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Thana serndha koottam – Movie review

Film starts with ambitious young men Iniyan ( Surya) and his friend , who try hard to serve as law enforcement officers. Though both are qualified the corrupt system breaks their dreams. When the latter takes a drastic decision , Iniyan decides to take revenge on the corrupt and the system. He forms a team of individuals and target the corrupt posing as CBI officers. As their heists become bigger, a special task force his formed lead by Kurinjivendhan (Karthick) who is known for his clean record. How Iniyan and his team execute one last heist under pressure , is the rest of the story.
Based on the plot of Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26, director Vignesh shiv gives a different presentation with Suriya  in the lead. The main difference in the Tamil version centres the whole film on Surya , whereas the original was well balanced with a beautiful ensemble of a cast. Surya dominates the screen and Vignesh shiv has broken the chains of the “Singam” Surya and given the fans a much more bubbly and charismatic Hero. Songs play an integral part in the film and navigates the flow pleasantly. Saying that , as the first half breezes through, the second half is loosely fitted and ends hurriedly . Rest of the cast manages through , but have no screen time to elaborate. Keerthi Suresh comes briefly but manages to shine in those moments. Those who have see the original they can’t stand this version, for others it may entertain.
I give the film 5/10

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Vanamagan – Movie review

Story revolves around Jara( Jayam Ravi) a tribal whose community is threatened by the modern world and people who want to take over their land. When Jara manages to escape he has a accident and lands in hands of Kaavya ( Sayyesha) a rich and spoils heiress who comes to same island to celebrate the new year. Kaavya brings Jara to the modern world, to which his raw innocence and animal like behaviour makes Kavvya’s world upside down. As she manages to bring Jara under control , she also believes that she has get Jara back to his community. How she does that and how Jara get his people out of trouble is the rest of the story.
This is also one of Jeyam Ravi’s experiment in which most of the screen time is given to the female lead and he barely has any dialogue in the film. New comer Sayyeshaa gives a decent performance and shows that she can handle enough screen time. Jayam Ravi makes most of the character but I say it’s a waste for his talent and his caliber. Vfx and music end up crude and useless in the end without any creativity. Though initially comically and engaging, it becomes boring with a dull screenplay after the first hour. Predictable and unimaginative story gives Vanamagan just 3/10

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Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae – Movie review

Vasu (jiva) is a real estate dealer who has a 100% success rate in selling properties, he evens sells the worst and non saleable properties by running scams with his close friend Sooranam( Soori). His only ambition in his life is buy his own big house and make his mother ( Raadhika) happy. He finally buys a huge house and moves into it with his extended family. When he lands up he finds there is already a family living there claiming to be the descendants of the actual owner. They finally come to an agreement and live together until the matter is solved , not knowing that the house is already haunted. How they survive in the house with the ghost is the rest of the story.

Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thoare has all the ingredients for comedy horror , a simple story which equally blends in comedy and horror with a good cast. Jiva  suits the main character and gives a decent performance. Sridivya manages to keep track in the film but doesn’t have scope in the film. Comedy track is taken care of Soori and Thambi Ramaiya who manages to keep the audience entertained, but double meaning and adult comedy could have been avoided as this film is targeted towards family audience. Songs are not appealing and doesn’t go with the film. Second half is much slower and drags towards a predictable climax. I give the film 4/10

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Dora – movie review

Dora Pavalakodi ( Nayanthara) and her dad live a happy life in the city, when she are ashamed by her Aunt, Pavalakodi and her father challenge them to beat them in their own call taxi business . They end up buying a car which is haunted by a dog’s spirit which wants to take revenge on three criminals. Initially though very disturbed by this , Pavalakodi soon finds out they she too is involved in this and she was chosen by the spirit to help take revenge. She agrees to help and rest is how they take revenge on the perpetrators.

Dora is one film which shows how a movie ,even with a good performer can be so bad. Though Nayanthara does her part , she is lost in this predictable and lousy horror / drama/ comedy film. Thambha Ramaiya ends up as an irritating character throughout the film . Though the story starts in the second half it has a stale screenplay with uneventful horror. Dora gets 2/10


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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva – movie review

After a lot of hurdles and shuffled release dates Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva releases this week. Chennai is ruled by G.K.Raja (Ashutosh Rana) a ruthless MP , who dominates Chennai city real estates business . He is pain for the Police Commissioner (Sathyaraj) who is unable to put him behind bars as he never leaves a trace of evidence and rest of them are afraid of him. In comes Shiva(Raghava Lawrence) an young Police officer who transfers himself to Chennai with a past connecting the Commissioner. Upon joining duty he joins hands with G.K and helps him in his illegal ways, which irritates the commissioner even more. Only then he comes to know that Shiva is his lost son. Why is Shiva working against his father and how his father guides him back to the right side of the law is the rest of the story.

Being the remake of the Telugu movie Pattas, the director doesn’t change anything at the screen play level. Raghava Lawrence tries to keep us engaged , but a predictive storyline and spineless direction the movie fails to impress. Though songs are made for Lawrence, tunes or phrases are not catchy. Nikki Galrani was just a glamour doll, and has very less screen time. Villain was more comical than ruthless , and was just shouting all the doesn’t offer anything new and ends very predictive and bland. I give the movie 4/10

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Kuttram 23 – Movie review


The film starts of with a double murder in a church where a wife of a leading news channel and the priest is killed in the middle of the woman’s confession. Being high profile case it’s given to AC Vetrimaaran(Arun Vijay). We follow Vetrimaaran step to step in the investigation as it leads to others deaths linked to this murder and finally connecting to a bigger conspiracy. How this case affects his personal life and how he finally cracks the case is the rest of the story.
Kuttrame 23 is an example of how a technically and well crafted team delivers a good film. Kuttram 23 brings out a hidden crime which is happening in the name of medical evolution.The meticulous planning and a well crafted screen play is the strength of the whole film. Arun vijay is perfect for the lead role and the rest of the cast is well chosen and apt for their characters. Arun vijay gives us a memorable performance and he has worked hard for this film.Mahima gives a decent performance , finally Arvind Aakash shows that he can be trusted with decent roles. Thambhi Ramaiah’s character gives comical breaks in between but never goes overboard to disrupt the pace of the film. Finally one film that concentrates just on the screenplay and never deviates in mindless duet songs or item numbers to woo the audience. Kuttram 23 gets 6/10



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Koditta idangalai nirappuga – Movie Review


Rangarajan ( R Parthiban) a call taxi driver , who drives high caliber clients for his taxi service. Though handicapped Rangarajan is known for his quick witted & calculative nature, and always looks for make fast money. So when a high profile NRI client Kevin ( Shantanu Bhagyaraj)hires there taxi service for two weeks, he persuades him to stay in a guest house which he and his young wife Mohini (Parvathy Nair ) are caretakers . Kevin also agrees as to this as he thinks he can help Rangarajan in a way. Once Kevin settles down, he is drawn towards Mohini’s beauty and charm , but stays on guard as he respects Rangarajan. What happens during the rest of his stay is the story.

Koditta idangalai nirappuga meaning fill in the blank spaces, starts well to build characters , but fails miserably in execution with a wayward screenplay . While Parthiban casually delivers in his scenes , Shantanu is lost in his character and doesn’t have a chance to even perform. Parvathy lacks performance , only chosen for her decent looks. Thambha Ramayaa is wasted and like his absent minded character in the film , the director has forgot to write a script for him. Koditta idangalai nirappuga has lot of blank space to be filled. I give it 2/10


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