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Hara hara Mahadevaki – Movie Review

Young lovers Hari ( Gautham Karthik) and Ramya( Nikki Gilrani) are breaking up and they decide to return gifts they got in this relationship. Hari mad upon this decision packs all the gifts given by Ramya in bag which was given as election gift by one of the political party. This bag forms the center the story as at the same time similar bags with fake notes , a bomb and ransom money cross paths in the story . In a series of comedy of errors these bags exchange places and hands and cause chaos as they all land up in the hara hara Mahadevaki resort causing total chaos. How this ends is the rest of the story

Hara hara Mahadevaki stands true to its “A” certificate and delivers a movie filled with adult comedy which lacks a continuous storyline. It’s divided into different segments which barely come together at the end. Based on the adult comedy by whatsapp Swamiji it does attract youngsters who enjoy the most. Gautham and Nikki don’t add any additional flavour to their characters but just deliver what the director asked for. Other cast members join this lazy storyline and run clueless without any direction. Hara hara Mahadevaki fails to exploit the main theme to max and ends embarrassing itself. The movie gets 3 for the attempt on adult comedy.


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Thodari – Movie review

Poochiyappan ( Dhanush) is a pantry vendor in a train bound to chennai. Born an orphan his only aim in life is to marry a caring women and lead a simple life. When he meets Saroja( Keethi Suresh) a touch up girl accompanying a film star in the train, he decides she is one for her. In a turn of events and human errors, the train runs out of control, he is chased by a psychotic army commando and its all upto Poochiyappan to save the day and 750 people Inside the train. How it ends ? Watch Thodari.

Prabhu Solomon always has the knack to mesmerise audience with beautiful scenery and natural narration, so when he teams up with Dhanush , expectation is very high. Thodari starts very sluggishly with disconnected scenes and slow narration. But it makes a strong impact at the end of the first half. Dhanush carries the whole film on his shoulders but with a weak screenplay ,his burden becomes heavy. Keerthi Suresh does a decent job. The story is spoilt with lot of sub plots and wayward narration. Songs doesn’t impress and are placed in awkward places which irritates the audience. Vfx is a mess and makes lot of scenes weak. With a lot of things in the plate , but few which stands out , Thodari gets only 4/10



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Iru Mugan – Movie Review

The movie starts in Malaysia inside the Indian embassy , where terrorist attack involving a super human drug is initiated. The incident connects a mad scientist and terrorist known as Love, who is assumed dead four years ago. To investigate this attack RAW agent Akhil Vinod (Vikram) is brought back into the force. Incidentally he was the agent who carried out the mission against Love earlier , but went rouge after his wife Meera (Nayanthara) was killed during the mission. How agent Akhil Vinod finds the terrorists behind this and stops them is the rest of the story.
Iru mugan sets pace for a good action movie in the first half , Vikram does a good job of playing both the hero and the villain , and tries very hard to differentiate both characters , and balances them neatly. Nayanthara looks glamorous and does her part well. Nithya Menon doesn’t get enough screen time to get highlighted, but does a decent job. Thambi Ramaiya is wasted in his character and doesn’t shine. Other cast members are just by standers and are chosen in random .It’s the slow and sluggish second half which kills the movie, the story doesn’t carry weight and moves wayward. The whole movie looks claustrophobic and compactly framed , but for the songs which were shot outdoor. Songs and BGM are good and executed well. With only Vikram’s performance ,Iru mugan gets only 5/10

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Jackson Durai – Movie review


Satyaraj and Sibiraj get together in a movie after 10 years for this horror comedy. The story takes us to a fantasy village called Ayanpuram, where the villagers are tormented by a ghost called Jackson Durai. When the crime branch is pushed to a corner to investigate this , they choose Sub inspector Sathya ( Sibiraj) a good for nothing cop to conduct a namesake investigation. Upon reaching the village he finds that the root of the paranormal activity is a palace in the village which was under control of the British in the pre independence period. He also falls in love with the headman’s daughter Viji (Bindu Madhavi ) who incidentally is engaged to her relative (Karunakaran)as well. The headman challenges both of them to stay in the haunted palace for a week in order to win his daughter hand. Will Sathya win the challenge and also find the cause of paranormal activity is the rest of the story.

With big names in the cast , this horror comedy balances with good acting and good comedy. Sathyaraj and Motta Rajendran form a unique combo as ghosts , Sibiraj and Karunakaran pair up equally good too. Yogi Babu adds a nice touch in the film.The missing piece is the screenplay which is wayward and lazy. Editing too could have been crispier . The set design and art where the key elements which supports the story well. Music and songs was not up to the mark . With bumpy storyline and lazy screenplay this film doesn’t keep the audience engaged. I give it 4/10


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Kanithan – Movie review


Gautham ( Atharvaa) is energetic reporter in a local to news channel, whose ultimate ambition is to work for the BBC network . His dream comes true when he is called for an interview and also gets selected. But tragedy strikes when he gets arrested for bank fraud with fake certificates. His life becomes a big question mark as he loses his dignity and his identity. He investigates and finds out that a huge network which is stealing Identities and lives of countless others . How he brings them to justice is the rest of the story.

Debut director Santhosh gives us a entertaining movie with a strong message. Atharvaa is lively in his character and proves he can single handedly carry a movie all by himself. Casting were fine but nothing special, Catherine who comes as his love interest was emotionless under her multi layered make up, and her wardrobe could have been better. Cinematography and editing was top notch and complimented the story well.BGM in the film was engaging but the songs were disappointing. Even though the movie starts slow it catches up and keeps the audience engaged. The problem is that it completes the first half so crisp, it leaves the second half dry. Second half is hollow with unwanted scenes which makes the audience groan, and stumbles fast in the end. I give it 5/10

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Gethu – Movie Review

Movie starts with the introduction to a high profile assassin called the ” bull” ( Vikranth) getting his next assignment to kill a scientist in the next 30 days. Then we are shifted to KumiI where our Hero Sethu ( Udaynidihi Stalin) a librarian living peacefully with his Father Thulsiraman (Satyaraj), mother and sister. His Father the high school P.T. Master runs into trouble with the local councillor and his brother who run a bar near the school premises. Sethu gets into a fight with the brothers when his family gets threatened . The next day one of the brother is found dead and evidence make Thulasiraman the suspect and he is arrested. Sethu starts to investigate the murder along with his police friend (Karunakaran) when they stumble upon a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, how they solve it is the rest of the story.

What’s starts as a interesting thriller , fades off into thin air . Story wanders without a path and ends as predicted and dull. It’s happy to know that Udaynidhi has come out of comedy and tried an action thriller, but his dead and emotionless acting tells us that he is not ready for it. Amy Jackson just comes in as a glamour doll, and doesn’t make any impact on the story. Vikranth as an actor has more potential but is wasted even without a decent dialogue in the film. Film doesn’t comply with its own title and just ends up being a failed thriller . I give 2/10



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Indru Netru Nallai – movie review


The film starts in 2065 in a science lab, where a scientist ( Arya in guest role) Is explaining about his time travel machine to his mentor. He gives a demonstration of it and sends it back to 2015 . Unfortunately the for some reason the machine doesn’t return back, and that’s where our story starts with our main characters Elango (Vishnu) and Pulivetti Arumugam (Karunakaran) who stumble upon the time machine along with Parathasarthy an inventor ( TM Karthik). It takes them a few attempts to understand the time machine and the changes it brings to the present if the past or future is tampered with. Keeping that in mind they run a business of finding lost things to people using Puli’s astrology firm as base. But thing get out of hand when one of theirs quests changes a event which might end their lives and of their loved ones. How they turn things to normal is the rest of the story.

The key to the success of the film is they kept the story and the narration simple without any confusion. A time travel quest would normally end up changing a huge event and The story would land up in a world of confusion and ending up in disaster. But director Ravi Kumar kept it simple and clear but without losing its sci-fi nature . The initial 20 mins dragged but after that the movie flew without any turbulence.Vishnu and Karunakaran share equal screen space and perform to perfection. Mia George was perfect match as Vishnu’s love interest and did a good job. TM Karthik was perfect for the role of the geeky inventor . The only miss was perhaps the villan Sai Ravi who could have been a better choice. Vfx was not complicated and used to only in places needed , but the time machine itself looked a bit odd in shape .Vasant’s cinematography eases the film with good compositions throughout and Music by hip hop Tamizha was apt, especially the BGM . I give it 6/10


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