The Legend of Tarzan – Movie Review

05 Jul


The much awaited Film on Tarzan, The Legend of Tarzan released last weekend on big screens. The story begins in 1890, where Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) now John the Earl of Greystoke , lives in England with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie). John is invited by the king Leopold of Belgium to Congo as trade ambassador, representing the Queen. While John initially rejects the idea of going back to Congo, he is persuaded by George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) to change his mind who suspects a slave trade and misconduct by the King. While John finally agrees to come, he is unaware of an elaborate trap set for him by the murderous by the Belgian Captain Léon Rom (Christoph Waltz). How John escapes from the trap and saves the tribes of Congo is the rest of the story.

Even though the movie starts sluggishly, it picks up speed and never stops till the end. Though the second half seems to be in a hurry, the audience is kept entertained. Alexander Skarsgard is right for the character, brings a good balance as the Earl of Greystoke and as Tarzan. Christoph Waltz though passes as scheming villain stays bland and subdued which makes his character rather dull. Samuel L. Jackson and Margot Robbie play their parts well. The cinematography was composed well and mesmerizes the audience even when there were some dull moments. CGI could have been better, but manages to blend well and provide good entertainment. Over all The Legend of Tarzan doesn’t fail you but also doesn’t fulfill, especially if you are a fan of Tarzan. I give it 5/10

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3 responses to “The Legend of Tarzan – Movie Review

  1. charandtheweb

    July 8, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    I’ve heard good and bad things about this one but I’ll want to go and see it nonetheless. If only because I loved the animated series when I was younger. Nice review, are you currently sharing your work on any other platforms?

    • venkiblogger

      July 9, 2016 at 2:55 am

      Just linked my WordPress page to Facebook . Glad u liked my review

      • charandtheweb

        July 11, 2016 at 3:07 pm

        Cool! Well if you’re looking for an additional platform to share your work on, I’d love to introduce you to Moviepilot/Creators and to help you get your work seen on there. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to know more. My contact details are on my blog.


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