Massu Engira Masilamani – movie review

30 May


Massu ( Surya) and Jet ( Premji) are petty thieves , robbing and conning people posing as vigilance officers and Coast guards. On one such heist they rob a local don’s money and get caught. Upon escaping from them they have an accident which makes Massu see and communicate with ghosts. These ghosts reach him to fulfil there last wishes. Initially Massu exploits them and makes money by scaring people in their houses and posing himself as the exorcist.things run smooth until he meets Shakti (Surya) a ghost with a very troubled past. Massu released with less sound and publicity this Friday, with huge expectations for the whole team. Surya dominates the whole movie with the dual role and makes his fans proud.Premji who plays his side kick gives some comic relief throughout the film. Samuthiraikani and Parthiban join The usual cast of Venkat prabhu’s gang . Nayanthara plays the love interest of Surya but shares very less screen time. The first half roams aimlessly and the real story starts in the second half, which is packed with a million things that you can’t remember at the end of the movie. Songs and the music are a disaster and fails miserably. If you don’t care on continuity and logic you might sit through. This so called Venkat Prabhu ‘s sixer doesn’t cross any borders. I give it 4/10


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