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Vadacurry movie trailer

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Nedunchalai – Movie review


The story set in the 1980’s follow a group of highway thieves led by Tharpai Murugan (Aari) create terror
among the highway transport. Soon a new cop Masanam (Prasanth Narayanan) enters their district who
is not only crooked but also sick psycho who doesn’t stop the gang but joins them and helps them more.
both their ego clashes when they both set their eyes on Manga (Shivada nair )who owns a highway dhabba .
what starts as a rift between between Murugan and Manga blossoms into love , which makes the Masanam
angry.He warns Murugan but he refuses to leave , so Masanam tries to eliminate Murugan. Whether
Murugan and Manga survive Masanam’s rage forms the rest of the story .Aari has done a decent job but needs treatment in his acting skills, Shivada nair has done a good job and should be appreciated for her performance.With just the Highway as the stage to this movie , the director has wound up a modest film. He even manages to create realistic characters with a decent cast.But the film lacks screenplay and breaks without a steady path through out. The director should have given the same level of treatment to the story as he had given to build each character in the film.The film is just filled with random scenes without any continuity and ends leaving the audience disappointing . I give the film 3/10


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Cuckoo – Movie review


Thamizh (Dinesh) a train hawker and Suthanthira Kodi (Mallavika) a college student being trained for a teacher have two things in common; both are blind and both are self-motivated humans who do not want to be a burden to others. Even though their first meeting causes a rift between them, they soon become friends and finally fall in love. They decide to get married but Suthanthira Kodi’s brother wants her marry his friend who has lent him money .Will they marry live peacefully forms the rest of the story.

The best part of the movie is even though its differently abled people, the story never let us sympathizes for them, and gives us a beautiful story of love and hope. Dinesh deserves applause for this film; Mallavika has also acted very well. Director Raju Murugan has given us a beauty out of the box .Showing us differently abled people need our help more than sympathy. He has narrated the story very well with hard realism and humour in the right moments of the film .The rest of cast were also brilliantly chosen and executed well. Santhosh Narayanan‘s songs were perfectly matched to the lyrics and the music took us through all emotions of the story, the only drawback for me was the duration in the second half which could have been less. But kudos to whole team for giving such a good film, the best so far this year. I give it 8/10


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Superman with Go pro – the best video so far with Go pro

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Amma & Appa Trailer

Amma & Appa

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Nimirnthu Nil – movie review

nimirnthunil_sandhira_13940086768880Aravind Sivaswamy (Jayam Ravi) a young man who has comes from a Gurukul education, he regards honesty and self-discipline are the key elements in human life. But soon he finds out that these are not applicable in real life. He finds out that real life is full of corruption, lies and deceit. When he refuses to pay a corrupt traffic police he is caught in a string of events which costs him his vehicle, his job and most of all his dignity. He then reports this to higher authorities, which makes the corrupt officials furious and take a violent step. Hospitalized and beaten up nearly to death Aravind plans to take the corrupt to justice. How he does this forms the rest of the story.

After a brief delay in releasing of the film, Nimirnthu Nil was released in theatre on Saturday evening. Samuthirakani known for his movies Naadodigal and Poraali brings Nimirnthu Nil which has corruption as the main ingredient. The movie shows a lot of real life scenarios where common man gets affected by corruption and how it has become a part of our life. After seeing Jeyam ravi in only remakes of his brother, he looks different in this character and as given a good performance. Soori who plays Jeyam ravi’s friend has been given a lot of scope and he too delivers. Amala paul plays her part but nothing new to boast about. Even with a good plot the movie strays in the second half of the film. Random songs and unwanted scenes delay the predictable ending. G V Prakash’s background score is good but music fails in the song sequences. Sarath kumar was not needed in the film; it was as though he was brought in to do an item number but in a stunt sequence. With elections around the corner Nimirnthu Nil Stands tall in the theatres with its powerful message.I give it 5/10

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