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Bharat Ane Nenu – Movie review

Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu) raised in London by his Uncle returns to his home town upon hearing his sudden demise of his father. Upon his arrival he is forced to take his father’s place who was the Chief Minister of the state. Not knowing what he is stepping into, Bharath takes up this as a challenge and to retain the legacy of his father. Rest of the story is how Bharath brings changes in society and what hurdles he faces on his way.

After his flop in Spyder Mahesh Babu returns with one of best performance till date in this film, this political drama directed by Kortala Siva makes sure of that. Though the movie starts slow it picks up speed towards the first half. Mahesh Babu clearly takes command with decent screenplay and great BGM by Devi sree Prasad elevates the film throughout. Prakash Raj does what he does best , Kiara Advani makes a good debut through this film. Stunts scenes where well choreographed, followed by typical songs sequences. The length of the film is the only flaw as it becomes slow and dull in the second half and produces a very predictable ending. I give it 6/10

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Velaikaaran – Movie review

Velaikaaran finds its foundation at Kolakaaran Kuppam where Arivu (Siva Karthikeyan) is keen to start a radio channel in the Kuppam to bring empowerment to the people living there. This becomes a Herculean task since this Kuppam and its people are in control of Kasi(Prakash Raj) who uses the Kuppam people as scapegoat for his illegal practices. When his attempts backfire, he decides get a job and mind his own way. He lands up as a sales executive in biggest company in the food industry , Saffron Pvt Ltd. There he meets Aadi(Fahadh Faasil) who teaches him the tricks of the trade. Slowly Arivu heirs people from the Kuppam into his company which brings him some peace. But his whole world changes when he finds out how his company is selling adulterated food and its own workers who are also the part of the consumers have no clue about. How Arivu brings these people to justice and enlightens the common consumer is the rest of the story.
Though the movie takes time to sink in with the actual plot, it keeps the audience engaged and turns the heat up in the second half and ends strong.This movie marks as an important film in Siva Karthikeyan’s career and he has given a decent performance , though he still has to do better in emotional scenes. Fahadh Faasil plays a key role in the film and he shares equal screen space as Siva Karthikeyan and dominates some scenes totally. Nayanthara has very little in the film , but does it neatly. Much was Expected from Mohan Raja after Thani Oruvan and he has proved once again that he can give pure and complete cinema keeping the common man in mind. Production value was top notch and art design by Muthuraj was great. Cinematography by Ramji flawless and precise from shot to shot.Kudos to the whole team. With logical discrepancies and wavy screen play, but presented well as a complete film. Velaikaaran gets 6/10

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Richie – Movie review

Richie starts with the stubborn journalist Megha (Shraddha Srinath) who wants to write about a murder which happened on the Christmas Eve in Thoothukudi. Though the law enforcement has closed the file , she thinks there is different story behind the whole incident which she wants to unfold. Thus the movie revolves around the characters in the movie who narrate the incident in their point of view to Megha .

The main movie takes a non commercial path but flows in a rather takes classical mode, which may takes time to sink for most of the audience. But the director takes the narrative thru different minds of the characters which has come out well. Nivin Pauly has done a good job and commands the screen through out. But the rest of the cast gives a very dull and an amateur performance , which is the main draw back of the film. Though the movie runs for 110 mins, the dragging second half makes it like 180 mins. Movie still gets 4/10

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Vanamagan – Movie review

Story revolves around Jara( Jayam Ravi) a tribal whose community is threatened by the modern world and people who want to take over their land. When Jara manages to escape he has a accident and lands in hands of Kaavya ( Sayyesha) a rich and spoils heiress who comes to same island to celebrate the new year. Kaavya brings Jara to the modern world, to which his raw innocence and animal like behaviour makes Kavvya’s world upside down. As she manages to bring Jara under control , she also believes that she has get Jara back to his community. How she does that and how Jara get his people out of trouble is the rest of the story.
This is also one of Jeyam Ravi’s experiment in which most of the screen time is given to the female lead and he barely has any dialogue in the film. New comer Sayyeshaa gives a decent performance and shows that she can handle enough screen time. Jayam Ravi makes most of the character but I say it’s a waste for his talent and his caliber. Vfx and music end up crude and useless in the end without any creativity. Though initially comically and engaging, it becomes boring with a dull screenplay after the first hour. Predictable and unimaginative story gives Vanamagan just 3/10

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Yakkai – Movie review

Movie starts with a murder of a Dr.Krishnamurthi ( Radha Ravi) founder of H+ hospital. His murdered body is found in a car which is pushed from the 14th floor of his hospital parking lot. This murder is investigated by Saghayam ( Prakashraj), who is specially appointed for this high profile case. Each clue or person connected to the murder ends up dead or missing. Though son of the murderd Sriram( Guru Somasundaram) knows who is murderer is , he has his own agenda behind this killing. In a parallel story Kathir ( Krishna) is a Viscom student who is in love with Kavitha ( Swathi). Though at first Kavitha neglects Kathir due to his childish nature, falls in love with himafter looking at his kindness. How these two stories are linked, is the rest of the story.
Though Yakkai starts well, an undercooked screenplay makes it a boring movie. Every actor tries to impress and ends up overacting, and with a slow paced storytelling , this just makes the audience irritate. Krishna can do better , but his selection of movies has to more precise and support his style. An average work in all the other departments , make this movie degrade further. Yakkai gets 3/10




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Kadavul irukan kumaru – Movie review


Kumar (G V Prakash) along with his friend Balaji ( R J Balaji) leaves to Pondicherry on the eve of wedding to have his bachelor’s party. His fiancée Priya ( Nikki Galrani) who is a control freak , allows this as a last party as Kumar convinces that he is having this party to forget his ex girlfriend Nancy (Anandhi) and to become clean after this. But tragedy strikes in Pondicherry and Kumar gets into trouble with the law. How he manages to get back to his wedding is the rest of the story.
With a very known and a predictable story , Kadavul irukan kumaru starts very dull ,but comedy track keeps you alive. G V Prakash manages to fits the character, though needs to work on his acting skills. Both Anandhi and Nikki Galrani have less screen time and very less to offer. Director’s decision for a different voice for Anandhi fails miserably. R J Balaji’s comedy track and Prakash Raj’s character helps the film move and forget the dull and disastrous screenplay. Overall KIK is a movie which can be skipped. I give it 3/10


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Thozha – Movie Review

A story of how a social misfit Seenu( Karthi), and a paraplegic millionaire Vikram ( Nagarjuna) mend their broken lives which were crippled by their past.Seenu who has been disowned by his family, is a petty criminal who has just come out of prison on parole. He is looking for a jobs which will show him as a social worker and get him a permanent release. Vikram a multi millionaire who has become a paralysed neck down after a paragliding accident, is looking for a caretaker. In world which sees him sympathetically , he chooses Seenu who looks at him beyond his handicap. How both their lives changes during this period, and how they help themselves is rest of the story.
Though a remake of the comedy drama “The Intouchables” , Thozha has its own flavour which makes it a feel good film for the whole family. Both Nagarjuna and Karthi carry the film in a smooth path. Karthi with his casual presence and improvement in comedy timing makes him a good choice for the role. Nagarjuna who has to use only his facial expressions for the role,shows his experience as a seasoned actor. Tamanna role was that of a glam doll and was kept to a minimum. Kudos for the team for binding the film with values rather than cheesy commercial elements.The strength of the film was also the weakness, as after a stage in the film you are left with same kind of melodramatic cloud which never comes down pouring.The audience wait for a change in the momentum , which never seen happens. Bgm plays a huge part , but the songs are dry and doesn’t work . Though the team manages to pull it off by decent but a predictable ending , duration of the film spoils the show. I give it 5/10

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