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Kadaikutty Singam – Movie review

Kadaikutty Singam

Film begins with an intro of Perunazhi Ranasingam ( Sathyaraj) the village bigwig who takes care of his village as his family and who is respected among other villages too. Though fortunate to have five daughters thru two wives Vanavan Maadevi (Viji Chandrashekar) and Panjavan Maadevi (Bhanupriya), he still wanted a son to take over his legacy. Finally at his age of 50 , his first wife delivers a baby boy Perunazhi Gunasingam (Karthi). Gunasingam raised by his sisters, is the binding force of the family. His family wants him to marry one of his grownup nieces Chellama (Priya Bhavani Shankar) or Andal (Arthana Binu). And the girls are also fond of their ‘murai maaman’ and dream of their marriage with him. When all is well, till Gunasingam falls in love with Kannukiniyaal (Sayyeshaa) and asks for approval from his sisters. Hell breaks loose between the family and Gunasingam is heartbroke as the family splits. How Gunasingam brings the family back together is the rest of the story.

Pandiaraj id known for clean story and neat presentation, this movie too has the same. From the beginning he concentrates on the importance of farming and the farmers. The cast though huge, doesn’t over power story. Karthi and Sathyaraj perform with ease and others compliment the story well. Sayyeshaa who doesn’t fit in the village girl role does a decent job. For once Soori gives us a simplified comedy track which gels with the genre.  With all the above said, the second half drags you with over melodramatic scenes and resemble TV serials. The preachy dialogues becomes very repetitive and bores the audience . the so called villain character goes baseless. The climax which grows with an big emotional sequence abruptly switches to a fight sequence and ends abruptly. But still Kadaikutty Singam is still watchable and satisfies its target audience. I give it 5/10

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Mersal – Movie review

Till the day before Diwali, Mersal went through several issues, first the title row, then came confusion on the ticket pricing and finally the animal welfare board clearing which was needed for some scenes of the film. All this and Mersal released with maximum shows playing it in the city. The story starts with disappearance of key hospital staff and doctor which creates chaos across the city. When this criminal act is linked with Doctor Maran (Vijay) known as “the five rupees doctor” , the plot develops towards the medical practitioners and their service which is currently becoming the top industry in the country. How Maran is connected to this and how this ends is the rest of the story.

Though rumors started as this story is version of Apoorva Sagodharargal which also had triple character of the lead role Kamal Hassan, this one is a clearly is different with just a pinch of its flavor. Atlee has meticulously worked in the close knit story and well made screenplay by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad while acquiring the best from his lead role. Vijay has performed well and there are lots of mass scenes and moments which were tailored to make his fans go crazy. SJ Surya has done a good job and becoming top actors in the villain roles. Kajal Agarwal and Samantha have their moments but Nithya Menen is good and overcomes others by her performance. Vadivelu ,Kovai Sarala and Satyaraj have very little to offer but do their roles decently. Duration might look long for some, but was just right for me. Story is predictable which might cause dullness among the audience and songs could have been visualized better. Mersal gets 6/10

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Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion – Movie review

The most awaited conclusion of the Baahubali released this week , with around a whooping 8000 screens . Baahubali’s second installation continues with Kattappa narrating story of Amarendra Baahubali to his son Mahendra Baahubali. Awaiting his coronation, Amarendra is sent to tour the kingdom learn the current state of his people by Maharani Shivagami. Accompanied by Kattappa , Amarendra visits most of the kingdom and lands in the kingdom of Kuntala. He meets princess Devasena( Anushka) and falls in love. When Bhalladeva learns about this, he finds a way to manipulate this situation to his advantage and claims the throne. Even after claiming the throne he finds only Amarendra in the hearts of his mother and in the people of the kingdom. Soon he finds a way to kill Amarendra thru Kattappa and imprisons Devasena. How Mahendra Baahubali finds himself an army and fights Bhalladeva and becomes the King of Mahishmathi is the rest of the story.

While Baahubali the beginning had more action and was glorified in selling an idea, the conclusion has more content and story. All The characters were portrayed very well in the story and all the way entertaining while being predictable. This part was well dominated by Anushka and Ramya Krishnan who portray the two powerful women in the film. Rana too had a significant screen time and was powerful in his role.Satya raj too had a balanced screen time with Prabhas . Prabhas delivers casually and yet powerful throughout. Music and VFX were top notch once again mesmerising the audience all the way. At every stage the music lifts the spirit of the film and in the audience. Vfx team lead by R C Kamala kannan elevates the film on every frame and makes CGI seamless, the best we have seen in Indian cinema till date. Rajamouli and team have delivered an epic called Baahubali and made a mark in world cinema. I give it 7/10

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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva – movie review

After a lot of hurdles and shuffled release dates Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva releases this week. Chennai is ruled by G.K.Raja (Ashutosh Rana) a ruthless MP , who dominates Chennai city real estates business . He is pain for the Police Commissioner (Sathyaraj) who is unable to put him behind bars as he never leaves a trace of evidence and rest of them are afraid of him. In comes Shiva(Raghava Lawrence) an young Police officer who transfers himself to Chennai with a past connecting the Commissioner. Upon joining duty he joins hands with G.K and helps him in his illegal ways, which irritates the commissioner even more. Only then he comes to know that Shiva is his lost son. Why is Shiva working against his father and how his father guides him back to the right side of the law is the rest of the story.

Being the remake of the Telugu movie Pattas, the director doesn’t change anything at the screen play level. Raghava Lawrence tries to keep us engaged , but a predictive storyline and spineless direction the movie fails to impress. Though songs are made for Lawrence, tunes or phrases are not catchy. Nikki Galrani was just a glamour doll, and has very less screen time. Villain was more comical than ruthless , and was just shouting all the doesn’t offer anything new and ends very predictive and bland. I give the movie 4/10

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Jackson Durai – Movie review


Satyaraj and Sibiraj get together in a movie after 10 years for this horror comedy. The story takes us to a fantasy village called Ayanpuram, where the villagers are tormented by a ghost called Jackson Durai. When the crime branch is pushed to a corner to investigate this , they choose Sub inspector Sathya ( Sibiraj) a good for nothing cop to conduct a namesake investigation. Upon reaching the village he finds that the root of the paranormal activity is a palace in the village which was under control of the British in the pre independence period. He also falls in love with the headman’s daughter Viji (Bindu Madhavi ) who incidentally is engaged to her relative (Karunakaran)as well. The headman challenges both of them to stay in the haunted palace for a week in order to win his daughter hand. Will Sathya win the challenge and also find the cause of paranormal activity is the rest of the story.

With big names in the cast , this horror comedy balances with good acting and good comedy. Sathyaraj and Motta Rajendran form a unique combo as ghosts , Sibiraj and Karunakaran pair up equally good too. Yogi Babu adds a nice touch in the film.The missing piece is the screenplay which is wayward and lazy. Editing too could have been crispier . The set design and art where the key elements which supports the story well. Music and songs was not up to the mark . With bumpy storyline and lazy screenplay this film doesn’t keep the audience engaged. I give it 4/10


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Gethu – Movie Review

Movie starts with the introduction to a high profile assassin called the ” bull” ( Vikranth) getting his next assignment to kill a scientist in the next 30 days. Then we are shifted to KumiI where our Hero Sethu ( Udaynidihi Stalin) a librarian living peacefully with his Father Thulsiraman (Satyaraj), mother and sister. His Father the high school P.T. Master runs into trouble with the local councillor and his brother who run a bar near the school premises. Sethu gets into a fight with the brothers when his family gets threatened . The next day one of the brother is found dead and evidence make Thulasiraman the suspect and he is arrested. Sethu starts to investigate the murder along with his police friend (Karunakaran) when they stumble upon a bigger conspiracy behind the murder, how they solve it is the rest of the story.

What’s starts as a interesting thriller , fades off into thin air . Story wanders without a path and ends as predicted and dull. It’s happy to know that Udaynidhi has come out of comedy and tried an action thriller, but his dead and emotionless acting tells us that he is not ready for it. Amy Jackson just comes in as a glamour doll, and doesn’t make any impact on the story. Vikranth as an actor has more potential but is wasted even without a decent dialogue in the film. Film doesn’t comply with its own title and just ends up being a failed thriller . I give 2/10



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Isai – Movie review


The long awaited film of S J Surya ‘Isai’ finally hits theatres, He also has written, directed and has also composed the music for this movie. Vetriselvan (Sathyaraj) is a well-known conventional music composer, who has been ruling the musical industry for the past 20 years. Siva (SJ surya) Assits him in his orchestra. Even though Vetri selvan is termed as the best, his arrogant and egoistical nature doesn’t appeal to his coworkers. This makes way to Siva and he gets a chance to compose independently. His innovative music brings him lots success and soon dethrones Vetriselvan of his no: 1 spot. Not able to accept this change Vetriselvan devices a plan to bring him down. How Siva overcomes this is the rest of the story.

Even after his long absence SJ Surya still proves that he can deliver a decent film. His performance along with the Satyaraj keeps the audience engaged throughout the film. Satyaraj actually has more screen time than SJ Surya who captivates audience thru his versatile acting and dialogue delivery. New face Savitri who plays the love interest of SJ Surya has also done a decent job. Cinematography by Soundar was ornamental throughout the film .Even though the whole movie is about music, except for a couple of songs the music is a disaster. The BGM is unbalanced throughout the movie. The duration 3hrs and 10 min is also a major drawback for the film. Repetitive and lengthy scenes spoil the pace of the movie. 2nd half proves to be a better half of the film but leaves the audience in agony at the end of the film. I give the film 3/10


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