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Sagga official movie trailer

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Vada Chennai – Movie review

Vada chennai begins in 1987 with an aftermath of a gruesome murder, where the killers Guna( Samuthirakani), Senthil( Kishore) , Velu (Pavan) and Pazhani(Deena) are planning how to take over the business now as they have killed their leader. Very soon they break their bond and they become as rival gangs waiting to get to each other throats when they have a chance . Cut to the year 2000 we are introduced to Anbu (Danush) a young carrom champ who lands up in prison over a minor scuffle with one of Guna’s men. As the prison is divide between Guna and Senthil’s gang, Anbu must win over Senthil’s goodwill to save himself. How Anbu’s life goes through ups and downs and how he finally understands what really is his destiny, is the rest of the story.
The narrative of Vetri Maaran goes back and forth between years adding details to each character and their motives and who they in the epic drama which is said to be written as 2parts. Vetri Maaran as a crafted story teller brings the audience under a spell with well written and executed film. It’s not just Dhanush who excels in his character, almost every actor gets in to the character and performs well . Every technical department from production design to cinematography do their part and bring this drama to success. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is top notch.The only flaw is that is at some point not all the audience can keep track of the back and forth switching between years of the story, it takes time sync in. Violence and unmuted foul language makes it unwatchable to the family audiences. Vada Chennai gets 7/10

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Karuppan -Movie review

Maayi (Pasupathy) is a local headman and respectable person in his community, he is proud of his bull which has never been tamed in the annual Jallikattu . On one such occasion,and In the heat of the moment he agrees to give his sister Anbu( Tanya Ravichandran) in marriage to Karuppan (Vijay Sethupathy) if he tames his bull. As expected Karuppan tames the bull. Though reluctant at first Anbu agrees to the marriage much to the disappointment of Kathir (Bobby Simha) Maayi’s brother in law who had his eye on Anbu since childhood. Disoriented Kathir starts to create problems in their married life , will their marriage survive from Kathir ‘s treacherous acts ?this forms the rest of the story.
With Jallikattu as backdrop and with a graceful performance by Vijay Sethupathy Karuppan is a certain hit in B and C centres. Vijay Sethupathy clearly dominates the screen and rest of the cast gives him good support. Tanya Ravichandran gives a good performance , could have concentrated more on her lip sync though. Bobby Simha and Pasupathy too give a commendable performance. Having such good performances the story has nothing new to offer and lands up very predictable without any twists. Karuppan gets 5/10

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Pulimurugan – Movie review


Hailed as the saviour of villagers of Puliyur ,Pulimurugan ( Mohan Lal) is the king of the forest who saves them from the man- eating tigers which stray into the village. After a brief flashback of how he becomes a hunter we are taken into life of Pulimurugan and his family. Though Pulimurugan is a fearless hunter, he is also a loveable husband and a caring father. Life in the forest is peaceful until Pulimurugan gets into trouble with the law when he helps his brother’s friends . He is forced to leave his village and take sanctuary under a businessman / kingpin named Daddy Girija( Jagaapathi Babu ). What becomes of Pulimurugan after this is the rest of the story.

Though Pulimurugan is predictable almost all the way, it’s the screen presence and the magic of the complete actor Mohanlal which keeps you engaged. Rest of the cast just tags along and fill the rest of screen . Other than Mohanlal, Lal who comes as his uncle gives a good performance. Kamalini Mukharjee as Pulimurugan’s wife is quite decent in her role. Vfx and camera work have worked in tandem to produce some good visuals, though some shots could have been better. Key technical area is the stunts by Peter hein which stands out, he created specific stunts for the veteran actor, which looked believable onscreen. The major drawback is the editing and a very slow storytelling. With lot a unwanted scenes and stray characters it becomes never ending story. Pulimurugan is still watchable just for the complete actor. I give it 5/10

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Rekka – Movie review


Siva ( Vijay Sethupathy ) is a do-gooder who helps lovers who face opposition from their families for marriage. On one such incident he crosses path with the local gangster David( Satish) and becomes his enemy. When Siva’s sister is about to get married, David uses this opportunity to distrupt the wedding and blackmails Siva into kidnapping his archenemy’s fiancée . Siva too agrees to the task since his sister’s future depends on it. Whether he completes the task and saves his sisters’ wedding is the rest of the story.

Branded as a commercial and an action flick, Rekka becomes the sixth film of Vijay Sethupathy to be released this year. Though the film balances the commercial elements and actions sequences , it’s fails miserably to form a straight story line and deviates . With an unnecessary subplot which takes us away from the main story and ends leaving the audience unsatisfied. For Vijay Sethupathy this is a walk in the park, he manages to sparkle occasionally but the weak storyline leaves him behind. KS Ravikumar manages to shine In between , other cast members were just fine. Worst comes from Lakshmi Menon who manages to make a fool of herself on screen by exaggerating her role by overacting. Songs are big minus and just drags the running time. Over all Rekka ends up raw and can’t be digested easily. I give it 3/10



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Kabali – Movie review

The stage is set in Malaysia, where Kabali (Rajinikanth) a don is getting released from prison after 25 years. He was captured by the police midst a gang war with his rival Tony Lee (Winston Chao). Losing his pregnant wife in that incident he is also stamped with a strong case and locked up. Meanwhile Tony lee and his gang take control. Back on his turf Kabali gets back to business and tries to revive his people the Tamils in Malaysia whom he once represented and brought an identity to. He is also tormented by his ghosts of his past and tries to find out what happened to his wife . How Kabali finds his inner peace and also bring his people from the clutches of Tony lee is the rest of the movie.

Rajini is back , just to see him on screen itself is a festival to his fans worldwide. Though his action and his punch lines are limited, his screen presence dominates to the core. His portrayal of a husband and a father in the film was more captivating than his character as a don. But that angle was very limited in the story. Radhika Apte role was very less but just one scene in the second half shows her ability as an capable actress. Danishka was chosen right for her role and she does a decent job. Thus saying Ranjith’s strength with characters in support role was missing and you hardly connect to the supporting cast with the film. The first half just roams like a zombie after 15 mins and the pace picks up just at the end of the film. Though Rajini’s scenes keeps you alive , it just isn’t enough. Santhosh Narayanan’s bgm was ok but his songs just doesn’t stick. Though heavily hyped this film is just an average outing and gets only 5/10

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Visaranai – Movie Review


Four friends who have run away from their homes in Tamil Nadu land up in Guntur district of Andra Pradesh.  Doing odd jobs and sleeping in the public park at nights they barely make ends meet. One morning everything changes when they all are picked up by the local police and marked as accused for a crime which involve a huge amount of money. Tortured and brutally beaten they are forced to take the blame for the crime so the local police can close the case. With no one to support the four friends have only their courage to overcome the situation.

Based on the real-life story of Chandra Kumar who is now an auto rickshaw driver in Coimbatore Visaranai was brought to life. Even though the film shows torture and police brutality, it also shows if you are expendable in the system it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. With zero commercial elements a strong screenplay dominates the movie. The whole team has worked to perfection that you hardly see a flaw. Dinesh shows that he can deliver as an actor if he is directed well. Samuthirakani, Kishore and Aadukalam Murugadoss perform naturally in their characters. Portrayal of each and every character in the film is unique and executed well. G.V Prakash’s background score supports the whole film and wraps it well. Art direction gets a special mention, though cinematography could have been better. The only drawback from the film is that it can make the common man even more distant from the law enforcement. I give it 8/10


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