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Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion – Movie review

The most awaited conclusion of the Baahubali released this week , with around a whooping 8000 screens . Baahubali’s second installation continues with Kattappa narrating story of Amarendra Baahubali to his son Mahendra Baahubali. Awaiting his coronation, Amarendra is sent to tour the kingdom learn the current state of his people by Maharani Shivagami. Accompanied by Kattappa , Amarendra visits most of the kingdom and lands in the kingdom of Kuntala. He meets princess Devasena( Anushka) and falls in love. When Bhalladeva learns about this, he finds a way to manipulate this situation to his advantage and claims the throne. Even after claiming the throne he finds only Amarendra in the hearts of his mother and in the people of the kingdom. Soon he finds a way to kill Amarendra thru Kattappa and imprisons Devasena. How Mahendra Baahubali finds himself an army and fights Bhalladeva and becomes the King of Mahishmathi is the rest of the story.

While Baahubali the beginning had more action and was glorified in selling an idea, the conclusion has more content and story. All The characters were portrayed very well in the story and all the way entertaining while being predictable. This part was well dominated by Anushka and Ramya Krishnan who portray the two powerful women in the film. Rana too had a significant screen time and was powerful in his role.Satya raj too had a balanced screen time with Prabhas . Prabhas delivers casually and yet powerful throughout. Music and VFX were top notch once again mesmerising the audience all the way. At every stage the music lifts the spirit of the film and in the audience. Vfx team lead by R C Kamala kannan elevates the film on every frame and makes CGI seamless, the best we have seen in Indian cinema till date. Rajamouli and team have delivered an epic called Baahubali and made a mark in world cinema. I give it 7/10

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Official Trailer

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Atomic Blonde – Official Trailer #2

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Shivalinga – Movie Review

Movie starts with a murder of Rahim( Shakti) on a running train, but this murder projected as a suicide. His lover and fiancée Sangeetha goes forward to the commissioner and requests to reopen the case and investigate. The case is given to Shivalingeshwaran (Raghava Lawrence ) a CB-CID officer who takes up the case. He moves in with his newly wedded wife Sathya( Rithika singh) near to the town of the investigation. As the case progresses things gets strange in the house and Sathya becomes curious towards Shiva’s case. What’s the connection with Sathya to the case ? and how shiva brings light to the case is the rest of the story.
P.Vasu remakes his own Kannada version to Tamil , the only difference is the energetic Raghava Lawrence who takes the lead role. Though the story starts dull, Raghava Lawrence and Vadivelu brings in humour and makes it alive. But repetitive scenes and slow storytelling makes the movie boring. Rithika singh doesn’t get into the character , she is just better in dancing with Lawrence . Shakti overacting get into the nerves of the audiences , he seems to be acting in his own film within the film itself. Over exaggerated cast just fills the screen creating noise and nonsense. Shivalinga offers nothing new and just keeps giving an overlooked meal. I give it 3/10


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Power Pandi – Movie review

Pandi Palanisamy alias Power Pandi ( Rajkiran) is a former stunt master , who is now spending is retirement years peacefully in his son’s house . His life is just around his grandchildren and keeping himself healthy. Though he is physically and mentally strong his good deeds often brings him trouble , thus making his son Raghavan (Prassana ) angry, who wants him to act to his age and spend his last years in silence and peace. On one such occasion which ends in an outburst between father and son, Pandi decides to live his life again on his terms and leaves his son’s house . What happens next his the rest of the story.

Marking the debut of Dhanush as a director, Power Pandi packs a powerful punch with emotions and sentiments. Rajkiran the soul of the film , stands tall in his performance and claims the screen from the word go. The whole cast was carefully chosen and given specific amount of screen time and importance in this perfect feel good film. Though Dhanush comes in the later half of the story, doesn’t dominate but plays with the character. The ladies in the film Chaya singh, Madonna Sebastian give a decent performance , but Revathy just casually comes and sweeps us away . Overall Power Pandi is a total film of the whole family. I give it 7/10

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THOR 3: Ragnarok – Trailer (2017)

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8 Thottakkal – Movie review

Film opens with a murder, witnessed by Sathya a young orphan, working as a house hold. He is accused for the murder and sent to juvenile prison. He is adopted by the jail warden and raised to be a police man. As a honest cop he is always targeted by senior officials and bad mouthed by his comrades in his own station. Things get worse for Sathya when he loses his armed weapon when he is on a stakeout. As Sathya tries to get back his gun, the gun falls on the wrong hands and is used in a bank robbery and leads to a murder. How Sathya gets back his gun and apprehends the criminal is the rest of the story.

A well thought script and some intelligent narrative makes 8 Thottakkal a good thriller. Debut Director Sri Ganesh as shown promise in his writing though his execution could have been better. Lengthy scenes and unwanted songs slows the pace in the film. Vetri was a miscast as he was just a zombie in the whole film. The second half was carried by M.S. Bhaskar who gave very good performance. New face Aparna Balamurali was better than Vetri, but need to learn more. With a reduced duration and better execution this could have been very good hit. I give it  5/10

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Kaatru Veliyidai – Movie review

Varun Aka VC ( Karthi) is an Indian air force pilot, a self-centered character who falls in love with Leela ( Adithi Rao) a doctor .  Leela knowing Varun’s Character is immensely attracted to him and eventually falls for him. Even as their love grows, there is always an indifference which breaks them time to time. Leela finally breaks up with when Varun he is called in for duty at war .When Varun falls behind enemy lines and captured, the only thing keeping him alive is his love. Does Varun get back to Leela or is it too late for them? Rest forms the story.

There is always a huge expectancy on all Mani Rathinam’s film and this time Kaatru veliyidai was over hyped.  But the movie fails as the content is not emotionally connected. Though it starts well, its forced with unnecessary scenes which blocks the flow . Karthi though has been made to look like an air force pilot, his face expressions in sensitive scenes makes the audiences groan. Adithi Rao gives a flawless performance. The film is partially saved only by the brilliance of Ravi Varman the cinematographer. His work has mesmerized the audience though the content was a letdown. A R Rahman shines in the songs, but is lost in the BGM. With only few good scenes to talk about Kaartu veliyidai disappoints fans. It gets 3/10

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ANNABELLE: CREATION – Official Trailer

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Dora – movie review

Dora Pavalakodi ( Nayanthara) and her dad live a happy life in the city, when she are ashamed by her Aunt, Pavalakodi and her father challenge them to beat them in their own call taxi business . They end up buying a car which is haunted by a dog’s spirit which wants to take revenge on three criminals. Initially though very disturbed by this , Pavalakodi soon finds out they she too is involved in this and she was chosen by the spirit to help take revenge. She agrees to help and rest is how they take revenge on the perpetrators.

Dora is one film which shows how a movie ,even with a good performer can be so bad. Though Nayanthara does her part , she is lost in this predictable and lousy horror / drama/ comedy film. Thambha Ramaiya ends up as an irritating character throughout the film . Though the story starts in the second half it has a stale screenplay with uneventful horror. Dora gets 2/10


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