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Saamy 2 – Movie review

Saamy 2 or Saamy Square The sequel of the hit film Saamy that put director Hari into the limelight released this week with not much interest from the fans as the teaser and the trailer was not up to their expectations. The story starts with the flashback of the previous film and shows Aarusaamy (Vikram)now married to his lover is living a peaceful life. Mean while in Tirunelveli Perumal Pichai’s three sons come looking for their father from Srilanka. Led by the ruthless Ravana Pichai ( Bobby Simha) the eldest son they finally find out that Sammy has infant killed their father and has closed the case. They take over command of Tirunelveli and plan their revenge against Saamy. Cut to 28 years later the film moves forward to show young Raamasamy (Vikram) an aspiring young man who is studying civil service and want to become an IAS officer. How Raamasamy turns out to become a cop and how he cross s paths with Ravanna Pichai is the rest of the story.

I was eager and looking forward to this Sequel and still believed Director Hari would do justice ( even after seeing the Singam series). But only Vikram factor in the whole film was watchable. The story was predictable, loud and with an over dose of masala. Soori’s atrocities in the name of comedy was nauseous. Songs were dull and did not make any impact. Keerthi Suresh was ok but anyone could have played her character as it lacked strength. Bobby Simha too was ok as the character wasn’t exploited. the film lacked an equal character to that of the hero’s and that made the film weak. Though the first half was fast, it lacked pace in the second half. Saamy 2 gets only 3/10

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Seemaraja – Movie review

Seemaraja ( Sivakarthikeyan ) is the youngest heir of yesteryear royal family of Singampatti. Though the family lost its royal identity after the independence the villages around the it still give the family its royal status and the family too take care of the villages around it. Raja of Singampatti ( Napolean) often worries upon Seemaraja as he doesn’t take life seriously and loiters around the village aimlessly, with his useless friend Kannaku (Soori). Meanwhile Kaathadi Kannan (Lal) and his wife Kaleeshwari (Simran) run organised crime and force villagers to sale their farm land build windmill for an energy company. How Seemaraja become responsible after learning about his forefathers and saves the farmer’s land is the rest of the story.
This is then third time Sivakarthikeyan and director Ponram have come together. Though with a bigger Production value the film still has the same flavour as the last too films. Sivakarthikeyan still survives with the same comedy sense and along with Soori do give some laughable portions. Just a portion in the second half which goes in the past is watchable but rest is the nothing new. Imman too gives the same old tunes , maybe a little different in the BGM. Seemaraja is still watchable for a family audience , but has nothing new to deliver. I give Seemaraja 4/10

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Kadaikutty Singam – Movie review

Kadaikutty Singam

Film begins with an intro of Perunazhi Ranasingam ( Sathyaraj) the village bigwig who takes care of his village as his family and who is respected among other villages too. Though fortunate to have five daughters thru two wives Vanavan Maadevi (Viji Chandrashekar) and Panjavan Maadevi (Bhanupriya), he still wanted a son to take over his legacy. Finally at his age of 50 , his first wife delivers a baby boy Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi). Gunasingam raised by his sisters, is the binding force of the family. His family wants him to marry one of his grownup nieces Chellama (Priya Bhavani Shankar) or Andal (Arthana Binu). And the girls are also fond of their ‘murai maaman’ and dream of their marriage with him. When all is well, till Gunasingam falls in love with Kannukiniyaal (Sayyeshaa) and asks for approval from his sisters. Hell breaks loose between the family and Gunasingam is heartbroke as the family splits. How Gunasingam brings the family back together is the rest of the story.

Pandiaraj id known for clean story and neat presentation, this movie too has the same. From the beginning he concentrates on the importance of farming and the farmers. The cast though huge, doesn’t over power story. Karthi and Sathyaraj perform with ease and others compliment the story well. Sayyeshaa who doesn’t fit in the village girl role does a decent job. For once Soori gives us a simplified comedy track which gels with the genre.  With all the above said, the second half drags you with over melodramatic scenes and resemble TV serials. The preachy dialogues becomes very repetitive and bores the audience . the so called villain character goes baseless. The climax which grows with an big emotional sequence abruptly switches to a fight sequence and ends abruptly. But still Kadaikutty Singam is still watchable and satisfies its target audience. I give it 5/10

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Sketch – movie review

Jiva alias Sketch (Vikram) is a right hand man of a vehicle financier, anyone who defaults the loan comes into the radar of Sketch and he seizes the vehicle within minutes. He is supported by his Uncle and his friends who help him out. With growing fame and power Sketch also becomes the target of other gangs who are waiting for chance to get rid of him. When he challenged to seize a car of a well-known Kingpin who is long due of his Loan, he agrees to do it and also seizes the vehicle. This becomes the turning point in his life as the kingpin targets sketch and his friends and decides to kill them. How this ends for sketch is the rest of the story.

In the genre of Gemini and Rajapattai , Vikram once again steps into a thug role in Sketch. The first half goes in a steady pace, but loses track in-between and goes of course in romance and unwanted songs. Though it picks up in the second half, the audience lose their patience by that time.Tammanaa doesn’t have much of role in the movie, the character could have been avoided. Vikram has done well but the story loops forever, with unnecessary lags which irritates the audience. Interval block and climax scenes are highlights of the film, but the rest could have been done better. Sketch gets 4/10

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Nenjil Thunivirunthal – Movie review

Kumar(Sundeep) and Mahesh( Vikranth) are close friends . Mahesh is aggressive in nature whereas Kumar wants to lead a simple life without any issues. Mahesh and Kumar’s sister Anu are in love and they keep their relationship in secrecy . Kumar cares for Mahesh so much that it often gets him into trouble too. Parallel to this, the city has a ruthless gang lead by Duraipaandi( Harish Utthaman) who just doesn’t do illegal stuff , but makes use of the situation to his development. Things get heated up when Mahesh gets in the way of a illegal Real estate business and he becomes a target for Durai paandi’s gang. How Kumar manages to sort out all of this is the rest of the story.
Director suseendharan is known for his films having a strong friend relation, a story revolving middle class families and a ruthless villain. This also has the same formula but with little twist. Sundeep is still in his moulding form so he has to learn more , but happy to know that he is choosing right roles. Vikranth does his role to perfection, pity he is just been used as a sidekick. Harish Utthaman is gritty and matches the role perfectly. Saying that the story lacks balance , it moves off course in between and comes back into play and finishes incomplete. Dialogues could have been better and planned with the sequence as they looked bold in between and pale in the rest.The whole love angle of Sundeep’s character was unnecessary and could have been totally avoided. Music is big letdown and doesn’t work out except for bgm in some scenes. Overall movie is fine but doesn’t satisfy the audience in the end. I give it 3/10


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Katha Nayagan – Movie review

Thambi durai ( Vishnu) and Anna Durai ( Soori) are best friends who get together after they were separated in their school days. Thambi Durai who is very cautious and fearful in nature often gets into trouble but finds the easy way out. When he falls in love with Kanmani( Catherine Theresa) and approaches her parents get their approval for marriage. But Kanmani’s father who doesn’t approve of Thambi durai’s nature embarrasses both him and his family . Thambi Durai who wants to marry Kanmani tries to pick fight with the local gang. How this transforms his life is the rest of the story.
Just like his previous film, this too depends on just comic scenes, and leaves the content empty. With very thin storyline and mediocre presentation the film fails to impress. Vishnu and Soori pair up good, but Catherine is out of place . The whole cast manages to blend with the movie but directionless screenplay doesn’t improve the movie’s dull status . With intermittent comic scenes which only brings brief laughter the movie gets 3/10


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Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae – Movie review

Vasu (jiva) is a real estate dealer who has a 100% success rate in selling properties, he evens sells the worst and non saleable properties by running scams with his close friend Sooranam( Soori). His only ambition in his life is buy his own big house and make his mother ( Raadhika) happy. He finally buys a huge house and moves into it with his extended family. When he lands up he finds there is already a family living there claiming to be the descendants of the actual owner. They finally come to an agreement and live together until the matter is solved , not knowing that the house is already haunted. How they survive in the house with the ghost is the rest of the story.

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thoare has all the ingredients for comedy horror , a simple story which equally blends in comedy and horror with a good cast. Jiva  suits the main character and gives a decent performance. Sridivya manages to keep track in the film but doesn’t have scope in the film. Comedy track is taken care of Soori and Thambi Ramaiya who manages to keep the audience entertained, but double meaning and adult comedy could have been avoided as this film is targeted towards family audience. Songs are not appealing and doesn’t go with the film. Second half is much slower and drags towards a predictable climax. I give the film 4/10

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