Cuckoo – Movie review

23 Mar


Thamizh (Dinesh) a train hawker and Suthanthira Kodi (Mallavika) a college student being trained for a teacher have two things in common; both are blind and both are self-motivated humans who do not want to be a burden to others. Even though their first meeting causes a rift between them, they soon become friends and finally fall in love. They decide to get married but Suthanthira Kodi’s brother wants her marry his friend who has lent him money .Will they marry live peacefully forms the rest of the story.

The best part of the movie is even though its differently abled people, the story never let us sympathizes for them, and gives us a beautiful story of love and hope. Dinesh deserves applause for this film; Mallavika has also acted very well. Director Raju Murugan has given us a beauty out of the box .Showing us differently abled people need our help more than sympathy. He has narrated the story very well with hard realism and humour in the right moments of the film .The rest of cast were also brilliantly chosen and executed well. Santhosh Narayanan‘s songs were perfectly matched to the lyrics and the music took us through all emotions of the story, the only drawback for me was the duration in the second half which could have been less. But kudos to whole team for giving such a good film, the best so far this year. I give it 8/10


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  1. Anonymous

    March 24, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Superb !


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