Joker – Movie review

13 Aug


Mannar Mannan ( Guru Somasundaram) who claims to be the president of India , operating from a small village in Darmapuri district. He raises voice and holds protests against every illegal activity on behalf of the public. While the motive of Mannar Mannan is genuine, most of his acts are seen as a senseless act by the system and the public. Who really is Mannar Mannan ?, what’s his story ? That’s what joker is all about.

With armour piercing dialogues and fierce statements on the system, Director Raju Murugan brings us this powerful film. Though weak on commercial entertainment , the film never looses its grip . With comedy, romance and drama in equal balance it delivers its right message. Powerful and great performances by Guru Somasundaram and both the female actresses Gayathri Krishnan and Ramya Pandian. Bava Chelladurai and Mu Ramaswamy too perform well . Visuals are supported well by music and never strays. Though moving with the right message the movie tend to slow down in the second half and becomes over melodramatic . Though the film might not appeal to many , the characters lingers in your heart. I give it 7/10



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