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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam – Movie review

Chekka Chivantha Vaanam , more than it’s a Mani Ratnam’s film ,when the star cast of four leading artists were roped in for this movie, it created huge buzz in the industry and for the fans. The movie starts with an introduction of the main character Senathipathy (Prakash Raj) a kingpin who rules not only the state but the across the nation and also manages worldwide mafia, is attacked by a unknown group. He and his wife Lakshmi(Jayasudha) survive the attack but are seriously injured. Senathipathy’s sons Varadhan (Arvind swamy), Thyagu (Arun vijay) and Ethi (STR) who take care of business across the world are distraught and go on a killing spree to find who’s behind this attack. But the question rises as who will take command of business after their father, which creates a huge cloud over the siblings. As each one has their own grudges on their father and between themselves the stage is set for a huge drama. How this ends is the rest of the story.

The first half just breezes fast, as the Director balances each character and gives enough screen space for all of them. Vijay sethupathy who comes as the Rasool a corrupt cop and a close friend of Varadhan steals the show throughout. Jyothika too plays a major part and does it faithfully. Aditi Rao Hydari is the weakling in the whole film, her character doesn’t fit or create much impact.The second is where the story lags and loses its charm, Songs are left in the BGM and fades unfinished which sort of a let-down, usually they create a huge impact in Mani Rathnam’s films. Screenplay too wanders aimless for some portion of the second half, which makes the audience restless. Chekka Chivantha Vaanam is far better than the previous bunch, but leaves the fans unsatisfying. I give the film 5/10 (out of which 4 is for the first half).

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Saamy 2 – Movie review

Saamy 2 or Saamy Square The sequel of the hit film Saamy that put director Hari into the limelight released this week with not much interest from the fans as the teaser and the trailer was not up to their expectations. The story starts with the flashback of the previous film and shows Aarusaamy (Vikram)now married to his lover is living a peaceful life. Mean while in Tirunelveli Perumal Pichai’s three sons come looking for their father from Srilanka. Led by the ruthless Ravana Pichai ( Bobby Simha) the eldest son they finally find out that Sammy has infant killed their father and has closed the case. They take over command of Tirunelveli and plan their revenge against Saamy. Cut to 28 years later the film moves forward to show young Raamasamy (Vikram) an aspiring young man who is studying civil service and want to become an IAS officer. How Raamasamy turns out to become a cop and how he cross s paths with Ravanna Pichai is the rest of the story.

I was eager and looking forward to this Sequel and still believed Director Hari would do justice ( even after seeing the Singam series). But only Vikram factor in the whole film was watchable. The story was predictable, loud and with an over dose of masala. Soori’s atrocities in the name of comedy was nauseous. Songs were dull and did not make any impact. Keerthi Suresh was ok but anyone could have played her character as it lacked strength. Bobby Simha too was ok as the character wasn’t exploited. the film lacked an equal character to that of the hero’s and that made the film weak. Though the first half was fast, it lacked pace in the second half. Saamy 2 gets only 3/10

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STAN & OLLIE Official Trailer (2018)

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U-Turn Movie review

Rachana (Samantha) is ambitious journalist is in look out of a good story which will bring her into limelight. She decides to write a story on flyover accidents due to people negligence and illegal u-turns made by them. As she collects formidable information on people she tries to interview them. But when she tries to meet these people, she finds out that these people have found dead under mysterious circumstances. At a certain point even she becomes a person under suspicion. Rachana’s tries to investigate these deaths with the help of Inspector Nayak ( Aadhi ) . How they solve these mysterious deaths is the rest of the story.

It’s a bold move by Samnatha as she too follows Nayanthara’s steps and started doing films with strong female lead and she does her part well. Though the movie could have added more masala to the suspense, it was very subtle in nature. Casting was good as everyone played their part and did justice. Samatha’s performance was just right with no exaggerated acting. U-turn might be close to the original but it could had more flavour to the genre which could have made the audience satisfying. I give the movie 5/10

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Seemaraja – Movie review

Seemaraja ( Sivakarthikeyan ) is the youngest heir of yesteryear royal family of Singampatti. Though the family lost its royal identity after the independence the villages around the it still give the family its royal status and the family too take care of the villages around it. Raja of Singampatti ( Napolean) often worries upon Seemaraja as he doesn’t take life seriously and loiters around the village aimlessly, with his useless friend Kannaku (Soori). Meanwhile Kaathadi Kannan (Lal) and his wife Kaleeshwari (Simran) run organised crime and force villagers to sale their farm land build windmill for an energy company. How Seemaraja become responsible after learning about his forefathers and saves the farmer’s land is the rest of the story.
This is then third time Sivakarthikeyan and director Ponram have come together. Though with a bigger Production value the film still has the same flavour as the last too films. Sivakarthikeyan still survives with the same comedy sense and along with Soori do give some laughable portions. Just a portion in the second half which goes in the past is watchable but rest is the nothing new. Imman too gives the same old tunes , maybe a little different in the BGM. Seemaraja is still watchable for a family audience , but has nothing new to deliver. I give Seemaraja 4/10

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NOTA OFFICIAL TRAILER – TAMIL | Vijay Deverakonda | Anand Shankar

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Imaikka Nodigal – Movie review

Psychotic serial killer Rudra (Anurag Kashyap) is prowling in the city of Bangalore and the cops are unable to catch him as he always a step ahead of them. Anjali (Nayanthara) the CBI case officer is tested to her limits as her team is unable stop the killings and the public are losing faith in them. Things get more hard for Anjali as brother Arjun (Atharva) gets tangled in this investigation and his blamed for the killings. How Anjali solves the case and saves Arjun is the rest of the story.

From the first scene to climax the film keeps the audience engaged with a tight knitted screenplay. Nayanthara and Anurag Kashyap elevate this thriller with their performance. Both command their screen space which makes the film lively. Atharva too adds flavour but his part slows down the film’s pace as well. Vijay Sethupathy’s 10mins cameo was a sweet surprise, it shows the caliber of a great actor. Songs just breeze thru and doesn’t register within the film, while BGM supports the genre well. The duration of the film is the biggest disadvantage, as the second half is slow and could have been more crisp. Film though predictable at times , the performance of the actors covers it up. I give it 6/10

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