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Kubrick and the Art of the One-Point Perspective

A video by: kogonada


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Breakdowns of Image Engine’s vfx work for Hollywood blockbuster, and fourth film in the series, Jurassic World.

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Big Bazaar – PaperPatakha – ShubhShuruaat

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Naanum Rowdy Thaan – Movie review


Story is set in Pondicherry, where Pandi (Vijay Sethupathy) is a fraudster who dreams of becoming a huge rowdy but doesn’t have the guts to be bold enough. His Mother (Radhika)on the other hand is a police Inspector and wants Pandi to join the force and makes him ready for it. One day Pandi meets Kadambari(Nayanthara) who is deaf and in search of her father (Azhagam Perumal). Its love at first site for Pandi and he volunteers to help her . Kadambari tells her tragic past , how she lost her mother and her hearing in a bomb blast which was planned by Killi Vallavan (Parthiban), and her father after all these years has gone to take revenge on him . What happens to Kadambari’s father and how Pandi help her in this ordeal is the rest of the story.
Comedy is the key factor in the film that makes audience stay till the end of the movie, and the director and his team made sure it endless throughout the movie. Vijay Sethupathy has done well and stayed true to his character, Nayanthara to has done a decent job. For the first time RJ Balaji’s role and comedy was acceptable. Parthiban’s character was incomplete and vague .Anandraj’s gives nice and brief cameo .The music and songs by Anirudh was impressive and takes the movie smooth across scenes and takes care of the lag in-between. But the team was unable to complete the story with a weak second half .The worst side of the whole crew was shown in the second half, the acting, directing and screenplay was miserable and boring. They just created a sequence which involves a comedy of errors and managed to finish the movie which made it awkward in the end. i give it 5/10

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10 Endrathukulla -Movie Review


Director Vijay Milton teams up with Vikram for this fast action drama. Vikram is a nameless but highly skilled driver , he works as a driving school teacher but part times as a transporter to earn extra cash. He is hired by Dass ( Pasupathy) who leads smuggling gang who uses his skills to expand his business. Meanwhile we are introduced to Shakeela( Samantha) an orphan who works as a beautician. Her biggest ambition in life is learning to drive , but she gets jinxed all the time and end up failing her tests. She joins the driving school and also become close to our hero. Things get out hand when Dass sends our hero to north India in a car with a special package, the package being Shakeela who is wanted by a notorious gang. Why is Shakeela wanted and how does our hero save her is the rest of the story.
From the word go this film touches 100 in the speedometer and never comes down, or at least not till the second half. Vikram dominates the screen and does is character with ease. Samantha too has a better role and gives a decent performance. Credit goes to the director who manages to pull of a slick action drama which satisfies the audience. Action sequences are creative but VFX could have been better. Songs are catchy but could have been shot better . Second half has its drowsy moments but ends quick. So 10 Endrathukulla is not a let down for the Vikram fans. I give it 5/10

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)

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Rudhramadevi -Movie Review

The story is set in Ancient Kakateya Dynasty, The Kingdom ruled by Raja Ganapathy (Krishnam Raju) who is constantly troubled by his neighboring kingdoms and also by his kings of state who wants his place as king as he is left without a male successor . When Queen finally gives birth to a female child Rudhramadevi both the King and his faithful Minister decides to announce Rudhrama Devi as prince Rudra Devudu to his empire and also rise the female child as a boy . When Rudramadevi comes to age the King decides to reveal the secret but Rudhramadevi tells her father that she will reveal herself only once the kingdom his secure and decides to continue to adorn the male form as Rudra Devudu. How Rudhramadevi saves her kingdom from its enemies and  will she reveal herself forms the rest of the story.
Rudhramadevi is full of notable individual performances by the lead characters. Even though the story works, it lacks creative writing and a strong screenplay. Too many characters with¬†difficult names fails to register in the audience mind. VFX is a good attempt but the fails to impress, the war sequences makes us remember the old Mahabharat TV show of the late 80’s. The only technical team which impresses was the set design by the veteran Thota Tharani . Songs to fails to impress as the movie itself fails elevate the drama . Allu Arjun’s character is very brief and doesn’t carry along, it might not impress his fans. Rana too has very little screen time. 3D doesn’t impress and is disturbing in certain scenes, the convergence in certain compositions makes your eyes pain . On the whole Rudhramadevi doesn’t impress though full of huge names . i give it 4/10


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