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2.0 Movie review

Finally we get see the much delayed director Shankar’s 2.0. With much expected from the film , I hope it runs well in the city. The film opens with a man hanging himself in a cell phone tower. The very next day a strange magnetic force attracts all the mobile phones from the users and all the phones vanish in thin air. Mobile phone towers are broken mysteriously and strange murders happens in the city of top people connected with communication authorities. The Government officials calls for an urgent meet with a group of scientists. After thorough research, Vaseegaran (Rajini kanth) suspects the existence of a fifth force and to handle it, he suggests to bring back the Chitti the robot, who is currently dismantled and under government authority. Though the idea is brushed off and military force is brought to handle the situation, the problem becomes huge and finally Chitti is brought back into action. How Vassegaran and Chitti fight this mighty force and bring back peace is the rest of the story.

Only Rajinikanth’s presence and quality VFX saves 2.0. Rajini’s sheer presence as chitti 2.0 in the second half makes the movie alive. The film takes its own time building the story and nurture the villain in the first half, but quality VFX and 3D visualization keeps the audience engaged. Akshay Kumar physically doesn’t have much to do in the film and as for me he is wasted in the film. Story is kept simple but screenplay doesn’t elevate it, that is the weakling in the film. Though BGM is good, lack of songs is a miss in Shankar’s film, having A R Rehman in his arsenal. Watch it only in 3D for its visual grandeur. I give it 5/10.

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The Lion king trailer

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Sagga official movie trailer

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Sarkar – Movie review

The news of Sundar (Vijay) a CEO of world’s leading company coming to India send shivers to all Indian corporates. Known for his ruthless takeovers around the globe, every company in India is keen on his agenda. But Sundar has come to cast his vote in the elections as it’s his fundamental right. When he comes to know that his vote has been casted by a different person, he legally challenges it and brings light on a 49(p) a section where a person can recast his vote. The corrupt government too doesn’t take this seriously as one vote is not going to change the result which they have orchestrated. Thus starts the cat and mouse game between the corporate monster and the corrupt politicians. Who will win is the rest of the story.

Sarkar was made just for Vijay, as every scene is dominated by him and we cannot take the eyes of him in whole movie. Vijay’s every dialogue and scene was well executed by Murugadoss and team. The action sequences were well done and well supported by the camera team. Movie carefully brings in the instances which happened in the past and present government and punches the needle carefully in the audience’s minds. Other cast members do their job, but Radha Ravi stands out separately. Keethi suresh doesn’t have much in the film, just tags along. ARR’s bgm blasts thru and songs were well executed visually also. A strong performance by Vijay balanced well with a good story & screenplay gives Sarkar 7/10

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Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 Official Teaser

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Vada Chennai – Movie review

Vada chennai begins in 1987 with an aftermath of a gruesome murder, where the killers Guna( Samuthirakani), Senthil( Kishore) , Velu (Pavan) and Pazhani(Deena) are planning how to take over the business now as they have killed their leader. Very soon they break their bond and they become as rival gangs waiting to get to each other throats when they have a chance . Cut to the year 2000 we are introduced to Anbu (Danush) a young carrom champ who lands up in prison over a minor scuffle with one of Guna’s men. As the prison is divide between Guna and Senthil’s gang, Anbu must win over Senthil’s goodwill to save himself. How Anbu’s life goes through ups and downs and how he finally understands what really is his destiny, is the rest of the story.
The narrative of Vetri Maaran goes back and forth between years adding details to each character and their motives and who they in the epic drama which is said to be written as 2parts. Vetri Maaran as a crafted story teller brings the audience under a spell with well written and executed film. It’s not just Dhanush who excels in his character, almost every actor gets in to the character and performs well . Every technical department from production design to cinematography do their part and bring this drama to success. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is top notch.The only flaw is that is at some point not all the audience can keep track of the back and forth switching between years of the story, it takes time sync in. Violence and unmuted foul language makes it unwatchable to the family audiences. Vada Chennai gets 7/10

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Sandakozhi 2 – Movie review

Film starts with the village panchayat headed by Durai Ayya( Rajkiran) takes the decision to restart The village thiruvizha which was stopped due to a clash between two caste families which ended in with loss of lives. But Pecchi (Varalakshmi) who lost her husband in the brawl wants to take revenge during the thiruvizha . Durai Ayya takes responsibility to have a spotless event , but fate has other plans for the village and its people. Balu (Vishal) returning after 7 years to the village also stands beside is father to see this thru. What hurdles they come across and whether the village finally has its long awaited thiruvizha is the rest of the story.

Problem with Sandakozhi 2 is it fails to even come close to its first edition. It doesn’t even have any continuity to the prequel. So why did they have to brand it as part2. Rajkiran alone stands tall in the film without any flaw.Vishal has tried to improve on his acting and has lost the charm of an action hero, though the film has some action sequences , . Keerthy Suresh who’s comes as the bubbly love interest of Vishal manages to bring some laughs. Varalakshmi is annoying in her character and doesn’t impress at all. Second half tests the audience has it slowly rolls and finally ends to bring relief to the audience. I give the film 4/10

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