Nedunchalai – Movie review

28 Mar


The story set in the 1980’s follow a group of highway thieves led by Tharpai Murugan (Aari) create terror
among the highway transport. Soon a new cop Masanam (Prasanth Narayanan) enters their district who
is not only crooked but also sick psycho who doesn’t stop the gang but joins them and helps them more.
both their ego clashes when they both set their eyes on Manga (Shivada nair )who owns a highway dhabba .
what starts as a rift between between Murugan and Manga blossoms into love , which makes the Masanam
angry.He warns Murugan but he refuses to leave , so Masanam tries to eliminate Murugan. Whether
Murugan and Manga survive Masanam’s rage forms the rest of the story .Aari has done a decent job but needs treatment in his acting skills, Shivada nair has done a good job and should be appreciated for her performance.With just the Highway as the stage to this movie , the director has wound up a modest film. He even manages to create realistic characters with a decent cast.But the film lacks screenplay and breaks without a steady path through out. The director should have given the same level of treatment to the story as he had given to build each character in the film.The film is just filled with random scenes without any continuity and ends leaving the audience disappointing . I give the film 3/10


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