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The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

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Dharmadurai – movie review

Seenu Ramasamy is always known for his neat storyline and developing real Iife characters in his film. This film shows the life of young doctor and his different episodes in his life. Dramadurai (Vijay Sethupathy ) is introduced as an alcoholic doctor, who lives in his home town. He is an constant irritation to his brothers as he causes them shame . The brothers who run the local chit fund are ashamed of him a wants him thrown out, as he tells the villagers that they will cheat of their hard earned money. The only soul who understands Darma is his mother (Radhika Sarathkumar) who stands between the brothers. When the brothers decide to get rid of Darma , he runs from villages with his brothers clothes which also has the chit money of the villagers. Why does Darmadurai despise his brothers? What happens Darmadurai is the rest of the story.
The natural story line and extraordinary performances from the whole cast makes Darmadurai a clean hit. Vijay Sethupathy who carries the whole film on his shoulders, once again dazzles in his performance. Credit goes to the director and Vijay Sethupathy who execute memorable character. Three actresses lead by Radhika Sarathkumar, followed by Aishwarya Rajesh and Tamanna perform equally well. Songs support the film and move the film in elegance. Though very predictable the story never loses its composure. Though with 147 mins of running time, there are some scenes which slows down the pace drags you. Film feels as though it lacks a punch , though it doesn’t disappoint you it also doesn’t fully satisfy you. I give it 6/10


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Wagah – Movie Review

Wagah begins in a secret Pakistani prison were Indian soldiers are tortured and killed. One of the prisoner is Vasu( Vikram Prabhu) a BSF soldier who is targeted by the general who wants to kill him. What is Vasu’s story ? how did he end up here and how does get out this, is the rest of the story.
Wagah struggles from the beginning to end in all departments.It has nothing new to offer. Though Vikram Prabhu has managed to improve in his acting skills, the predicable storyline doesn’t help him. New face Ranya Rao though pretty, fails in acting. Wagah with its old story line doesn’t impress and can be avoided. I give it 3/10


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Joker – Movie review


Mannar Mannan ( Guru Somasundaram) who claims to be the president of India , operating from a small village in Darmapuri district. He raises voice and holds protests against every illegal activity on behalf of the public. While the motive of Mannar Mannan is genuine, most of his acts are seen as a senseless act by the system and the public. Who really is Mannar Mannan ?, what’s his story ? That’s what joker is all about.

With armour piercing dialogues and fierce statements on the system, Director Raju Murugan brings us this powerful film. Though weak on commercial entertainment , the film never looses its grip . With comedy, romance and drama in equal balance it delivers its right message. Powerful and great performances by Guru Somasundaram and both the female actresses Gayathri Krishnan and Ramya Pandian. Bava Chelladurai and Mu Ramaswamy too perform well . Visuals are supported well by music and never strays. Though moving with the right message the movie tend to slow down in the second half and becomes over melodramatic . Though the film might not appeal to many , the characters lingers in your heart. I give it 7/10



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M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story – Official Trailer

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Thirunal – Movie review

After a long wait Thirunal released on August 5th, the Jiva – Nayanthara starrer was initially expected to release early this March , but was postponed for reasons unknown. Blade( Jiva) is a loyal goon for Naga (Sharath Lohitashwas) who controls Thanjavur- Kumbakonam area with his illegal activities. When Blade falls in love with Vidya(Nayanthara) the daughter of Naga’s business partner , everything changes. Blade’s loyalty comes into play when he decides to leave the life of a rowdy and lead a normal life. How Blade’s decision changes his life and others is the rest of the story.

Jiva often picks up new role and delivers on his character , one is Thirunal. Even though story never offers anything new he does his job . Nayanthara shares a decent screen space and gives decent performance. The only problem is nothing new is offered in the story and screenplay drags forever a long tasteless noodle. Unwanted characters and in consistent story telling, makes audience drown in their  seats. I give it 3/10


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Suicide Squad – Movie Review


The movie starts soon after the demise of superman. The U.S Government decides to assemble a Task Force of meta-humans and the worst criminals to fight super power threats. This Squad is controlled by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and her loyal Captain Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). The group consists of Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), black-magic witch Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), tattooed-up pyro El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), human crocodile Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). As an alien force disrupts peace in the country, this squad is put into test. How the squad survives their first mission, is the rest of the story.

The initial 20 mins of the film makes you drowsy as you think that you have made a big mistake coming to the theater to see this film. But as the movie progresses with the characters established and the story move forward you get into a roller coaster ride. Even though the film has the flavor of Superman vs Batman, this movie is far better than that. A reasonably good performance by Will smith and Margot Robbie, who get most of the screen time in the film. Jared Leto manages to impress with the little screen time he gets , but we need to see how he carries the role in the next films. Viola Davis has most of the screen time which makes you irritate, since you didn’t come to see her. VFX and actions scenes are good, but nothing extraordinary to mesmerize the audience. Overall fans still go satisfied out from the theater but rest go silent. I give it 6/10


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