pumps up Kaniyan into action, which starts a chain of events which leads him to a murderous group. How he fights them and solves the murder is the rest of the story.
Thupparivaalan brings us to yet another unseen world of crime and detection thru the mind of Mysskin. Though characters hold inspiration to Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson , Thupparivaalan takes you to a wild roller coaster ride. Vishal playing the lead role has given a good performance and carries the film on his shoulders throughout. Prassana who plays vishal’s sidekick adds support and brings normality balance to the eccentric Vishal’s character. The other cast members do their job just as Mysskin’s script and add value. Fight sequences play an important section in all Mysskin’s film and this one too gives us an unique composition , though some moves proved to be comic. Music and sound mix too play an important role and lift the film .The only mishit is the new face Anu Emmanuel who plays Mallika and Jai who still manages to be the dull actor even when given a good role. Duration also plays spoilsport in the second half when in mellows down and stretches the climax like a rubber band. Overall Mysskin once again gives a good thriller with a mix of dark humour. It gets 6/10

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Katha Nayagan – Movie review

Thambi durai ( Vishnu) and Anna Durai ( Soori) are best friends who get together after they were separated in their school days. Thambi Durai who is very cautious and fearful in nature often gets into trouble but finds the easy way out. When he falls in love with Kanmani( Catherine Theresa) and approaches her parents get their approval for marriage. But Kanmani’s father who doesn’t approve of Thambi durai’s nature embarrasses both him and his family . Thambi Durai who wants to marry Kanmani tries to pick fight with the local gang. How this transforms his life is the rest of the story.
Just like his previous film, this too depends on just comic scenes, and leaves the content empty. With very thin storyline and mediocre presentation the film fails to impress. Vishnu and Soori pair up good, but Catherine is out of place . The whole cast manages to blend with the movie but directionless screenplay doesn’t improve the movie’s dull status . With intermittent comic scenes which only brings brief laughter the movie gets 3/10


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Kurangu Bommai – Movie review

When movies with mega budget and international locations fails miserably in content and satisfying the audience, comes a decent budget and locally shot thriller Kurangu Bommai by the debutant director Nithilan which keeps us entertained. Sundaram (Bharathirajaa) is a loyal friend and employee of Ekambaram ( PL thennapan) who runs a timber business officially but a full time smuggler. Sundaram’s son Kathir ( Vitharth )work as an on call driver in Chennai and is currently looking to get married. When a high value statue exchanges hands, Ekambaram sends his loyal friend Sundaram for this job to Chennai. This bag with a monkey’s face changes the lives of people who ever touches it becomes the main character in this story. How that happens is the rest of the story.

With a well-chosen cast and a defined screenplay Kurangu Bommai entertains and keeps us to the edge of our seats. Vitharth and Kumaravel are key actors who perform well, Bharathiraja performs well for his character with a touch of overacting. A minor role but performed well by Kalki who comes as the pickpocket should be applauded.  Maybe the only miscast was Delna Davis who does gel along with others in the whole movie. Screen play vaguely moves away in a different direction in the second half but manages to keep the story alive. Romantic scenes and song delayed the movie in the second half, this could have been avoided. With minor flaws Kurangu Bommai gets 6/10

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Puriyatha Puthir – Movie review

Puriyatha puthir the much delayed film Vijay Sethupathy released this week with very minimal shows. Kathir ( Vijay sethupathy ), Vinod and DJ are close friends from their college days. Kathir is an upcoming music director and is managing a music shop. It’s love at first for Kathir when he meets Meera ( Gayathrie) in his shop. Both get closer and eventually fall in love, but tragedy strikes when Vinod affair with his boss’s wife gets leaked thru a video message , next Kathir gets obscene images of Meera in his phone, and finally DJ gets caught in a drug bust which is exposed thru a viral video. Who is targeting Kathir and his friends and what’s the reason behind all this is the rest of the story.
Though the intended message being conveyed and with a decent performance from Vijay Sethupathy the film fails with disoriented screen play and vague presentation . With a very good role presented to Gayathrie she doesn’t deliver. Rest of cast too gives a mediocre performance. Technical aspects like editing, art direction and cinematography seems amateur. Though movie’s duration states its 120mins, its very slow placed. The film gets 4/10


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