Aranmanai 2 – Movie Review

01 Feb

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After a decent success over Aranmanai last year, the second installment Aranmanai 2 realeased last Friday in theaters. The story begins in Koviloor village; a group of witch doctors try to awaken the evil spirits for their business to thrive. When an unknown and a powerful spirit wakes up and target the village headman’s (Radha Ravi) family. Why the evil spirt is tormenting the family and do they survive its fury, makes the rest of the story.

Even though the story of Aranmanai 2 starts with a decent line, it struggles to maintain continuity and fails miserably. Comedy dominates the whole film but half the time it only annoys the audience. Antics between Kovai Sarala and Soori tortures the audience, their combo is a big disappointment. The whole ensemble of a cast just fills the space and but fails to entertain the audience. Songs by hip hop Tamizhan is big failure, especially the devotional climax song is too noisy and Kushboo’s dancing for it makes it ugly. Lack of an entertaining story and a screenplay makes the film a total mess. I give it 2/10



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