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White balance 101

White Balance

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Madras – Movie review


Story revolves around a wall of housing board building North Madras, which is used for publicity by political party. When the party becomes two, ownership of this wall creates a major feud between them which often ends spilling blood at both ends. The story is also about the deep friendship between Kaali (Karthi) and Anbu (Kalaiarasan) who live in the area. Anbu is the youth leader of one the parties and is often used as a pawn by the leader of the party. When Anbu is targeted by the opposition Kaali is also dawn into the world of politics, revenge and deceit.

Director Ranjit gives us an original theme which engages the audience to end; he has also chosen a near perfect cast which helps him to achieve this. Karthi has given a good performance and played the character well, Kalaiarasan who plays Anbu has given wonderful performance who even dominates the screen in the majority of the first half. The only miscast was Catherin Teresa who play lead actress. She doesn’t look good with Karthi and is often showed with an ugly makeup throughout the film. Placement of songs makes the movie dragging, especially in the second half. The end also is very abrupt which makes the movie incomplete. Art direction and Camerawork are aesthetically done and makes the audience feel the essence of North Madras. Madras is worth a watch. I give it 5/10

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Aranmanai – Movie review


The story revolves inside Aranmanai an ancestral house in a village. The family which has been separated over the years lands in the village to sell it to a local headman. There is the newlywed couple Murali (Vinay Rai) and Madhavi (Andrea Jeremiah), Maya (Raai Laxmi) and her father, Kovai Sarla, her husband Manobala and son Nithin Sathya. Santhanam a local crook joins as a cook looking for a proof which also makes him an heir to this property. Sundar C plays Ravi, Madhavi’s brother. From the day the family enters the house mystery glooms around and one by one the servants disappear. Each one of the family members senses a ghostly presence in the house. Madhavi is worried as she senses that there might be a danger to her husband. Ravi assures Madhavi that he will ensure Ravi safety and begins to investigate. What will he find out and how he solves this mystery forms the rest of the story.

After giving mediocre hits like Kalakalappu and Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru , Sundar C yet again disappoints his fans by giving a very predictable horror story. The narration is slow, horror sequences very repetitive and not scary, even the ghostly presence seems very artificial and painted. Comedy gives some relief but that to become ugly in some places. Vinay and Nitin Satya are a miscast in the whole ensemble. Andrea and Hansika are the two main actors and they have performed to their characters. The worst is the music and the songs which doesn’t stick to the film and drags the movie even more. Second half proves to be much slower than the first, the whole 161minutes seemed never-ending. I give the film 2/10 .


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Amara Kaaviyam – Movie review


The Story set in 1980’s opens with Jeeva (Satya) taken to court by the police. From there the story starts in the form of a flashback. Jeeva and Balaji are class XII students and very close friends. Balaji falls in love with Karthika(Miya George) who studies in the same school and a family friend . Balaji who is afraid to express his feeling to Karthika asks Jeeva to express his love to her on his behalf. But Karthika tells Jeeva that she loves him and not Balaji, thus starts their love story. When their family comes to know about their love, they are totally against it and a series of events makes both families against each other. The two decide to stop seeing each other until their exams, but Karthika’s father cleverly packs the family off to Coimbatore spreading false rumours that they have shifted to Chennai. Thus leaving Jeeva Grief-stricken . Will Jeeva meet Karthika again forms the rest of the story.

Amara Kaaviyam reminds me of the films of mid 80’s and is certainly not for the fast paced teens of this generation. The movie is extremely slow and very predictable. Satya acting is not expressive and always has a dumb look throughout the film. Miya George gives a good performance, and we can see more of her in the near future. Gibran’s music was the pick of the whole lot. Without his music the movie would have been lifeless. The movie has nothing new to the audience thus ends up boring. it give it 3/10



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Salim – Movie review


Salim Movie review

Salim (Vijay Antony) is a model doctor and person who follow ethics in life. He is always taken advantage and even mocked by his fellow doctors. He becomes engaged to Nisha (Aksha Pardasany) who accepts him for who he is in the begging but gets frustrated of his service-mindedness and calm behavior. This leads to the breakup of their marriage. And on the same day he is also dismissed from his job for not co-operating with the hospital management. This takes a toll on his emotions and he decides to go against his nature. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The story salim was well crafted for Vijay Antony, he has done well to portray both natures. His spontaneous reactions in certain scenes worked well to the story. Even though the first half spends time to build the lead actor, the screen play fails to carry the story in the second half. It becomes too predictable and boring towards the end. Vijay antony needs to works on his face reactions and acting skills if he has to plays different roles in his career, or just play the same kind of roles again and again. Other than the two lead actors rest of the cast look like a bunch amateurs on screen. Background music helps a bit but the songs doesn’t sync with the movie. I give the movie 3/10


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