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Oscar Nominees 2019

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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME – Official Teaser Trailer

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Petta – Movie review

After the trailer and audio launch mesmerised the world, Petta got a huge opening and was considered one of the biggest releases of the super star. With the acclaimed director Karthik Subburaj supported by the Sun network this film got the attention of the whole world this Pongal. Story starts when a normal college hostel warden post is recommended by ruling party member, raises eyebrows around the campus. In comes Kaali ( Rajinikanth) who immediately gets the attention of the college kids and brings things in order around the misdoings around the campus. Students too seeks his help and he always stands with them. When the local don’s unruly kid makes trouble with a young lovers in the college, Kaali intervenes and helps them out. But at the same time the another group is trying to kill a student, only then Kaali truly shows who he really is and the purpose of being there. Who is Kaali and what’s his real agenda is the rest of the story.
Only the super star can hold the screen presence like this, in Petta the Superstar not only dominates the screen but mesmerises the audience with his style and charisma. The way they had moulded him in his character, his stylisation, his makeup and the way they had shot the scenes makes this the best presentation of his films in the last decade. Music by Anirudh is outstanding and will be a sure hit with the visual presentation by the cinematographer Thiru supporting each song and each frame of the film. The cast though with minimum screen space have given a good performance. Other than the superstar Vijay Sethupathy stands out , Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been wasted in the film with no scope. The duration will be the weakling of the film, clocking 172 mins. The advantage and the disadvantage of this film is Karthik Subburaj , he has glorified the film with a celebration of the superstar from scene to scene and forgot about the duration and the formation of the story. The first half moves fast , engages the audience but without an aimless storyline. The second half has the storyline but the pace is slow but catches up only in the climax but ends well. I give the film 6/10

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Viswasam – Movie review

Ajith and Director Siva once again pair up for a commercial drama in Viswasam. Though fans were skeptical about the duo presenting a film together, the initial response after the trailer elevated its expectations. Set in the village of Koduvilarpatti , Thooku Durai (Ajith) is a savior and a local don for the villagers. With a huge family of relatives for his support, he still longs for his wife Niranjana (Nayanthara) and daughter Swetha who left him. Though Niranjana loves him for his innocent but brave character, she separates herself and their daughter since Thooku Durai always gets into trouble and this will affect their daughter’s life. A disappointed Niranjana moves to Mumbai and the couple gets separated for ten years. When the elderly in the family persuade him to bring back is family, he leaves to Mumbai to convince his wife to get back together. But once he arrives he finds out that his daughter life is in danger. How he saves his daughter and gets back to his family is the rest of the story.

Ajith’s persona is the key if this film becomes a hit, he single handedly takes command of the film and rocks his fans. Fans have their mass scenes which elevates the film at equal intervals. Nayanthara has just about equal scree space in the film but Siva has not utilized her acting skills completely. With cast enough to fill a whole village, yet no one stands out and just fills the screen space with unwanted duration. The screenplay is left with lot of holes which is very disappointing from the directing team. Though Siva is quite comfortable with the village based drama, he his stuck with half cooked melodrama which doesn’t convince the audience. Imman has given nice songs which will certainly become a hit, but BGM score is just OK. With a sentimental message at the end which might appeal to the audience, it’s still not enough to save the film. I give the film 4/10.

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Gully Boy – Official Trailer

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Is it a Thala or Thalaivar Pongal

Will it be a Thala or Thalaivar Pongal ?

With both movie releasing across 1000+ theatres in Tamilnadu, both star’s fans expect a super clash this Pongal. Being a huge festival weekend the theatres are running house full from Jan10th to 20th. Petta directed by Karthik Subburaj and funded by Sun Network leads the cast with Rajinikanth along with Trisha Krishnan, Simran Bagga, Bobby Simha, Vijay Sethupathi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui , whereas Ajith will be pairing up with Nayanthara after six years in Viswasam along with Robo Shankar, Thambhi ramaiyaa and Yogi Babu. This will be fifth time Siva will be directing Ajith which is produced by Sathya jothi films. With Petta dominating the A center theatres being a commercial entertainer, Viswasam is said to have more coverage in the B & C centres being rural-entertainer. Both productions expect huge collections being a festive weekend. Will update with individual reviews in the following days.

Trivia question: When did both the stars had same release dates earlier?

Answer: In 1997 both stars had released in a gap of 4 days, with Rajini kanth’s Arunachaalam releasing on April 10th and Ajith’s  Raasi on April 14th.

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Polar – Official Trailer [HD] – Netflix

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