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Kalakalappu 2 – movie review

The Sequel to Kalalalappu , this story forms in the backdrop of colorful Kasi,  Raghu ( Jai) comes to kasi to claim his ancestral property to rebuild his career. He stays in a huge mansion which is maintained by Seenu( Jiva) which is actually is the property which Raghu has come to claim. Seenu finds out who Raghu is from his friend Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani) who is the tahsildar. Seenu who is ready to hand over the property to Raghu is stalled due to his sister’s marriage and his burdened with debt. Apart from having ownership of the same property both of them are swindled of money from Ganesh ( Siva) . when the ownership is resolved, Ganesh again comes into their lives to cause more trouble. How the catch Ganesh and get their money back is the rest of the story.

Comedy of errors forms the genre whole film, which has been flooded with a huge cast of comedians. Sundar C follows the same pattern of the previous film, but this one fails as it doesn’t have simple narrative.  Instead it has too small sub stories with a enormous cast, which just confuses the flow. Jiva and Jai fail miserably it comedy, but Siva in the second saves the day partially. Catherine Teresa and Nikki Galrani barely act, but they are used just as glamour dolls. With overflow of characters and too many loops Kalalalppu 2 does bring laughter but no logic and story. it gets 3/10

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Kavalai Vendam – Movie Review


Aravind(Jiva) and Divya(Kajal) are childhood friends , they fall in love when they are in college and decide to get married even though Divya’s parents oppose it. But thier marriage doesn’t last even for a day as they get separated by a childish fight. Years later Divya decides to remarry and goes to Arjun to get a divorce. Arjun who still loves Divya decides to win her back , so agrees to give Divya the divorce on one condition she lives with him for 1 week as husband and wife.Whether Arjun gets back Divya or Divya gets her Divorce is the rest of the story.

Surprisingly with no twists or turns and a predictable story, Kavalai Vendam doesn’t ends up dull , but manages to entertain a bit. But with absolutely zero screenplay and only with dirty jokes and crazy one liners from RJ Balaji this movie cannot survive long in theaters.Though Jiva seems fit for the role, he can do better by  choosing the right films. Other than Abhinandhan’s camera work there is nothing to cheer about technically. “kavalai vendam” can be skipped with no worries .i give it 3/10


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Pokkiri Raja – Movie Review


Pokkiri Raja Story revolves around Sanjeevi (Jiiva), who has a yawning deficiency. His normal life is affected due to this contagious yawning and he is not able to keep a straight job or a girl friend. He meets Sunitha ( Hansika) on his new job and gets attracted towards her by kind hearted nature. Sunitha too falls for him inspire of his deficiency . Sanjeevi gets into trouble with a local rowdy Gunna( Sibiraj) , who wants Sanjeevi dead at all costs. Meanwhile Sanjeevi’s yawning becomes frequent and the doctor thinks it might be life threatening too. How Sanjeevi takes control of his deficiency is the rest of the story.

This has to be the first film which has had an impact on the audience while they were seeing the movie , since everyone were yawning in the theatre. A hopeless story and nonsense screenplay . A total waste of money and energy. The censor board which regulates the content of all movies , should not allow movies with 50 % or more content with stupidity and nonsense , which would cause movie goers disgust . I would not rate this movie since I don’t consider this as one.


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Kanithan – Movie review


Gautham ( Atharvaa) is energetic reporter in a local to news channel, whose ultimate ambition is to work for the BBC network . His dream comes true when he is called for an interview and also gets selected. But tragedy strikes when he gets arrested for bank fraud with fake certificates. His life becomes a big question mark as he loses his dignity and his identity. He investigates and finds out that a huge network which is stealing Identities and lives of countless others . How he brings them to justice is the rest of the story.

Debut director Santhosh gives us a entertaining movie with a strong message. Atharvaa is lively in his character and proves he can single handedly carry a movie all by himself. Casting were fine but nothing special, Catherine who comes as his love interest was emotionless under her multi layered make up, and her wardrobe could have been better. Cinematography and editing was top notch and complimented the story well.BGM in the film was engaging but the songs were disappointing. Even though the movie starts slow it catches up and keeps the audience engaged. The problem is that it completes the first half so crisp, it leaves the second half dry. Second half is hollow with unwanted scenes which makes the audience groan, and stumbles fast in the end. I give it 5/10

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Aranmanai – Movie review


The story revolves inside Aranmanai an ancestral house in a village. The family which has been separated over the years lands in the village to sell it to a local headman. There is the newlywed couple Murali (Vinay Rai) and Madhavi (Andrea Jeremiah), Maya (Raai Laxmi) and her father, Kovai Sarla, her husband Manobala and son Nithin Sathya. Santhanam a local crook joins as a cook looking for a proof which also makes him an heir to this property. Sundar C plays Ravi, Madhavi’s brother. From the day the family enters the house mystery glooms around and one by one the servants disappear. Each one of the family members senses a ghostly presence in the house. Madhavi is worried as she senses that there might be a danger to her husband. Ravi assures Madhavi that he will ensure Ravi safety and begins to investigate. What will he find out and how he solves this mystery forms the rest of the story.

After giving mediocre hits like Kalakalappu and Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru , Sundar C yet again disappoints his fans by giving a very predictable horror story. The narration is slow, horror sequences very repetitive and not scary, even the ghostly presence seems very artificial and painted. Comedy gives some relief but that to become ugly in some places. Vinay and Nitin Satya are a miscast in the whole ensemble. Andrea and Hansika are the two main actors and they have performed to their characters. The worst is the music and the songs which doesn’t stick to the film and drags the movie even more. Second half proves to be much slower than the first, the whole 161minutes seemed never-ending. I give the film 2/10 .


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