Pokkiri Raja – Movie Review

05 Mar


Pokkiri Raja Story revolves around Sanjeevi (Jiiva), who has a yawning deficiency. His normal life is affected due to this contagious yawning and he is not able to keep a straight job or a girl friend. He meets Sunitha ( Hansika) on his new job and gets attracted towards her by kind hearted nature. Sunitha too falls for him inspire of his deficiency . Sanjeevi gets into trouble with a local rowdy Gunna( Sibiraj) , who wants Sanjeevi dead at all costs. Meanwhile Sanjeevi’s yawning becomes frequent and the doctor thinks it might be life threatening too. How Sanjeevi takes control of his deficiency is the rest of the story.

This has to be the first film which has had an impact on the audience while they were seeing the movie , since everyone were yawning in the theatre. A hopeless story and nonsense screenplay . A total waste of money and energy. The censor board which regulates the content of all movies , should not allow movies with 50 % or more content with stupidity and nonsense , which would cause movie goers disgust . I would not rate this movie since I don’t consider this as one.


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