Ki & Ka Movie review

02 Apr


When most of the films try to speak about gender equality, Ki & Ka goes a step further adds role reversal for the same. Kabir(Arjun Kapoor) wants to be like his mother who was a housewife, as  women do as much work at home and are hence no less and doesn’t believe that you have to climb up corporate ladder to prove you are successful . While Kia (Kareena Kapoor) doesn’t believe the in the traditional concept of the women being the behind a successful man, rather be the successful one and be at the top of her organization. They both decide that they made for each other and get married. Things are fine for this couple as Kabir takes care of the house and Kia has a clear view of her career and scales up. But things fall apart as usual and how they mend their relationship is the rest of the story.

Even though Ki & Ka makes a revolutionary Statement, it falls behind with a lot of clichéd scenes , and scenes made for sponsors of the film. Its quiet evident that Kareena is the center of the whole film, and she dominates the screen with a good performance. Arjun  though he has his moments , does come near to Kareena, he is hopeless in emotion scenes and misses out in timing in the comedy scenes. But Balki the director manages to pull out a decent romantic drama which is worth a watch. First half is fast but second half lets you down as the story goes out of syllabus and ends quickly to mend the disaster. Ki & Ka just see it. I give it 5/10.

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