Kaaka Muttai – Movie review

06 Jun


The story follows two brothers who call themselves Periyar kaaka muttai, and China kaaka muttai living in a slum with their mother and grandmother. With their father in prison, these two drop out of school and help their mother run the family. Their daily routine is to collect coal near the railway tracks which fall from the goods train and sell them. Their minimalistic world gets turned upside down when a new pizza joint opens near their slum. These two get fascinated by the fast food and start saving money to buy it. What starts as a desire becomes a quest for the brothers and how they reach it forms the rest of the story.

With a duration just under 100 mins Kaaka Muttai gives us this modern day fairytale through the eyes of these kids, played extraordinarily by Vignesh (14) and Ramesh (12) . Great performance by Aiswarya Rajesh who comes as their mother in the film. The film was well executed by Manikandan who has directed and as done the camera work for the film as well. The film’s strong points are the subtle and spontaneous acting which makes the film all the more natural. I give it 7/10


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