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Flashback of Tamil movies of 2014 @ tharaiticketu

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Top 10 Tamil movies of 2014

Topp10Tamil 2014

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Flop 10 movies of 2014

Flop10Tamil 2014

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Kayal – Movie review

kayal 2


Kayal is the fourth film with the combination of Prabhu Solomon and Imman. This story starts with the introduction of two friends Aaorn (Chandran) and Socrates (Vincent) who live a carefree life, working hard for six months and travelling the rest in the year. Their motto is live life for the present and create memories for the future which lasts longer than what money can buy. Their travel takes them to kanyakumari where circumstances make them as culprits and they are locked up in the local zamindar’s house. There Aaron meets Kayal (Aanandhi), also a orphan who works in the zamindar’s house. its love at first sight and Aaron even expresses his love in front of everyone to Kayal . Found not guilty, they are set free. Meanwhile, Kayal starts developing feelings for Aaron and leaves for Kanyakumari in search of him. Will the lovers meet again is the rest of the Story.

Natural and spontaneous acting by the two newcomers Chandran and Aanandhi are biggest plus in the film. Rest of the cast has also done a decent job. Socrates played by Vincent who provides us with some lighter moments in the film is also a good find. Prabhu Solomon has brought us yet another beautiful love story with great visual and some performances. And the one of best VFX sequence for the climax, thank god they spent money for the VFX. Perhaps the only flaw is the duration of the film, and maybe the director’s idea of making this more of a musical. The music of Imman is not as memorable has his other films. And less romantic scenes between the two lead characters does not justify their immense love towards each other. I give the film 6/10







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Meagamann – Movie Review


Meagamann ‘s story unfolds in the backdrop of Goa, following a drug cartel run by Jothi Bhai (Ashutosh Rana) and his gang. Siva (Arya) a cop is working in the gang as an undercover agent to expose the gang. Jothi bhai maintains a low profile only a few close associates know him by face and his location. When Siva devises a plan to flush out Jothi Bhai in the open, the gang is warned about a traitor in the group. How Siva uses his wits to outsmart the gang and brings them to justice is the rest of the story.

Even though Meagamann has a list of interesting scenes, it still lacks a crisp screenplay to hold the audience in place. Arya is well suited for the character and does a decent job. The huge cast is also well chosen for the subject, but there are too many characters in play that suddenly disappear towards the end. Hansika has very limited screen time, her character could have easily avoided in the film. Editing could have been much better .Action sequences and Background score add shine to the boring and a lengthy movie. I give it 4/10


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Pisasu – Movie review


“Pisasu” is a horror-thriller produced thru Bstudios by filmmaker Bala and directed by Mysskin. This combination has made people curious and has created some expectation for its release. Pisasu starts with an opening shot of Bhavani ‘s (Prayaga martin) face that portrays joy and then pulls back showing her lying in a pool of blood . She gets hit by a car and passersby and Siddarth (Naga) take her to the hospital only to be announced dead. Just before she dies she holds siddarth’s hand and tries to say something. Witnessing someone die on his hands causes a deep trauma and he is able to concentrate on his job and life .The real problem begins for Siddarth when he realizes that she has turned a ghost and lives at his home. How he deals with this situation is the rest of the story.

Pisasu is a horror and a thriller with an unique touch from Mysskin . All Credits to Mysskin who has molded everything single actor and technician to bring us a decent film. Ravee roy’s cinematography has matched the director’s vision and best of all, the Sound by Arrol Corelli and its Design by Tapas was too good. Nice cameo role by the veteran actor Radha Ravi. Editing could have better and crisp which could help the film’s pace. There where places which would make you laugh, test our patience and some very predictable scenes. Over all Pisasu was a good narrative by Mysskin. I give it 5/10

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Lingaa – Movie review


The much awaited “Lingaa” released on Dec 12th which also is the 64th birthday of the super star Rajinikanth. The story has the superstar playing in dual roles and Sonakshi Sinha making her debut in Tamil movies.

The story starts in the present era  in the village Solaiyur, where Dam is being surveyed headed by the local MP played by Jagapathy babu.The same night the chief engineer is killed, but before his last breath tells the village headman to open the Shiva temple in order to save the dam and the village nearby. The village headman revels that the temple should be opened only by the heir of the Raja Lingeswaran who built the dam in the first place years ago. Lingaa (Rajinikanth) the heir Raja Lingeswaran is a petty thief with sidekicks Santhanam and karunakaran is brought to the village. Initially Lingaa’s motive is to steal the lingam from the temple which is made of a unique gemstone, but when he learns about his grandfather and his sacrifices toward the wellness of the village and the decides otherwise. How lingaa saves the dam and the village people forms the rest of the story.

There is no doubt that Superstar Rajinikanth steals the show and wins the hearts of his fans. Sonakshi is the best of the actresses her beauty and grace steals lot of hearts in the crowd. She could have also played a dual role and replace Anushka as well. Rathinavelu’s camerawork should be applauded , his picturization in the songs and the action sequences was a treat to watch. But on the weaker side the sound and music was very average by A.R.Rahman . The screen play is weak and the second half was very dragging.Editing could have been more crispier. And the over hyped climax sequence could have been avoided. I give it 5/10

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