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Nimir – Movie review

Selvam (Udhayanidhi Stalin) who runs a photo studio in a small town runs a simple life without any ambitions or concern.His only wish is to marry his childhood sweet heart Valli (Parvatii Nair) who is working in the City. His normal life is turned upside down when he is pulled between a street where he gets humiliated. He decides to take revenge and also vows to be barefoot until he lays hand on the concerned party.He is tested further when his lover too abandons him and marries a wealthy prospect. How Selvam gets back to his feet and regains his humility is the rest of the story.

Remade from Maheshinte Prathikaaram by Dileesh Pothan , Nimir partially fulfils the original. The film which needed soulful performance, fails in the hands of Udhayanidhi who tries his level best. The film which could have exploited the father-son relationship or a failed lover’s story, dies midway. The only best performance comes from Selvam’s father played by the veteran director Mahendran. Other characters fail to stay in your mind. But Nimir also keeps your mind placid as it takes you into a life of simplicity away from extravagant sets, item numbers and unwanted punch lines and shows lush country side which visually enslave us. Nimir gets 5/10

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Sketch – movie review

Jiva alias Sketch (Vikram) is a right hand man of a vehicle financier, anyone who defaults the loan comes into the radar of Sketch and he seizes the vehicle within minutes. He is supported by his Uncle and his friends who help him out. With growing fame and power Sketch also becomes the target of other gangs who are waiting for chance to get rid of him. When he challenged to seize a car of a well-known Kingpin who is long due of his Loan, he agrees to do it and also seizes the vehicle. This becomes the turning point in his life as the kingpin targets sketch and his friends and decides to kill them. How this ends for sketch is the rest of the story.

In the genre of Gemini and Rajapattai , Vikram once again steps into a thug role in Sketch. The first half goes in a steady pace, but loses track in-between and goes of course in romance and unwanted songs. Though it picks up in the second half, the audience lose their patience by that time.Tammanaa doesn’t have much of role in the movie, the character could have been avoided. Vikram has done well but the story loops forever, with unnecessary lags which irritates the audience. Interval block and climax scenes are highlights of the film, but the rest could have been done better. Sketch gets 4/10

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Thana serndha koottam – Movie review

Film starts with ambitious young men Iniyan ( Surya) and his friend , who try hard to serve as law enforcement officers. Though both are qualified the corrupt system breaks their dreams. When the latter takes a drastic decision , Iniyan decides to take revenge on the corrupt and the system. He forms a team of individuals and target the corrupt posing as CBI officers. As their heists become bigger, a special task force his formed lead by Kurinjivendhan (Karthick) who is known for his clean record. How Iniyan and his team execute one last heist under pressure , is the rest of the story.
Based on the plot of Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26, director Vignesh shiv gives a different presentation with Suriya  in the lead. The main difference in the Tamil version centres the whole film on Surya , whereas the original was well balanced with a beautiful ensemble of a cast. Surya dominates the screen and Vignesh shiv has broken the chains of the “Singam” Surya and given the fans a much more bubbly and charismatic Hero. Songs play an integral part in the film and navigates the flow pleasantly. Saying that , as the first half breezes through, the second half is loosely fitted and ends hurriedly . Rest of the cast manages through , but have no screen time to elaborate. Keerthi Suresh comes briefly but manages to shine in those moments. Those who have see the original they can’t stand this version, for others it may entertain.
I give the film 5/10

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