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Kaapan – Movie review

The film starts with Kathir( Surya) planting bombs on a running oil tanker train, and cuts into a flash backs which starts 6 months back. We see Kathir as a farmer creating a green revolution using only natural resources for framing. But we also see him planning a strike in nearby military base filled with chemical weapons. Parallel to this we see an assassination threat against the Prime Minister Chandrakant Varma (Mohanlal) being contained by the secret service. We then come to know that Kathir is a secret agent working closely under the government. The Prime minister appoints Kathir as his personal body guard as the threats have been consistent. But Tragedy strikes when the Prime minister visits Kashmir and dies in a bomb blast. Worst even Kathir becomes one of the suspect. How Kathir eliminates the terrorists group behind this is the rest of the story.

Director KV Anand keeps us quiet engaged with lot of things in the first half, though this creates various paths in the story this also creates frustration as it leads to no where. Forced songs sequences irritates and music doesn’t merge with the film at all. Surya though has performed to his best to the character, but is finally left behind as the story and screenplay fails miserably in the second half. Though some key scenes bring out some interest to audience, the film collapses with too many things to follow and becomes a big mess in the climax. Sayyeshaa just manages through in the film, and one wonders why Arya was casted in the film at all. Kaapan is over cooked with lot of things and ends undigested .          I give it 4/10

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Vada Chennai – Movie review

Vada chennai begins in 1987 with an aftermath of a gruesome murder, where the killers Guna( Samuthirakani), Senthil( Kishore) , Velu (Pavan) and Pazhani(Deena) are planning how to take over the business now as they have killed their leader. Very soon they break their bond and they become as rival gangs waiting to get to each other throats when they have a chance . Cut to the year 2000 we are introduced to Anbu (Danush) a young carrom champ who lands up in prison over a minor scuffle with one of Guna’s men. As the prison is divide between Guna and Senthil’s gang, Anbu must win over Senthil’s goodwill to save himself. How Anbu’s life goes through ups and downs and how he finally understands what really is his destiny, is the rest of the story.
The narrative of Vetri Maaran goes back and forth between years adding details to each character and their motives and who they in the epic drama which is said to be written as 2parts. Vetri Maaran as a crafted story teller brings the audience under a spell with well written and executed film. It’s not just Dhanush who excels in his character, almost every actor gets in to the character and performs well . Every technical department from production design to cinematography do their part and bring this drama to success. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is top notch.The only flaw is that is at some point not all the audience can keep track of the back and forth switching between years of the story, it takes time sync in. Violence and unmuted foul language makes it unwatchable to the family audiences. Vada Chennai gets 7/10

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Goli soda 2 -Movie review

Goli soda 2 starts similar to previous venture. Siva ( Vinod ) a hard working auto driver, Maaran (Bharath seeni) a loyal driver for a local don and finally Oli( Esaki Bharath) an orphan who wants escalate himself in life. When all three of them have a chance to bring an identity to themselves , they are crushed to the floor in various circumstances . How they fight to regain their identity is the rest of the story.
Though the director Vijay Milton takes his own time the form the story line and foundation for the three main characters, the movie picks up pace towards the end of then first half, but looses its form in the second half and finishes in a hurry . All three main actors have performed well and they are matched perfectly charming counter parts and supported well with Samuthirai Kani’s character . Music was a disaster , only the one song stood out , but that too was visually weak. Golisoda 2 though predictable had its moments but failed to creates its identity. I give it 5/10

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Kaala – Movie review


From the first frame to the end Kaala show the importance of land, and how the power hungry are greedy and try to dominate by controlling it. Films starts at Dharavi in Mumbai where politicians try to seize land in the name of a pure drive. While the migrants from all around the state had settled there and built the place. Karikaalan alias Kaala (Rajini kanth) from Tirunelveli, who with his father has built Dharavi, fights for keeping the land safe from a mighty king maker and politician Hari Dada (Nana Patekar). For Kaala its his right to defend his land and for Hari Dada it prestige issue to acquire it.  Who wins this battle is the rest of the story.

Its purely PA Ranjith’s film though Rajini dominates the screen from word go. The director keeps it casual and balances the power in the role of Kaala. For me this is the best performance of Rajini in the last two decades. Rest of cast was at its best, mainly the female actors were at there best, especially Easwari rao was fabulous as kaala’s wife and play a very important role. For Nan Patekar this is just a walk in the park, though his presence is seen only the second half, he does best. The BGM and songs were als at its best by Santosh Narayanan. Visuals where also done well. Though story was very predictable screeplay and presentation made it a good package. Running time was the only flaw as the second half was slow and hurried towards the end. Kaala a pure PA Ranjith’s film. I give it 7/10

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Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 – Movie review

After the success of Velai Illa Pattadhari (VIP) follows VIP 2 directed by  Soundarya Rajnikanth and story by Dhanush . In the story we follow Raghuvaran (Dhanush) our hero , is now married to Shalini ( Amala Paul) and getting used to married life. We are also introduced to another character Vasundara played by Kajol who is returning to tamil cinema after two decades. Vasundara who runs the top architectural firm in South India, wants Raghuvaran in her firm after he wins the prestigious Engineer of the year award. But Raghuvaran’s who wants to start his own firm says no to the offer. This triggers a chain of reactions and adds fuel to the ego war between Vasundara and Raghuvaran. How Raghuvaran manages to tackle Vasundara’s rage is the rest of the story.

Though the films starts with a fresh face of Kajol , the movie doesn’t offer anything new. We find traces of Padaiyappa in Dhanush and Kajol encounters. The first half is faster than the second half which drags to a clumsy finish. Though Kajol dominates the screen along with Dhanush , weak storyline and lifeless screenplay makes the second half unbearable. Addition of characters from the previous part makes the first half enjoyable but the same flow is not maintained in the second half. Dialogues written by Dhanush manages to create his fans roar in the theatres but nothing stays in the mind after you come out of the theaters. Music was a big letdown from Anirudh  as well. Overall the movie gets 4/10

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Thondan – Movie review

Vishnu ( Samuthirakani) is a emergency Ambulance driver, who looks this as a public service more than a job. He his so committed that once patient is in his vehicle he makes it a point to get to the hospital on time. He even manages to turn his drunkard friend Vignesh into medical attendant and finds him a job. When he saves a man who left bleeding behind in a political murder, he earns the enemity of the local politician son Narayanan(Namo Narayanan). Things get more complicated when the politician brother ends up dead in his emergency vehicle when he is taken to the hospital for medical help. The politician owes to take revenge on Vishnu and his family . How Vishnu diverts the politician and manages to save is family is the rest of the story.
Though it was clear that this was going to be a film with Samuthirakani preaching non stop in the film, we thought there would be story to support it. But film lacks a decent screen play and wanders up and down loses it way. Samuthirakani even tries his hands in some romance , but fails miserably . Vikranth gives a decent performance, and so does Arthana who comes as Samuthirakani’s sister. First half is slow and picks up speed before the break. Second half is cluttered but ends decent . More messages but less story gives the film 4/10.

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Vetrivel – Movie Review


Vetrivel which is directed by Vasanthamani opens in a rural backdrop, where caste system overtakes human values and life itself. Saravanan (Ananth Nag) and Subha (Varsha) are lovers studying in the same college. Subha is worried as her father Rajamanikam (Prabhu) intend to get her married soon after their studies and that too to a person of the same caste. Saravanan approaches Vetrivel (Sasikumar) his elder brother for help. Vetrivel tries to reason with the parents on both sides to make this work but his attempt ends in vain. Finally they try to kidnap Subha in a temple festival which ends wrong and Vetrivel’s world is turned upside down. How Vetrivel manages to overcome this situation and brings the lovers together is the rest of the story.

Vetrivel main strength is the ensemble of cast backed with a good performance. Sasi kumar offers nothing new and keeps his role in perfect degree, but he could have avoided those dance steps and the intro song. Viji Chandrasekar and Ilavarasu dominate in their roles and outperform everyone. New faces Varsha and Nikkila give a decent performance and Mia George and Prabhu’s role has been underplayed. Comedy track Thambi ramaiya too doesn’t gel in the movie and slows down the pace. In fact the duration and editing are the main flaws in the film. The director too tries to merge all emotions in the second half which leave the film half cooked. Imman impresses which just one song and the rest is worthless. The story too is very predictable and the pace of the film makes it worse. Vetri vel is a old wine bottle, wiped and kept backed in the display. I give it 3/10


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