Gulaab gang – Movie review

10 Mar

gulaab gang

The film takes you to a village called Madhopur deep inside Uttar Pradesh, where we a pink saree clad women gang lead by Rajjo (Madhuri dixit) who runs a small school for children and a shelter for abandoned and deprived women. She is often reached by the villagers who turn to her when in need. When a local politician asks her to stand beside him, she first agrees in order to bring development into the village. When the son of politician rapes a minor girl, she turns to the party leader Sumitra devi ( Juhi Chawla) for justice. But being the power hungry politician who would stop at nothing, throws money at them to cover it up. Rajjo answers back by taking revenge rapist and decides to stand opposite her in the elections. Whether she wins the elections and saves the village forms the rest of the story.

Even though it was an obvious story after seeing the trailer, I just wanted to see these two ladies perform on screen, and I wasn’t disappointed. Madhuri’s performance was great as the lathi wielding leader of the gulaab gang, but was amazed by the Juhi’s perform in her villainous role. But apart from this the film was weak, very predictable. The film lost seriousness when each time the gulaab gang danced to the songs after each of their ordeal. The second half of the film was dragging and I was praying for an early ending like the rest of half-filled cinemas hall. It just ended up being a normal good vs evil film only played by two celebrity actress from our time. I give it 3/10


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