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Athey Kangal – movie review


Varun ( Kalai arasan) is an young man who inspite of being blind , runs a successful restaurant. His world is simple with his business, his parents and his friend Sadhana ( Janani Iyer). His simple life takes a turn when he meets Deepa ( Sshivada Nair), which begins as a casual encounter, develops much more than that. When Varun decides to propose to Deepa, she tells him that her family is deep in debt from her sister’s marriage and has repay them as soon as possible or face severe consequences . Varun volunteers to help, but tragedy strikes as Varun meets with an accident. The Accident brings back varun’s vision, but he is spends 3 weeks in hospital, where he looses touch with Deepa and her problem . Once out of hospital , he desperately tries to contact Deepa , but he there is no trace of her existence. Want happened to Deepa ? Will Varun meet her again is the rest of the story.

Athey Kangal a simple story with a nice twist, its strength are the characters and performers who make it a watchable flick. Kaliarasan finally gets a much need break in a lead role, but there is sense of nervousness in his performance which makes him out of character. Janani Iyer though given very less screen time, still makes use of it with a decent act. But Sshivadha Nair is the pick the three as she steals the show in the second half and highlights the film. The only problem is after a point the story loses its charm and moves sluggishly even for its 120 mins. Gibran’s Bgm gives support , but the songs execution fails. Movie moves dull without a supportive screenplay once the main plot comes into place. Athey Kangal is still watchable than most of the extravagant masala flicks. I give it 5/10

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Raees – Movie review


Raees a story set in the late 1980’s in the liquor prohibited state of Gujarat. Raees who lives with his mother in Fathepur lives among community which manufactures hooch and banded liquor.  Raees and his close friend Sadiq join the liquor trade business under Jairaj Seth (Atul Kulkarni) who trades branded liquor. Under Jairaj, Raees learns his trade and thinks of starting his own business. With initial hiccups Raees slowly rises in the business and grows huge , which brings him into the radar of Jaideep Majumdar (Nawazuddin Siddique) an incorruptible cop who makes it point to bring down Raees’s empire. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Raees starts of well and with Shar rukh khan’s screen presence and performance the film is elevated high, but the plot is very predictable and filled with very few scenes with interest to the audience. Nawazuddin Siddique has his own screen space which highlights the film and keeps us engaged.  Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub as Sadiq and Mahira Khan as Raees’s wife Mohsina give a decent performance. Song are well made, but placed randomly creating a slight turbulence. Credit should be given to the production design as the era beautifully was created, which enhanced the story. Raees though moves sluggishly in the second half, would still bring glory. I give it 5/10

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Logan – Trailer 2

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Koditta idangalai nirappuga – Movie Review


Rangarajan ( R Parthiban) a call taxi driver , who drives high caliber clients for his taxi service. Though handicapped Rangarajan is known for his quick witted & calculative nature, and always looks for make fast money. So when a high profile NRI client Kevin ( Shantanu Bhagyaraj)hires there taxi service for two weeks, he persuades him to stay in a guest house which he and his young wife Mohini (Parvathy Nair ) are caretakers . Kevin also agrees as to this as he thinks he can help Rangarajan in a way. Once Kevin settles down, he is drawn towards Mohini’s beauty and charm , but stays on guard as he respects Rangarajan. What happens during the rest of his stay is the story.

Koditta idangalai nirappuga meaning fill in the blank spaces, starts well to build characters , but fails miserably in execution with a wayward screenplay . While Parthiban casually delivers in his scenes , Shantanu is lost in his character and doesn’t have a chance to even perform. Parvathy lacks performance , only chosen for her decent looks. Thambha Ramayaa is wasted and like his absent minded character in the film , the director has forgot to write a script for him. Koditta idangalai nirappuga has lot of blank space to be filled. I give it 2/10


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Bhairavaa – Movie Review

img_1318 Bhairavaa (Vijay) is a loan collection agent who takes care of troublesome clients who dodge loans and he is best at the job. He and his friend ( Satish) though orphans , help others in need and live life to the full. When Bhairavaa meets Malar Vizhi ( Keethi Suresh) in a wedding it’s love at first sight.When Bhairavaa approaches MalarVizhi to express his love , he finds out that she is in big trouble in her home town. How Bhairavaa helps her out is the rest of the story.

As usual Vijay is the only reason why Bhairavaa might receive any positive response from the audience. Though the storyline seems very straight forward the execution makes it a never ending opus. With a never ending flashback for a first half and overflowing second half packed with infinite scenes you actually need two intermissions for this 168 min drama. Santhosh Narayanan’s theme music alone stands out , as his songs just don’t register and are a waste of precious screen time. Keerthi Suresh does a decent job, but other cast members are just standbys .Action scenes keep the audience a little busy, but it’s not enough to salvage the bad execution on the film. Bhairavaa gets 4/10


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Rangoon – Official Trailer

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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru – Movie Review

One night , one suicide , one missing person and one investigation which takes one cop Deepak (Rahman) literally loose his life before he puts all the pieces to get her together to finish this mystery. Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is one movie which will be talked about this whole year.Young Director Karthik will be praised for his meticulous execution for this near perfect film. Karthick made all technical depts contribute to the max and combined them to make this a special one.
Rahman in the lead role was perfect and he stole the show all the way. All the other cast members too where chosen well and performed decently . At times you might be dominated by unwanted sounds , voice and even flashes of images , but karthik’s narration ties you down and makes you curious and surprises you in the end. Watch Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru for its unique execution . I give it 7/10


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Mo – Movie review


Dev (Suresh Ravi), Satish( Ramesh Thilak) and Kumar( Darbuka Siva) are small time con men . When all their traits become repetitive and less rewarding, they plan to go the next level. They try to use the fear of ghosts in people’s mind and scare the tenants of a multi apartment building by hiring a experienced makeup artist Joseph Chellappa ( Muniskanth) and junior artist Priya ( Aishwarya Rajesh) to act as the ghost . The plan becomes a success but they are caught red handed soon after wards by the apartment secretary Vetrivel ( Selva) only to be hired for his own plan to acquire a property using their skill set. What the team doesn’t know that the place is already haunted, how they survive is the rest of the story.
Considering a whole lot of flops and mishits last year, Mo stands out tall ,with a simple story with comedy and horror in equal balance. The standout was the trio Ramesh Tilak , Muniskanth and Darbuka Siva who create a laughing riot . Though Yogi Babu comes briefly takes charge in his scenes. Suresh Ravi and Aishwarya Rajesh have very less engaging parts , but the whole cast perform well. Though the ending might not appeal to many the film clearly stands out for its comedy. I give it 5/10

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