Pichaikaran – Movie review

05 Mar


Pichaikaaran What would you sacrifice for your loved ones? Your money? Your possessions ? Your dignity ? This forms the base for the film Pichaikaaran. Arul ( Vijay Antony) is returning home from abroad to take over his family business which was run by his beloved mother. In an unfortunate event his mother is hurt and goes into coma. Arul is distraught Sa none of medicine or treatment show any improvement on his mother’s condition. When he is approached by a Swamiji who’s asks him to live a beggars life for 48 days in return of mother’s life. With no other option left , Arul agrees to the task. With his business empire crumbling and his greedy uncle behind his back, Arul begins a new life . What challenges he faces and whether he saves his mother is the rest of the story.

Pichaikaaran tells us a unique story with an overload of sentiment. While none of the main stream actors would actually take up this role, Vijay Antony gives a decent performance, but still needs to work a lot in the emotional scenes and be more expressive. With lots of melodrama it was a bit tough ask for him to deliver. Satna Titus was a fresh face and brought life to the story. Rest of cast was ok but you get an amateur coating in all of them. Dialogues and comedy help the movie roll, but feels repetitive after some time. With a weak screenplay the movie floats without life and ends rather predictably . I give it 4/10



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