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Kadaikutty Singam – Movie review

Kadaikutty Singam

Film begins with an intro of Perunazhi Ranasingam ( Sathyaraj) the village bigwig who takes care of his village as his family and who is respected among other villages too. Though fortunate to have five daughters thru two wives Vanavan Maadevi (Viji Chandrashekar) and Panjavan Maadevi (Bhanupriya), he still wanted a son to take over his legacy. Finally at his age of 50 , his first wife delivers a baby boy Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi). Gunasingam raised by his sisters, is the binding force of the family. His family wants him to marry one of his grownup nieces Chellama (Priya Bhavani Shankar) or Andal (Arthana Binu). And the girls are also fond of their ‘murai maaman’ and dream of their marriage with him. When all is well, till Gunasingam falls in love with Kannukiniyaal (Sayyeshaa) and asks for approval from his sisters. Hell breaks loose between the family and Gunasingam is heartbroke as the family splits. How Gunasingam brings the family back together is the rest of the story.

Pandiaraj id known for clean story and neat presentation, this movie too has the same. From the beginning he concentrates on the importance of farming and the farmers. The cast though huge, doesn’t over power story. Karthi and Sathyaraj perform with ease and others compliment the story well. Sayyeshaa who doesn’t fit in the village girl role does a decent job. For once Soori gives us a simplified comedy track which gels with the genre.  With all the above said, the second half drags you with over melodramatic scenes and resemble TV serials. The preachy dialogues becomes very repetitive and bores the audience . the so called villain character goes baseless. The climax which grows with an big emotional sequence abruptly switches to a fight sequence and ends abruptly. But still Kadaikutty Singam is still watchable and satisfies its target audience. I give it 5/10

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Theeran Adhikaram Ondru – Movie Review

H.Vinoth who gave us the riveting con film Sathuranga Vettai is back with a inspiring cop thriller which is also based on true events. Theeran A newly appointed DSP (Karthi) is not only honest but intelligent cop who uses common sensibility to detect and solve crimes. He doesn’t stop any cost to apprehend the culprit, whoever it is. This nature transfers him all over the state, until he lands up in Thiruvalluvar district where he comes across a old case file on gruesome murders and dacoity. When the crime happens again Theeran starts to investigate and to his surprise these crimes have a history of more than 10 years. As he investigates the case takes him throughout the country which has baffled every state police. Theeran and his team work tirelessly on the case but practical challenges and outdated archive methods of the system backtrack them. Even their personal lives get affected and they are mocked by their own colleagues. But as the gang makes another assault in their neighborhood, tragedy strikes on Theeran and his team. How Theeran manages to pull himself up and closes the case is the rest of the story.

Since this film is based on true events, the director and his team has meticulously gathered information on the events and of its nature. The amount of research done shows in the story and screenplay which elevates the film and makes it a must watch. Karthi as Theeran has put immense effort and stepped up his acting and physically had to be fit as it involved raw action sequences as most of film was shot in very tough conditions. Rakul Preet singh gave a decent performance, but her portion was a bit over cooked. Violence plays an important role in the film and some scenes are not for the weak hearted. Songs are hardly noticeable, but BGM was good. Special mention for Cinematographer Satya as his work in the action and desert sequences where visualized to perfection. Stunt choreographer Dilip Subbarayan’s action sequences where performed as real and believable sequences.Though the films slows down in the second half, the director manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seat..Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is a must watch, I give it 7/10

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Kaatru Veliyidai – Movie review

Varun Aka VC ( Karthi) is an Indian air force pilot, a self-centered character who falls in love with Leela ( Adithi Rao) a doctor .  Leela knowing Varun’s Character is immensely attracted to him and eventually falls for him. Even as their love grows, there is always an indifference which breaks them time to time. Leela finally breaks up with when Varun he is called in for duty at war .When Varun falls behind enemy lines and captured, the only thing keeping him alive is his love. Does Varun get back to Leela or is it too late for them? Rest forms the story.

There is always a huge expectancy on all Mani Rathinam’s film and this time Kaatru veliyidai was over hyped.  But the movie fails as the content is not emotionally connected. Though it starts well, its forced with unnecessary scenes which blocks the flow . Karthi though has been made to look like an air force pilot, his face expressions in sensitive scenes makes the audiences groan. Adithi Rao gives a flawless performance. The film is partially saved only by the brilliance of Ravi Varman the cinematographer. His work has mesmerized the audience though the content was a letdown. A R Rahman shines in the songs, but is lost in the BGM. With only few good scenes to talk about Kaartu veliyidai disappoints fans. It gets 3/10

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Kashmora – movie review


In the beginning scenes of the film we see Kashmora (Karthi) is a black magic specialist , helps a family which is tormented by a spirit. He fights the spirit and saves the family. He issued as a saviour to the public and even Prayed as God my the people who come and visit him and his family in his Ashram. In reality he and his family are all frauds fooling people and running scams . Yamini (Sridivya) a college student who is fascinated by ghosts and after life tries to join Kashmora’s group. But she learns his true colours and waits for an opportunity to defame him. Meanwhile a politician reaches Kashmora to get rid of bad luck and to save him of imprisonment from an ongoing murder case. With luck and coincidence Kashmora saves the politician and becomes more popular. When all in favour of Kashmora he is approached by old man to help him wade of bad spirits from his house. Though reluctant at first Kashmora agrees to help him,little did he realises that fate has drawn Kashmora and his family to the spirits themselves . What happens next is the rest of the story.
What starts of like horror drama, coverts to a horror comedy and entertains the audience to the maximum. For Karthi comedy comes naturally and he performs with ease. Accompanied by Vivek and well sorted cast the first half just breezes through in a flash. Though Second half is slightly dragging with some serious storyline, it doesn’t loose its humour foundation and entertains the audiences. Karthi as the villainous Rajnayak in the second half is not completely convincing but carries through. Nayanthara is wasted in the second half, while Sridivya is barely visible in the film.CGI and VFX are decent, production design is good, but music and songs are big disaster and could have been better. But still Kashmora does entertains, so it gets 6/10


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Thozha – Movie Review

A story of how a social misfit Seenu( Karthi), and a paraplegic millionaire Vikram ( Nagarjuna) mend their broken lives which were crippled by their past.Seenu who has been disowned by his family, is a petty criminal who has just come out of prison on parole. He is looking for a jobs which will show him as a social worker and get him a permanent release. Vikram a multi millionaire who has become a paralysed neck down after a paragliding accident, is looking for a caretaker. In world which sees him sympathetically , he chooses Seenu who looks at him beyond his handicap. How both their lives changes during this period, and how they help themselves is rest of the story.
Though a remake of the comedy drama “The Intouchables” , Thozha has its own flavour which makes it a feel good film for the whole family. Both Nagarjuna and Karthi carry the film in a smooth path. Karthi with his casual presence and improvement in comedy timing makes him a good choice for the role. Nagarjuna who has to use only his facial expressions for the role,shows his experience as a seasoned actor. Tamanna role was that of a glam doll and was kept to a minimum. Kudos for the team for binding the film with values rather than cheesy commercial elements.The strength of the film was also the weakness, as after a stage in the film you are left with same kind of melodramatic cloud which never comes down pouring.The audience wait for a change in the momentum , which never seen happens. Bgm plays a huge part , but the songs are dry and doesn’t work . Though the team manages to pull it off by decent but a predictable ending , duration of the film spoils the show. I give it 5/10

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Komban – movie review



“Kutty pulli” fame Director Muthiah comes back with yet another violent village drama with Komban with Karthi as the lead character. The story centres on the rivalry among three villages, Vellanadu, Arasanadu and Semmanadu. Each wants to have its own man as the headman from their own community. Komban (Karthi) who hails from Arasanadu is a short tempered young man with a Nobel heart who will do anything for his village. To control his temper and make him into a responsible adult his mother (Kovan Sarala) and his cousin marry him to Pazhani (Lakshmi Menon)the daughter of righteous Muthaiah (Rajkiran). Though Muthaiah initially not to keen of this proposal because of Komban’s temper, he agrees after seeing Komban’s kind heart. Whether Komban becomes a changed man after marriage forms the rest of the story.
The only difference between Kutty pulli and Komban is this one shows a relationship which is seldom ventured, a close bond between son in law and the father in law. For Raj Kiran his character is a piece of cake , he does his part with ease and dominates and takes centre stage whenever he appears on screen. Lakshmi Menon gives a good performance as usual . The most commendable performance comes from Kovai Sarala who plays Komban’s mother , she was a good choice for the character. Super Subbarayan who plays the main villain also does a decent job. Karthi does his character well but nothing different to impress the audience. Repetitive violent sequences and predictable plots make this a dull movie. And the movie ends abruptly without a proper ending. With 80% violence and 20% sentiment this movie gets 4/10.


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Madras – Movie review


Story revolves around a wall of housing board building North Madras, which is used for publicity by political party. When the party becomes two, ownership of this wall creates a major feud between them which often ends spilling blood at both ends. The story is also about the deep friendship between Kaali (Karthi) and Anbu (Kalaiarasan) who live in the area. Anbu is the youth leader of one the parties and is often used as a pawn by the leader of the party. When Anbu is targeted by the opposition Kaali is also dawn into the world of politics, revenge and deceit.

Director Ranjit gives us an original theme which engages the audience to end; he has also chosen a near perfect cast which helps him to achieve this. Karthi has given a good performance and played the character well, Kalaiarasan who plays Anbu has given wonderful performance who even dominates the screen in the majority of the first half. The only miscast was Catherin Teresa who play lead actress. She doesn’t look good with Karthi and is often showed with an ugly makeup throughout the film. Placement of songs makes the movie dragging, especially in the second half. The end also is very abrupt which makes the movie incomplete. Art direction and Camerawork are aesthetically done and makes the audience feel the essence of North Madras. Madras is worth a watch. I give it 5/10

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