Ponmagal Vandhal – Movie review

Ponmagal Vandhal has already created history to be the first  Direct to OTT in Tamil Cinema, directed by JJ Fredrick and released by Surya& Jyothika. This movie is pitched as a court room drama on a sensitive issue. The film starts in the year 2004 in the scenic town of lovedale, where a hideous crime of child kidnap and murder of two young men happens. Upon police investigation the crime is put upon a north indian lady named Jothi who is involved in several children kidnapping and is finally caught, but was shot when she was trying to escape from them. They recover more dead bodies of children buried at her house and the case is closed. Now in the year 2019, the same case is reopened by Mr.Pethuraj( K .Bhagyaraj) a local good Samaritan and his daughter Venba (Jyothika) defending the killer Jothi.  As the town thinks that they are trying to gain publicity by reopening the case, little do they know that Venba and Pethuraj are trying to bring out the truth behind this whole case.  The rest of the story deals with the court room drama and what really happen on the day of the murder.

Director  JJ Fredrick has taken a sensitive issue of child rape and killings and has clearly rounds up a narrative which forms the base of the story. Jyothika stands strong in her character alongside the veteran K Bhagyaraj who gives a decent performance. Others cast do their best which their minimal screen time. But for a legal court room drama the narrative gets weak in the second half, and becomes very predictable. Jyothika’s appearance as the victim herself in the second half was not needed, and final twist was unnecessary. Ponmagal vandhal stiil stands tall as a message towards child abuse and should be watched for that reason as a family. I give it 5/10

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Trance – Movie review

Viju Prasad (Fahadh Faasil) is a struggling man, desperate to achieve as a motivational speaker. He comes from a troubled childhood, mother who committed suicide and a younger brother raised in depression. But Viju is confident that he can achieve as motivational speaker and tries his best, when his brother too fails him. Loosing everyone close to him, he shifts to Mumbai searching for a new life, where he spotted by a large corporate group who makes him a face of religious foundation. Viju is made as a miracle worker and becomes famous. But things get out of hand when Viju is transformed a larger than life entity and loses control of himself. What happens next is the rest of the story.

Though the director has taken a very sensitive subject, he has managed to blend emotions and humor into the story which works. Fahadh Faasil takes control of the whole film, he literally becomes VIju Prasad and steals the show completely. Other notable performances come from Sreentah Bhasi and Soubin Shair . Goutham menon too performs well, though looks very rigid at times. The only weak performance is that of Nazriya Nazim whose character was deliberately induced in the film, which just dragged the film which tested the audience patience. The story also was slow in the second half and lacked tempo. Trance gets 5/10

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Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie review

Director Karthick Naren who made the Tamil film industry turn towards him with his debut film D16, returns with a stylish gangster film Mafia. Aryan ( Arun vijay) is a lead investigating office in the Narcotics Bureau who is hunting down a major drug cartel who is supplying to the city. Though they are able to track the drugs on the streets, they are not able to reach the main source which is coming into the city. When his superior dies and social activist die mysteriously Aryan and team begin to look for clues left behind by them which takes them to a Diwakar ( Prassana) a entrepreneur to the outside world but head of the major drug cartel. How Aryan takes down the shrewd Diwakar is the rest of the story.

The story is laid down simple by Karthick , but the way he presents it to the audience has its advantage and disadvantages. The stylization of the characters, the way they are portrayed and the presentation is top notch. But the same importance is not given to the screenplay as it’s very slow (even more dragging as majority of shots are in hi-speed). Character intro takes quiet a lot of time, though he movie only clocks 112mins, seems very dragging due to this presentation. Arun Vijay and Prassana are to their best and score in their screen presence. Though the second half has more to offer it is pushed towards the end, and by that time the audience are half asleep. Mafia gets 4/10 purely for presentation.

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Seeru -Movie review

Manimaran ( jeeva) is Good Samaritan in the town if Mayiladudurai, he runs a local cable tv with his friends and also keeps them updated on the current  news to the public. His good deeds makes him a target to the local MLA who suffers a lot from this. Manimaran is close to his sister who is pregnant and due any time. But things get serious as the MLA send a ruthless goon Malli (Varun) from Chennai to get rid of Manimaran. As Malli comes to kill Manimaran to his house, he ends up saving his sister and goes back empty handed. But Manimaran wants to thank Malli though he had come to kill him, he leaves to Chennai to find Malli. There he comes to know that Malli’s life is in danger, how Manimaran saves him is the rest of the story.

Jeeva comes back with commercial film, with action packed scenes. Though the movie moves unsteady in the first half it catches up with decent story and ends good. Jeeva is decent in the character and does well. New face Riya suman is just for namesake but decent. The story though is weak and baseless but ends fast which make the audience not notice the weakness and enjoy the action and forget the logic. Imman’s music doesn’t do much, but support the action scens in the bgm. Seeru is a timepass and one movie for the tv channels to run in loop. I give it 3/10

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Vaanam Kottattum -Movie Review

Bose kalai ( Sarathkumar) a famer near a village Madurai is about to leave to his ancestral temple alng with his family, when he hears that his elder brother Veluchamy ( Balaji sakthivel) is stabbed by his political enemies. Without a second thought Bose goes and kills two people on the other side a hs imprisoned for 16 years. Chandra ( Radhika) his wife unable to live with honor in the village leaves to Chennai taking the children. In Chennai she raises them with difficulties, the eldest Selva ( Vikram Prabhu) is a hardworking youngster with a short temper, Mangai ( Aishwarya rajesh) studying law is brilliant and keeps her brother in control. Life goes well as Selva takes up banana business from his Uncle and Mangai helps him in the business, when Bose returns from prison.  Bose dosen’t fit in the family and is seen as an alien to his own children. Meanwhile the son of the deceased whom Bose killed comes to Chennai to take revenge. How the family gets together and manages the oncoming trouble is the rest of the story.

With a well-balanced cast the film raised huge expectation from the new director and madras talkies which produced it. Sarathkumar and Radhika the real life couple showed class and their chemistry is the highlight of the film. Vikram prabhu gives a decent performance with Aishwaraya rajesh making the family complete with her usual grace. Balaji Sakthivel stands tall in his performance. But the story lacked connectivity and with lot of loose ends and unwanted characters which spoil the whole flow makes the audience irritate. The film drags in the second half to a predictable end, and the revenge angle lacks strength. With a very vague storytelling and disastrous editing the movie ends dull. Sid Sriram music was good but repeated songs notes throughout the film became an overdose . Cinematography was the only technical team which made huge impact in the film. I give the film 3/10

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How ‘1917’ Was Filmed To Look Like One Shot

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Psycho – Movie review

Mysskin’s Psycho trailer which released a month ago created quite a lot of expectation as the visuals were unique and the cast of Adithi and Udayanithi Stalin caught in horrific world of murder built the tempo even before its release. The film starts as we are introduced to a serial killer had killed nearly 13 girls and as displayed their headless bodies in different parts of the city. The police are clueless as the killer is very deceptive and careful as he doesn’t leave any clues. Parallel to this Thagini (Aditi Rao Hydari) is  radio jockey who is constantly followed by a blind musician Gautham (Udhayanidhi). Though at first Thagini passes him off as a jobless romeo soon finds out that he is indeed very sincere in his love. As she finally falls for him she is falls as the prey for the serial killer who abducts her as the next victim. How the visually impaired Gautham saves Thagini from the psychotic killer is the rest of the story.

Psycho is not for all ages and for the faint hearted as its brutal and gory. Mysskin  yet again takes us into a different mind of that of killer and goes deep into it. It’s also filled with unusual characters which is a trademark of the director. Aditi and udhaynidhi  were apt to the cast and do well. In the second half though Nithy menon comes out strong. The story though starts good, falls with lot of gaps and lacks strength . the humanising of the killer at the end doesn’t have enough support and is rushed in the second half. Technically the cinematography and music are the real hero in the movie which takes us into the dark world of the killer’s mind. Psycho is not everyone’s cup of tea. I give it 6/10

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