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Kolamavu Kokila – Movie review

Kokila(Nayanthara) is the eldest daughter of her lower middle class family, which comprises of her helpless father ( RJ Sivaji) , her mother (Saranya Ponvannan) and young sister shobi (Jacqueline). Kokila who is trying to survive in the male dominated society is juggling jobs without compromising her dignity. But tragedy strikes when her mother is diagnosed with lung cancer and she has to find a way to churn out 15 Lakhs for her treatment. That’s when she comes across a drug peddling gang who is in need of unsuspicious face to dodge the law enforcement. Kokila manages to transport drugs without any problems and becomes a main asset to the gang. But things become dark as she comes to know that the gang will not let her leave and she has to do this life long. That’s when she begins to devise a escape plan . How Kokila manages to do this and save her family is the rest of the story.

Very few films with the dark comedy genre appeals to the audience, but director nelson has achieved this along with a female lead. It’s only fair to say that this film delivered only because of Nayanthara, has she dominates the whole film with her transformation from a soft spoken girl to cunning mastermind . The director supports the main female lead with a balanced support cast who have equal opportunity to perform. Anirudh’s BGM supports the film thru out , though only the hit song is worth listening too. The first half takes times to settle, but in the second Saranya Ponvannan and Yogi Babu keep you engaged. Some characters may test your patience but all to get her the film keeps you entertaining and make your money worth for the film. I give the 7/10

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Vishwaroopam 2 – Movie review

Sequel to the espionage thriller released this week without any drama like its predecessor in 2013. The film starts as Wisam (Kamal Hasan) his wife Nirupama ( Pooja Kumar)and his compatriots land in Britain to deliver their dead friend’s body, and to debrief the superiors. The movie’s goes back and forth in time explaining how Wisam and Ashmitha(Andrea) were sent undercover . Back In Britain they go thru a series of attacks on them, they even manage to thwart a major nuclear incident and find out Omar’s(Rahul Bose) is heading to India. Does Wisam finally capture Omar is the rest of the story.

There is no doubt Kamal Hasan’s espionage thriller is single handedly carried till the end by none other than Ullaga Nayakan Kamal Hasan. At his age he has managed to pull of stunt scenes which dominates the film. Story continues to fill gaps which were left unanswered , but u can still find some chapters missing. Andrea has some allocated screen time specially for her and she does it effortlessly. Pooja Kumar still is a odd character in the film, which leaves the audience irritating in one corner. Story though is simple is clumsily put together and rushed towards the end. If u liked the first part you might get disappointed. I give Vishwaroopam 2 – 5/10 .

PS: do not worry if you are 5 mins late in getting into the theatre,  the first five minutes is an political promo of Kamal Hasan which is an unnecessary inclusion.

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VENOM – Official Trailer 2

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