Irudhi Suttru – Movie review

31 Jan



Prabhu (Madhavan) is a foul mouthed, arrogant but one of best boxing coach in India. His attitude transfers him from the national academy of Hisar to Chennai with a false sexual harassment charges. He starts training women boxers in Chennai but doesn’t see any grit from any of them. One day he sees Madhi (Rithika) a wisher women who has the talent and the spirt which could be make her the best boxer. But Madhi doesn’t take boxing seriously, and Prabhu has to bribe her to come for training. How Prabhu makes Madhi a star and what problems they face makes the rest of the story.

A boxing or even a sports story in Tamil film very rare, and many films deviate from the main theme and end bad. But Sudha and team have made the film short and perfect; the film never deviates from the main theme, though predictable and overdone in few places it just moves in a steady pace. Madhavan is just perfect for the role and Rithika is just dominates the whole film. special mention for nassar for his role as asst coach. Songs and music are done well and support the film. Cinematography by Siva makes every scene pleasurable. Satish Soorya’s editing makes the film crisp and fast and never allows the audience to lay back. Irudhi Suttru may not be a great film but there is something deep which touches everyone’s heart. I give it 5/10

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