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How VFX are done

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Anjaan – movie review


“Anjaan”, which released on Friday, has opened in a record number of 1,400 cinemas worldwide, making it the biggest release for the actor in his career. Story begins as Krishna (Suriya) comes to Mumbai in search of his brother Raju Bhai (Suriya) a gangster and a right hand to his close friend Chandru (Vidyut) a don in the Andheri area . Upon searching and meeting his brother’s associates we are brought to a flashback sequence where he comes to know about his brother’s life as a gangster, as a lover, as a friend and also as an enemy to the notorious Don Imran (Manoj Bajpayee). How Krishna finds his brother is answered with some twists and turns in the rest of the film.

The story is simple with revenge as the main plot in the film. That’s it there is nothing else in the film. Surya has done well to his character, and Samatha has shown glamor and acted to her part as well. The rest of the cast and storyline seems to be mix and match of all previous Linguswamy’s films. Stereo typed villains and bland screenplay make the film boring and predictable. Song placements made the film even slower. Manoj Bajpayee looked funny rather than notorious in the film. Cinematography by Santosh Sivan was the only saving grace in the film which was handled maturely and made it worth seeing in theaters. I give the film 3/10



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NIkon , Canon – Shooting Modes


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Jigarthanda – Movie review


Karthik(Siddarth) a short film maker, who gets a chance to directed a film on one condition , that he makes a violent gangster movie. For the story to be original, karthik decides to write a story based on real life gangster and narrows it down to Sethu (Bobby simhaa) a ruthless killer in Madurai. Karthik comes to Madurai and with the help of his friend Oorini(Karunakaran) follows Sethu and his gang. When Sethu finds out that police are gathering info on him and there is a plan to encounter him, he becomes cautious. And when Karthik and Oorni are caught following him on one of his acts he becomes furious. What happens to karthik and how he manages get himself out is the rest of the film.

Was very eager to see this film, just for the director Karthik Subbaraj who gave us one of the best films of last year the “Pizzza”. The screen and the story is fully dominated by Simhaa who gives a wonderful performance. Cinematographer Gavemic U Ary supported the whole film his compositions help in the narration of the film. Dialogues are written well .Music by Santhosh Narayan was apt to the scenes. Though the first half is interesting the second half with the so called twists and turns makes it unwatchable. Second half editing goes disarray with subplots within plots and lack of screenplay. The length seems to be the downfall of the film. There was a mixed reaction in the audience but for me the film doesn’t click. I give the film 4/10


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