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Kalakalappu 2 – movie review

The Sequel to Kalalalappu , this story forms in the backdrop of colorful Kasi,  Raghu ( Jai) comes to kasi to claim his ancestral property to rebuild his career. He stays in a huge mansion which is maintained by Seenu( Jiva) which is actually is the property which Raghu has come to claim. Seenu finds out who Raghu is from his friend Aishwarya (Nikki Galrani) who is the tahsildar. Seenu who is ready to hand over the property to Raghu is stalled due to his sister’s marriage and his burdened with debt. Apart from having ownership of the same property both of them are swindled of money from Ganesh ( Siva) . when the ownership is resolved, Ganesh again comes into their lives to cause more trouble. How the catch Ganesh and get their money back is the rest of the story.

Comedy of errors forms the genre whole film, which has been flooded with a huge cast of comedians. Sundar C follows the same pattern of the previous film, but this one fails as it doesn’t have simple narrative.  Instead it has too small sub stories with a enormous cast, which just confuses the flow. Jiva and Jai fail miserably it comedy, but Siva in the second saves the day partially. Catherine Teresa and Nikki Galrani barely act, but they are used just as glamour dolls. With overflow of characters and too many loops Kalalalppu 2 does bring laughter but no logic and story. it gets 3/10

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Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA) – movie review

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (AAA), directed by Adhik Ravichandran got released this week without much publicity. Film starts in Dubai inside the police head quarters where the story of Madura Micheal unfolds through an interrogation. Madura Micheal ( STR) a loyal rowdy working for the local don Senthamarai. Though Micheal is always looking for trouble, he loves Selvi (Sherya Saran) who lives in the same village. When Selvi tries to pull Michael away from his criminal life consistently but fails. But when Micheal decides to run away with Selvi, he is double crossed and captured. What happens in Micheal’s life after that is the rest of the story.
The story follows a single person life in two different time periods. First half starts promisingly , but the second half his total rubbish and waste of your time and towards the end makes one wonder why this movie came onscreen itself. STR is quiet good as Madura Micheal though the character has nothing new to offer. Sherya Saran looks old and miserable in her character. Tamannaah both bubbly and glamorous is fine but not enough role in the of the cast just tag along and stink in the same rubbish dump. It gets 1/10



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Shivalinga – Movie Review

Movie starts with a murder of Rahim( Shakti) on a running train, but this murder projected as a suicide. His lover and fiancée Sangeetha goes forward to the commissioner and requests to reopen the case and investigate. The case is given to Shivalingeshwaran (Raghava Lawrence ) a CB-CID officer who takes up the case. He moves in with his newly wedded wife Sathya( Rithika singh) near to the town of the investigation. As the case progresses things gets strange in the house and Sathya becomes curious towards Shiva’s case. What’s the connection with Sathya to the case ? and how shiva brings light to the case is the rest of the story.
P.Vasu remakes his own Kannada version to Tamil , the only difference is the energetic Raghava Lawrence who takes the lead role. Though the story starts dull, Raghava Lawrence and Vadivelu brings in humour and makes it alive. But repetitive scenes and slow storytelling makes the movie boring. Rithika singh doesn’t get into the character , she is just better in dancing with Lawrence . Shakti overacting get into the nerves of the audiences , he seems to be acting in his own film within the film itself. Over exaggerated cast just fills the screen creating noise and nonsense. Shivalinga offers nothing new and just keeps giving an overlooked meal. I give it 3/10


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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva – movie review

After a lot of hurdles and shuffled release dates Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva releases this week. Chennai is ruled by G.K.Raja (Ashutosh Rana) a ruthless MP , who dominates Chennai city real estates business . He is pain for the Police Commissioner (Sathyaraj) who is unable to put him behind bars as he never leaves a trace of evidence and rest of them are afraid of him. In comes Shiva(Raghava Lawrence) an young Police officer who transfers himself to Chennai with a past connecting the Commissioner. Upon joining duty he joins hands with G.K and helps him in his illegal ways, which irritates the commissioner even more. Only then he comes to know that Shiva is his lost son. Why is Shiva working against his father and how his father guides him back to the right side of the law is the rest of the story.

Being the remake of the Telugu movie Pattas, the director doesn’t change anything at the screen play level. Raghava Lawrence tries to keep us engaged , but a predictive storyline and spineless direction the movie fails to impress. Though songs are made for Lawrence, tunes or phrases are not catchy. Nikki Galrani was just a glamour doll, and has very less screen time. Villain was more comical than ruthless , and was just shouting all the doesn’t offer anything new and ends very predictive and bland. I give the movie 4/10

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Trisha Illana Nayanthara – Movie review



The story follows the life of Jeeva (GV Prakash) who grows up along with two girls, Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav). Apparently all the three are born on the same day in the same hospital, same time.At the young age Jeeva falls in love with Ramya , but they break over a misunderstanding and Ramya leaves town . In this period Adithi comes into his life. After loving Jeeva for 3 years they break up when Jeeva finds out that Adithi is a habitual drinker. Distressed with his life he leaves to Kumbakkonam to live with his Uncle (VTV Ganesh). There he sees Ramya again and tries to mend his relationship. Whether he succeeds is the rest of the story.

From the word go this film is evident that this film falls in a Sex comedy genre filled with  ‘A’ jokes and double meaning dialogues. There is no reason for audience to look for a story or a worthy screenplay to go with. GV Prakash though apt for the role, is worthless as an actor. He is mostly shown drunk and spurting foul language .Anandhi who showed signs of a natural actor in her previous film, is wasted in this role. She will regret doing this film. VTV Ganesh gives some comedy relief but doesn’t impress. Too many scenes with anti- women dialogues spoil the show, but were cheered across the theatre among the teenagers. One thing I agree with the director is it’s a ‘ Kevalamana Love Story ‘ . Certainly not for the family viewing. I give this movie 1/10


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Vaalu – movie review


Sharp ( Simbu) is a do- nothing guy, who takes everything in life easy. Spending his time always with his friends loafing around. When he comes across Priya ( Hansika) it’s love at first sight and follows her. Priya tells him that she has already agreed to marry her relative Anbu ( Aditya) a local business/ gangster. Sharp continues to be Priya friend, while scheming a plan to make Priya love him. How he manages to convince her is the rest of the film.

The only thing which makes this movie different from others is the take it easy nature of the film, even the acting is very casual by the whole cast. But without a convincing story and a weak screenplay this 2hr 30min movie is a never ending crap. Surprisingly for a Simbu starter the songs also are dull and non catchy except for the “u are my darling” song. Simbu manages the woo the audience with his punch lines and action but has nothing else to support the film. Santhanam counters just creates a smirk , it’s also the movie’s postponed release which makes most of the scenes outdated. This movie gets 3/10


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Romeo Juliet – movie review


Story is about two individuals Karthik( Jayam Ravi) and Aishwarya ( Hansika) Who are in search of love. Karthik a gym trainer believes in love at first site and true love needs nothing else than two individuals who are committed to each other. Aishwarya an air hostess who has lived all her life alone, and has no clue on true emotions and has only one goal in life to love and marry a rich guy. She meets Karthik with the rich and famous people whom he trains and mistakes him as a wealthy businessman and falls in love with him.Karthik who is in madly with love with Aishwarya thinks that they are made for each other. But things get ugly when Aishwarya finds out that Karthik is poor and breaks up with him, which leaves Karthik in shambles. Will true love bring them together in the end is the rest of the story.

Even with a predictable ending, the director keeps us engaged us for 160 mins. The story has some nice moments which the audience love, laugh and enjoy. Jayam Ravi is very committed to his character and gives a good performance. Hansika too has done a good job , even with some minor slips in the dubbing area. VTV Ganesh gives us some comic relief in the film . the rest of cast has also done a decent job.The first half flies off but the second half could have been cut short. Songs are placed in logical places but doesn’t create an impact to the story. The hit song ‘ dandanakka’ fails visually and doesn’t gel with the film. I give it 5/10

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