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The Lion king trailer

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Sagga official movie trailer

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Sarkar – Movie review

The news of Sundar (Vijay) a CEO of world’s leading company coming to India send shivers to all Indian corporates. Known for his ruthless takeovers around the globe, every company in India is keen on his agenda. But Sundar has come to cast his vote in the elections as it’s his fundamental right. When he comes to know that his vote has been casted by a different person, he legally challenges it and brings light on a 49(p) a section where a person can recast his vote. The corrupt government too doesn’t take this seriously as one vote is not going to change the result which they have orchestrated. Thus starts the cat and mouse game between the corporate monster and the corrupt politicians. Who will win is the rest of the story.

Sarkar was made just for Vijay, as every scene is dominated by him and we cannot take the eyes of him in whole movie. Vijay’s every dialogue and scene was well executed by Murugadoss and team. The action sequences were well done and well supported by the camera team. Movie carefully brings in the instances which happened in the past and present government and punches the needle carefully in the audience’s minds. Other cast members do their job, but Radha Ravi stands out separately. Keethi suresh doesn’t have much in the film, just tags along. ARR’s bgm blasts thru and songs were well executed visually also. A strong performance by Vijay balanced well with a good story & screenplay gives Sarkar 7/10

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