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Airaa – Movie review

Yamuna (Nayanthaara) an young journalist is waiting for chance to prove herself but is wasted by her editor by writing a boring domestic columns. Her idea to move the content to the digital medium is also is encouraged. Added to this her parents are constantly pushing her to get married. All this suffocates her , and she decides to take a break and visit her grandmother in her native place. Their she gets an idea to start a YouTube channel based on paranormal and ghost stories which becomes a hit. But she also feels a haunting presence in the house. Meanwhile a parallel story follows Amuthan( Kalaiarasan) who is has lost someone in an accident. When he tries to meet or find people who are involved in the accident , he finds them dead under mysterious circumstances. How these deaths are connect to Yamuna forms the the rest of the story.
Nayanthaara in the recent time has experimented with new directors and different genre. this is also one of them. Though the story follows the horror pattern, sentiment overtakes and works. Nayanthaara carries both the dual roles with ease and dominates the screen.There are moments where admire The lady super star, this movie would not worked without her.KalaiArasan has also done a decent job in his character. The first half needlessly wanders around but the second half has the best content of the film. Horror scenes too doesn’t have much of impact as we see nothing new.The core of the film which is based on the butterfly effect was not exploited in the screenplay.The director could have just elaborated the second part of the story which could have worked better. It give the film 4/10

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Thana serndha koottam – Movie review

Film starts with ambitious young men Iniyan ( Surya) and his friend , who try hard to serve as law enforcement officers. Though both are qualified the corrupt system breaks their dreams. When the latter takes a drastic decision , Iniyan decides to take revenge on the corrupt and the system. He forms a team of individuals and target the corrupt posing as CBI officers. As their heists become bigger, a special task force his formed lead by Kurinjivendhan (Karthick) who is known for his clean record. How Iniyan and his team execute one last heist under pressure , is the rest of the story.
Based on the plot of Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26, director Vignesh shiv gives a different presentation with Suriya ┬áin the lead. The main difference in the Tamil version centres the whole film on Surya , whereas the original was well balanced with a beautiful ensemble of a cast. Surya dominates the screen and Vignesh shiv has broken the chains of the “Singam” Surya and given the fans a much more bubbly and charismatic Hero. Songs play an integral part in the film and navigates the flow pleasantly. Saying that , as the first half breezes through, the second half is loosely fitted and ends hurriedly . Rest of the cast manages through , but have no screen time to elaborate. Keerthi Suresh comes briefly but manages to shine in those moments. Those who have see the original they can’t stand this version, for others it may entertain.
I give the film 5/10

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Athey Kangal – movie review


Varun ( Kalai arasan) is an young man who inspite of being blind , runs a successful restaurant. His world is simple with his business, his parents and his friend Sadhana ( Janani Iyer). His simple life takes a turn when he meets Deepa ( Sshivada Nair), which begins as a casual encounter, develops much more than that. When Varun decides to propose to Deepa, she tells him that her family is deep in debt from her sister’s marriage and has repay them as soon as possible or face severe consequences . Varun volunteers to help, but tragedy strikes as Varun meets with an accident. The Accident brings back varun’s vision, but he is spends 3 weeks in hospital, where he looses touch with Deepa and her problem . Once out of hospital , he desperately tries to contact Deepa , but he there is no trace of her existence. Want happened to Deepa ? Will Varun meet her again is the rest of the story.

Athey Kangal a simple story with a nice twist, its strength are the characters and performers who make it a watchable flick. Kaliarasan finally gets a much need break in a lead role, but there is sense of nervousness in his performance which makes him out of character. Janani Iyer though given very less screen time, still makes use of it with a decent act. But Sshivadha Nair is the pick the three as she steals the show in the second half and highlights the film. The only problem is after a point the story loses its charm and moves sluggishly even for its 120 mins. Gibran’s Bgm gives support , but the songs execution fails. Movie moves dull without a supportive screenplay once the main plot comes into place. Athey Kangal is still watchable than most of the extravagant masala flicks. I give it 5/10

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Kabali – Movie review

The stage is set in Malaysia, where Kabali (Rajinikanth) a don is getting released from prison after 25 years. He was captured by the police midst a gang war with his rival Tony Lee (Winston Chao). Losing his pregnant wife in that incident he is also stamped with a strong case and locked up. Meanwhile Tony lee and his gang take control. Back on his turf Kabali gets back to business and tries to revive his people the Tamils in Malaysia whom he once represented and brought an identity to. He is also tormented by his ghosts of his past and tries to find out what happened to his wife . How Kabali finds his inner peace and also bring his people from the clutches of Tony lee is the rest of the movie.

Rajini is back , just to see him on screen itself is a festival to his fans worldwide. Though his action and his punch lines are limited, his screen presence dominates to the core. His portrayal of a husband and a father in the film was more captivating than his character as a don. But that angle was very limited in the story. Radhika Apte role was very less but just one scene in the second half shows her ability as an capable actress. Danishka was chosen right for her role and she does a decent job. Thus saying Ranjith’s strength with characters in support role was missing and you hardly connect to the supporting cast with the film. The first half just roams like a zombie after 15 mins and the pace picks up just at the end of the film. Though Rajini’s scenes keeps you alive , it just isn’t enough. Santhosh Narayanan’s bgm was ok but his songs just doesn’t stick. Though heavily hyped this film is just an average outing and gets only 5/10

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