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Oscars 2019 – Winners List

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Dev – Movie review

Dev Ramalingam (Karthi) and Meghna Padmavathy (Rakul Preet Singh) are exact opposites in life, Dev is a spontaneous person who doesn’t believe in a stereotype life, and takes life as an adventurous journey. While Meghna is a career oriented business women who has only one goal, that’s making money. What happens when these two fall in love? Initially both get attracted towards each other falling for their extreme personality, but as they progress in their relationship they are get divided. Will their love survive this divide ? that makes the rest of the story.

Karthi has worked hard for this movie and tried to carry this film entirely on his shoulder, but with a very weak story line and meaningless screenplay, Dev loses energy by the end of the film.  Rakul gave a decent performance but her voice over sync was terrible and was very evident onscreen. Music does support a bit, but with the same old templates from Harris’s library, it just fades away. RJ Vigneshkanth and Amrutha Srinivasan who come Karthi’s friends have done well but could have reduced Vigneshkanth’s onscreen time. VFX was atrocious and made no impact in the presented scenes. With a huge budget, a very good cast and a formidable technical team, Dev doesn’t impress on screen and with a screen time of 156 min it was a pain to the audiences . I give it 3/10

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Peranbu – Movie review

Director Ram known for his hard hitting raw story lines joins hands with Mega star Mammooty for one more intense story Peranbu. Amudhavan (Mammooty) works in Dubai as a driver,and his wife is left alone with thier spastic daughter Pappa. Not able to digest his negligence towards their daughter and not able to raise her up daughter alone. The wife elopes with someone and asks Amudhavan to look after her from now on. Not knowing how to raise a spastic child in the city, he takes Pappa to a remote village, where he tries to raise his daughter. What problems he faces and how he deals with it id the rest of the story.
Peranbu is not a film for all, as some scenes may be raw and very hard to digest. But Director Ram stays truthful to what wants to say and delivers it as straight as possible . the story is divided as chapters each titled as nature’s phase in Amudhavan’s life. Sadhana as Pappa deserves a standing ovvation playing the spastic and physically demanding character, which she preforms without a flaw. Megastar acts with ease in the character and graces the screen till the end. Unique characters played by Anjali and Anjali Ameer were played well.Cinematography and music supports and elevates the film at every stage. A film not to be missed. i give it 8/10

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Sarvam Thaala Mayam -Movie review

Rajiv menon returns as director with Sarvam thaala mayam, joining hands with A R Rahman with GV prakash in the lead role. Peter( GV Prakash) a son of a mridagam maker is a carefree youngster who doesn’t have any ambitions nor goal. His mother wants him to pass out and apply for a government Job, while his Dad wants him to join him in his work and carry on his tradition of instrument making. in a turn of events Peter delivers a mridangam at a concert to the great Vembu Iyer( Nedumudi Venu) a pioneer in classical art . Peter listens to the concert and is mesmerized by the music and the art which takes the audience to a different universe. he immediately decides to learn from the master and meets him. initially Vembu Iyer rejects him and explains that he cannot become his disciple as he lacks discipline and only a true brahmin can enter this domain. But seeing Peter’s determination and hard work he starts to train him. But tragedy strikes as Peter unknowingly performs in a tv talent show, were he is disgraced and also brings Vembu Iyer’s name to shame. this breaks the bond between the guru and the disciple and Peter goes into a shell of hopelessness. how he comes out of it and makes his guru proud is the rest of the story.
Sarvam thaala mayam is not just a story of an underdog, it also tells the how classical arts has become global ,evolving in the process and has broken barriers by the new generation. A better and a decent performance by GV Prakash, the hero of the movie for me is Nedumuni Venu and his character in the movie. He has given a exceptional performance , he was a delight to watch. Good music by A R Rahman supports the whole film, and Rajiv menon has come back with a nice story line, though predictable but well presented. i give the film 5/10

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